Flying Private to Hawaii

Flights to Hawaii: Tips on Flying Private to Hawaii

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated October 5, 2022

Fact Checked By Kevin Bales

Winters are approaching and you must be seeking out a perfect location for your trip this season. In winter, there is no other popular destination than Hawaii that is worth visiting. As this place is loved for keeping a touch of warmth while the rest of America faces severe winters. Hawaii is a place to cherish natural meadows, scenic beaches, luxurious hotels, and ancient architecture. But flying Private to Hawaii is not the same as that flying to other states of the USA. That is why you need to know certain tips ahead of your Hawaii trip!  New to JetLevel Aviation? Signup for our daily newsletter. JetLevel brings these worthy tips and tricks for your next Hawaii vacation just to make it a pleasant one without any hurdles.   

How much does a Private Jet to Hawaii Cost?

The first thing you must know about the Hawaii trip is the cost of private jet travel to Hawaii. The cost of private jet travel usually depends upon multiple factors such as:
  • Distance of air travel.
  • Type of private jet.
  • A number of passengers.
These are three major factors that greatly impact the price of your air travel. Hence there are plenty of minor factors as well which add up to the cost of your travel.  Because the Pacific Ocean is an immense body of water, only bigger jets such as Super Midsize and Heavy Jet aircraft are suited for those operations to Hawaii. The estimated cost for San Francisco to Hawaii for super mid-size jets is 53,400 one-way 65,000, and for heavy jets is $ 76,350 one-way per flight Hawaii trip. This is just an estimate for your air travel, excluding additional travel charges such as extra amenities. You can contact our customer support to get an accurate cost estimation for affordable private flights to Hawaii.  Related: How Much Does a Private Jet Rental Cost? – JetLevel Private Jet Charter

Flying privately to Hawaii varies in cost, influenced by factors like distance, jet type, and the number of passengers. Light jets can be more economical for shorter distances, while larger jets offer more comfort and capacity for longer flights, affecting the overall price.

The best time to visit Hawaii for favorable weather and fewer tourists is during the shoulder seasons of April-May and September-October. January is ideal for whale watching, offering a unique experience.

Airports Near Hawaii 

Lihue Airport of Kauai, Hawaii The major working airports near Hawaii functional for both domestic and international flights are: Oahu’s Honolulu International Airport (PHNL) Maui’s Kahului (PHOG) airport Kauai Lihue (PHLI) airport Kona (PKOA) on the Big Island of Hawaii Hilo (PHTO) on the Big Island of Hawaii However, inter-island air service allows comfortable yet speedy transport to other Hawaiian islands. Southwest also offers inter-Hawaii flights. You may also rent a car to visit more isolated areas of the four Hawaiian islands that are serviced by nonstop flights from the mainland. You could even be able to get a good deal on a rental car by utilizing multiple car rental services in Hawaii or redeeming your points and miles for one.  

Best Season to Rock the Hawaii Trip

private jet to honolulu In general, certain months proved to be best for quality time in Hawaii. The best months to visit Hawaii for the finest overall weather, the lowest statewide rates, and the fewest travelers on the island are  April-May,  September-October, and  January if you want to witness the beauty of the ocean i.e. whales.  

Must Visiting Tourists Spots in Hawaii 

  1. Diamond Head State Monument is iconic yet a must-visit place in Hawaii. This depicts the geological history of islands with their antique features. 
  2. North shore which is also named “seven miles miracles”. This place is the epitome of the natural largest waves and is the home of the best surfers as it is located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Between November and February, when low-pressure systems do their business and drive beautiful waves towards the beach, Seven Mile Miracle is at its best.
  3. Akaka Falls State Park is a 400-meter-high waterfall surrounded by lush green trees which bring up splendid views and is one of the best places to be visited in Hawaii.
  4. Ka’anapali and Anini beaches are wonderful beaches where you can find utmost leisure, the shining sun, lush green surrounding, and the waves. These beaches attract tourists to Hawaii.  
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Hawaii Agriculture Rules You Must Know

Hawaii has strict agricultural rules and the state authorities do not allow food, plants, and animals without a permit. Prior to your landing at the Hawaii Airport, you have to fill out an agriculture form named “Plant and Animals Declaration Form” in which you have to mention every food material you are taking with you. This form will be transferred to the Agricultural Inspection Counter at the Airport. You must ensure that all plants are devoid of soil or any pest disease. The restricted food and plant items which demand permit from agricultural authorities include:
    • Pineapple and bromeliad plants and fruits
    • Corn on the cob
    • Citrus and pulpy fruits from Florida & Puerto Rico
    • Coconuts
    • Orchid plants require an import permit and certificate of origin.
    • Coffee plants and plant parts including seeds. 
    • Palm plants.
In the case of food, cooked, canned, and frozen food products are allowed into the state if the food has a U.S origin. You must ensure to read these rules thoroughly in order to avoid any mishaps and have a pleasant beginning to your vacation. 

Hawaii enforces strict agricultural regulations to protect its ecosystem. Travelers must declare all plant and animal products, with some items being prohibited. Understanding these rules can prevent entry issues and contribute to the island’s preservation.

 Hawaii Safe Travels for Private Jet Travelers

flying private to Hawaii Hawaii Island’s authorities ensure complete safety on the Island from rapidly spreading diseases including COVID-19. That is why it is the compulsion for every tourist to update their negative COVID-19 results test on the Hawaii Safe Website prior to their trip. So, that you can avoid hustle or delays on your arrival and your trip won’t get spoiled at any cost. JetLevel advises its passengers to never overlook this significant information to avoid any negative influence on their vacation.   

Bottom Line

The blog comprises all the valuable tips for Hawaii travel, you just need to acquire ahead of your Hawaii trip. This state has some strict rules and regulations which you must read before your travel to ensure a pleasant yet peaceful trip.  See also: Top 10 European Fall Destinations for Private Jet Travelers  

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