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Understanding Empty Leg Flights

Often referred to as ‘ferry flights’ or ‘deadhead flights’, empty leg flights come into play when an aircraft is scheduled to fly from Point A to Point B with no passengers onboard. These flights typically occur when a private jet is returning to its base after dropping off passengers or is going to another location to pick up passengers.

Empty leg flights are a unique opportunity for savvy travelers to experience the luxury and convenience of private jet travel at a fraction of the cost. Both jet card members and on-demand charter clients often take advantage of these flights, offering optimal pricing and flexibility.

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The Art of Finding and Booking Empty Leg Flights

Our platform, JetLevel, provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface to effortlessly browse and book empty leg flights. Not only does JetLevel give you direct access to these flights, but it also provides the flexibility of booking “near-match” flights that have similar routings, subject to additional positioning fees.

For instance, if there’s an empty leg flight listed from New York to Miami, you could utilize this for a trip from New York to Orlando or DC to Palm Beach. It may cost slightly more than a direct match but it’s still a more economical choice compared to booking a round trip.

Pricing Guide: How Much Do Empty Leg Flights Cost?

Empty leg prices depend on a variety of factors including the route, type of aircraft, and other specifics. Here’s what you need to know about evaluating empty leg flight pricing:

Aircraft Hourly Rate & Empty Leg Pricing

When evaluating the cost of an empty leg flight, consider the aircraft’s hourly rate and the flight duration. An excellent price point is one that comes close to the point-to-point value of the aircraft’s hourly rate.

Positioning Fees and Empty Leg Flights

In an ideal situation, the cost of an empty leg flight should equal the product of the aircraft’s hourly rate and flight duration, plus applicable taxes and fees. However, direct matches are relatively rare, especially outside of high-traffic routes. Therefore, “near-matches” are more common, which may require additional fees for positioning the aircraft to your desired location.

The Influence of Supply & Demand on Empty Leg Flight Pricing

Like any other market, the pricing of empty leg flights is influenced by supply and demand. High-demand routes during peak seasons will have higher prices due to increased confidence in finding buyers. On the other hand, less popular routes might offer better deals.

Are Empty Leg Flights Cheaper Than Commercial Flights?

While the term ’empty leg’ often conveys a sense of discounted pricing, the reality can be a bit more complex. Every flight, regardless of whether it’s full or empty, incurs costs for the aircraft owner, such as crew, handling, fuel, and maintenance. When advertising an empty leg flight, owners aim to recover these costs plus earn additional revenue.

As the departure time nears, prices for genuine empty leg flights may drop. However, discounted bookings remain a rarity, particularly for popular routes during peak seasons.

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Experience the Difference with JetLevel’s Empty Leg Flights

Why Choose JetLevel for Your Empty Leg Flights?

JetLevel, with 20+ years of experience in the aviation industry, simplifies the often complex process of navigating the fast-paced and volatile empty leg charter market, often making it difficult for travelers to secure the best deals.

At JetLevel, we have been partnering with the world’s leading aircraft operators since 2006, serving satisfied clients and bringing the best of private jet travel right at your fingertips. We take pride in our reputation and extensive experience in the private jet charter industry.

Empty leg flights are a key part of our business model. Our dedicated Account Executives analyze every aspect of your booking when sourcing options, maintaining relationships with all reputable operators, and working relentlessly to secure you the best deal on the most suitable aircraft for your trip. Let us redefine your travel experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Empty Leg Flights

An empty leg flight, also known as a ‘ferry flight’ or ‘deadhead flight’, occurs when a private jet flies without passengers. This can happen when a jet is returning to base after dropping off passengers or flying to another location to pick up passengers.

You can easily book an empty leg flight through our platform, JetLevel. We provide an intuitive interface for browsing available flights, and you can book directly through our platform.

The cost of an empty leg flight varies based on several factors, including the route, aircraft type, and other specifics. Prices can be evaluated based on the hourly rate of the aircraft and the duration of the flight.

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