How much luggage can you take on a private jet?

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated November 1, 2022

Fact Checked By Kevin Bales

How much luggage can you take on a private jet? Compared to commercial airlines, which impose strict baggage restrictions on you, the private jet charter is much more flexible. Private flyers frequently have much greater access to space and have much greater flexibility in what they can carry. This is very convenient for the passenger because extra space and flexible use of it are always appreciated when traveling, whether for work or pleasure. To assist you in determining which type of private jet best suits your needs, here is an overview of the private jet luggage capacities of various types you may be considering. New to JetLevel Aviation? Signup for our daily newsletter.

How Much Luggage Can you Take on a Turboprop

Many private aviation users frequently overlook turboprops because they believe they are slower and noisier than a jet. However, there are times when they are a good choice, such as when traveling to airports with shorter runways. They can also be roomier than expected – both in the cabin and in the private jet luggage hold. The Beechcraft King Air features a customizable interior, and the larger 360 and 350 models typically have 8 passenger seats when used for business jet flights (as opposed to medical or cargo missions). The private jet luggage hold has a generous 55 cubic feet of space, which can accommodate ten or more large bags. Behind the engines, two additional sizable luggage lockers are useful for storing sporting goods like sets of skis or golf bags. Another widely used and spacious propeller aircraft with a large capacity for private jet luggage that is accessible in flight is the Pilatus PC-12. As it has a wide, rear cargo door (that was made to facilitate cargo and humanitarian missions), it’s also a great option when traveling with oversized luggage, like bikes or other large items.

The amount of luggage you can bring on a private jet varies by aircraft size. Light jets accommodate about 5-6 bags, midsize jets can carry 7-8, and large jets offer space for 10-20 pieces. Consider luggage dimensions and weight, as they influence capacity.

How Much Luggage Can you Take on a Very Light Jet

Private aircraft with no more than four seats are considered very light aircraft. For short- to medium-distance flights, a very light private jet is a convenient and affordable option. The most popular models are the Cessna Citation Mustang, the Embraer Phenom 100, and the Honda HA-420 HondaJet. A very light private jet cabin is always optimized; every inch counts. All of the very light jets have luggage storage space inside the cabin. Some have exterior compartments, but they are not pressurized, so it is best to place luggage in the cabin that can be damaged by cold air or pressure changes. The HA-420 Honda Jet has a large private jet luggage compartment measuring 1.85 m3. In comparison, the Citation Mustang has 1m3 and the Phenom 100 has 1.5m3. This hold accommodates a large number of suitcases, skis, or golf accessories.

How Much Luggage Can you Take on a Light Private Jet

A typical light jet that seats 6 or 7 passengers, such as the Hawker 400XP, has a baggage capacity of 0.75 cubic meters. With all seats occupied, each passenger is permitted to bring a small, wheeled bag and one personal item, such as a backpack or briefcase. As a result, the light jet is ideal for cross-country business trips or a weekend getaway with your significant other.

How Much Luggage Can you Take on a Midsize Jet

Mid-sized private jets can seat 6 to 8 passengers. Mid-size private jets provide more comfort to passengers than light private jets due to their longer range and larger private jet luggage capacity. Mid-size private jets have luggage compartments that can accommodate groups of passengers. This is a good option if you have a lot of luggage or are traveling in a group of fewer than 8 people. The Cessna Citation XLS + is a mid-size private jet that seats up to 8 people. The private jet luggage compartment has a generous 2.54 m3 space, allowing each passenger to travel with his or her suitcase and hand luggage.

Private jets offer varying luggage capacities, generally allowing more than commercial flights. The specific amount depends on the jet’s size, ranging from 5 bags in light jets to 20 in larger models. Charter companies can provide precise limits.

How Much Luggage Can you Take on a Super-Midsize Jet

Super midsize jets typically seat 8 to 9 passengers and carry more luggage than midsize jets. Each passenger is permitted to bring two medium-sized bags as well as one personal item such as a backpack. A super-midsize jet, such as the Gulfstream G200, has more room for larger items such as skis and golf clubs in addition to suitcases.

How Much Luggage Can you Take on a Heavy Jets

How much luggage can you take on a private jet Heavy private jets are 10- to 19-passenger business jets with extremely long-range and exceptionally spacious cabins. heavy jets have a large exterior cargo compartment and can typically carry the most luggage. Heavy jets also have a lot of extra storage space in the cabin. Passengers can store their belongings in various compartments. A heavy private jet can more often accommodate up to 20 suitcases. Furthermore, during the flight, it is commonly possible to access the private jet luggage hold from the cabin. A clear benefit for flights that can sometimes last more than ten hours.

Private jet baggage allowances depend on the aircraft’s size, with light jets typically allowing 5-6 bags, midsize jets 7-8 bags, and large jets up to 20 bags. Unlike commercial airlines, private jets offer flexible luggage solutions tailored to passenger needs.

How Much Luggage Can you Take on a VIP Airliner

The planes with the most luggage capacity are the VIP jets. The ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jet) and the BBJ are the most well-known (Boeing Business Jet). They provide large multi-zone cabins that are comparable to true five-star hotel suites. VIP planes have large private jet luggage holds that can hold a lot of luggage. There are also numerous storage areas in the cabin. A VIP airliner can take between 60 and 90 pieces of luggage.

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