6 Tips For Private Jet Charter During Peak Travel Seasons

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated October 18, 2022

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The most excellent and luxurious charters are private jets, so they’re a popular choice in peak travel seasons. There are certain times around the world when private jet charters are busiest. Because of the increased number of private jets landing at the most popular destinations, airports and other infrastructure are overloaded. Peak travel times occur two or three days before Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. To remain calm, pampered, and extravagantly comfortable while flying privately, you must be aware of certain aspects. During peak travel season when passenger loads are at their highest, you may miss the pleasures of private jet travel if you are unfamiliar with certain aspects. It is particularly important to have some useful tips for traveling in peak travel seasons so you can experience the ultimate in luxury. New to JetLevel Aviation? Signup for our daily newsletter.   Here are six great tips for private jet charter during peak travel seasons, so that your trip will be hassle-free and problem-free.

For booking a private jet during peak season, plan early and be flexible with your travel dates to find better availability and rates. Consider alternate airports for convenience and lower costs.

It Is Important To Plan Ahead Of Time

booking flight travel traveler search reservation JetLevel suggests that you schedule your private jet 30 days in advance during peak travel seasons. Although most private jet companies would attempt to satisfy any client request, scheduling ahead provides you with the best chance of securing the equipment you want and the best pricing. Although it is a lengthy period of time, the earlier you book, the greater your chances will be. As air traffic increases, air traffic may be affected in several ways Airport Slots: Air traffic controllers will have to work more efficiently than usual to regulate slots as per schedule because airport slots also become saturated with more private jet arrivals. Airport Parking Services: It is possible to run into issues with airport parking or landing permission during peak travel seasons. Making a plan prior to arriving can solve this problem. Flight Adjustments And Planning: It might take longer to plan a trip into a city for a big event, due to issues like landing permissions and crew visas. During peak travel seasons, air traffic congestion may result in flight delays. You must be patient and cooperative with your jet firm if you have hired a jet on short notice, as planning your trip may take longer. Related: Choose the Right Private Jet luxury Company  

When Choosing An Airport, Consider Twice

Small jet at airport hanger Choosing an airport that is less busy may help you save money on airport parking and landing fees. In London, flying into Southend, Stansted, or Biggin Hill rather than London City Airport, for example, may lead to a smoother journey without any delays for airport parking or flight planning. You may also save thousands of dollars by choosing this valuable decision. This can make your journey cost-effective and hassle-free. JetLevel advises its customers to make smart choices when selecting an airport and to be open to change because of its traffic levels. Related: Busiest Airports in The World   

Pre-Plan Lodgings And Ground Transportation

Private Gulfstream G550 executive airplane with Rolls Royce Wraith luxury car shown together at Sheremetyevo international airport. Peak-season travel to a popular destination results in ground transportation and hotel reservations becoming overcrowded. It is not just air traffic that rises when visitors flood in, but also ground transit and hotel reservations. Take advantage of the pre-booking of hotels and ground transportation services to avoid any problems when you book a private jet through an agent. JetLevel can arrange these services for you in advance to ensure a smooth arrival. Related: Flights to Hawaii: Tips on Flying Private to Hawaii

Hassle-free private jet travel in busy seasons requires choosing the right aircraft for your needs, understanding luggage limitations, and being prepared for weather-related delays. Prioritizing these can enhance your experience.

Flexibility Is The Key

Private Jet waiting on runway JetLevel advises its customers to be flexible with dates, jet types, and airports/FBOs during peak travel periods in order to maintain a comfortable travel experience. You may be able to reach your desired destination on a day with less air traffic volume if you switch your flight dates. You won’t have to wait long or pay excessive airport fees if you switch your chosen charter plane or airport/FBO. It may make your flight a little simpler if you switch it according to the circumstances. Related: Why You Should Book a Private Jet in Advance  

Pack Lightly, If You Can

Business woman walking to private jet Ski equipment and gift items may be required for winter expeditions, as well as bulky yet fluffy winter garments. If you have too much luggage, you might need to take a larger (and more expensive) aircraft, which will require more space at the airport. On busy travel days, using larger private jets adds to the difficulty of finding open airport slots. If you are able and have a lot of luggage, you might want to mail the larger items ahead of time. Because small aircraft are more simple to customize.  Related: Booking Flights Early for Holiday Travel in 2020  

An Accurate Charter Flight Request Must Be Made

Billionaire or rich businessman flying first class and working on plane with laptop and glass of champagne. Private jet Creating flight requests is the backbone of air travel, so always be focused to ensure sky-high accuracy. When speaking with your private flight adviser, include all of the specific amenities you want, such as Passengers number Cabin features that are preferred Total weight of baggage Peak travel times usually aren’t a big issue when it comes to last-minute adjustments. However, they may influence your chance of acquiring the plane and departure time that you want. Related: Private Jet Charter Top Destinations 

To avoid common issues with private jet charters during holidays, it’s crucial to communicate your travel preferences clearly, including catering and ground transportation, to ensure a seamless experience.

Bottom Line

This blog presents some valuable tips for passengers traveling on a private jet charter in peak season. If you are planning your next trip during peak travel season, this blog is a must-read for you! See also: Choose the Right Private Jet luxury Company to Fly You in Style  

Frequently Asked Questions:


What to Know Before chartering a private jet?

Private Jet Charter Type You always need to know the type of private jet as per your preferences, such as the number of passengers, distance from the destination, and other amenities that the aircraft offers.  Potential Charges of Private Jet The price of chartering a private jet will depend on the distance from your destination, for how long you need its services, and the type of aircraft you have chartered. Luxury jets, heavy jets, and ultra-long-range jets are going to be much more expensive than smaller chartered planes.

Is it worth chartering a private jet?

Yes, it’s worth it.  Private jets offer some unrivaled amenities and luxuries which you cannot find anywhere else. The private jet charters are time-saving, luxurious, and convenient, offer complete privacy, and allow you to control your schedule with your ease. Commercial flights will never offer such things during travel!

How can you save on a private jet charter? 

Here are the best ways to save on a private jet: Get benefits from empty-leg flights on a private jet charter is a one-way flight with no passengers booked. It usually happens on a return flight, when the one-way portion of the flight returns to the home base or picks up its next passenger. A membership card from your preferred private jet charter service is another way to if you’re a frequent flyer, this is an excellent way to save time and money on private jet travel costs.