Why You Should Book a Private Jet in Advance

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated August 16, 2022

Fact Checked By Kevin Bales

Traveling in a private jet brings extremes of leisure, but it also comes up with great responsibility. Private jet travel differs significantly from commercial flights. Booking a private jet at the last moment comes with limited availability and often raises prices. That’s why passengers are compelled to book at least a couple of weeks before departure to enjoy the air travel with greater ease and amenities.  New to JetLevel Aviation? Signup for our daily newsletter.

When Should a Private Jet Charter Be Scheduled?

This depends on what time of the year it is. If you are traveling during peak travel times such as vacation, Christmas, Valentine’s day, or any other special occasion, you need to book a private jet 1 or 2 months before the departure. Because this is the only way, you will have access to a variety of jets as per your convenience with complete liberty to book the one you like. But if you delay the booking process during peak travel times, you lose the freedom and limit your choice. You have to book from the available ones even if it does not align well with your demands.  If you are traveling on weekdays or when there is no special event around the corner, you can book a private jet 1-3 weeks before the departure date. But don’t delay beyond this as there is no surety for the preferred private jet availability and additional services at short deadlines. The perks of advance booking are in a large number; let’s look at them individually. 

It’s advisable to schedule a private jet charter well in advance, particularly for travel during peak seasons or for special events, to avoid limited availability and higher costs associated with last-minute bookings.

Book Earlier to Experience the Luxury

Get rid of the hustle of last moment booking and always book a long time before your travel day. Nothing can match the level of relief brought up by advanced booking. A private jet charter is a perfect example of first come, first served. The advanced booking time is directly related to the number of choices and amenities the private jet will benefit you.  You will have the privilege to access the rare luxurious and in-demand private jets within an affordable range. But you are not far from losing this opportunity if you show little laziness in the booking process. 

Early Booking is Synonymous with Economic Travel

Book the private jet earlier to avoid costly travel and enjoy the trip devoid of budget stress. Especially during peak travel days, you will experience the expensive travel in case of last moment booking. JetLevel prefers customer-friendly services, so we advise our passengers to book at least two months before the departure so that we can arrange the best private jet for you. You can also avail yourself of the flexibility in the cost of a private jet trip and choose the best accommodating deal for you. But you cannot access these services at the last minute. The number of choices for aircraft is significantly reduced even if you book a week or two before the departure date. 

Travel with Top-notch Comfort

Last-moment bookings come with certain risks because you’re not always guaranteed availability. To avoid this situation, always go for booking before your travel dates. Earlier booking lets you choose the top-notch comfortable jet as per your demands.  While if you book 1 or 2 weeks before departure, you may lack the liberty to choose the on-demand jet. For example, if you have to travel in a light plane but the only available jet is a heavy jet, it will lead to a higher price. So, why not go for a booking to eliminate all the stress of last-minute booking?

Advance Booking at JetLevel Offers Ideal Services

Additional services are unrivaled when you go to book ahead of time. You can have access to a variety of services during the flight, such as flight attendants, onboard meals, availability of Wi-Fi, and many more. Hence, the royalty of your air travel is kept high. But the shortage of time in case of late bookings can lead to limited services. Because sometimes, it is challenging to arrange additional services on short notice. That’s why we love to hear from you as early as possible to provide you with the best. If you plan to hire a private jet within a few months, don’t delay the booking and call us immediately because one or two months of pre-booking is the best thing you can do regarding air travel.    

Booking a private jet early offers benefits like a wider selection of aircraft, better rates, and the ability to customize your travel experience with specific amenities. It ensures you get the most suitable jet for your needs at the best price.

Solutions for Last-Moment Booking

Without the luxury of time to prepare ahead, last-minute travel requirements emerge from time to time. The great news is that flight on a tight deadline is occasionally doable; however, may restrict aircraft selection, and cost may be more than optimal. If you require an immediate flight, contact us, and one of our Private Aviation Advisors will identify the best possible solution and get quotes back to you in as little as an hour. If you’ve been thinking about scheduling private aircraft travel for the rest of the year, now is a beautiful time to get started with JetLevel to ensure better deals and more alternatives.

Ready to make a reservation?

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Planning your private jet travel ahead of time helps in avoiding the high costs typically associated with last-minute bookings, ensuring a more cost-effective and tailored travel experience.

Bottom Line 

This blog highlights the significance of private jet pre-booking and its luxuries. It also includes the cons associated with the last-moment booking. You always get the upper hand when you prefer to book a long time ahead of the departure date. There is no end to the amenities of 2 months of pre-booking, such as luxurious travel, low cost, top-notch comfort, and whatnot.   You may also get more travel information by looking at our recent blogs. Popular Destinations for Private Jet Charter How Much Does a Private Jet Rental Cost How to Book an On-Demand Private Jet Charter Request a Quote for a Private Flight