Honda Jet

Much like the reliable and efficient Honda motor vehicles, the Honda Jet is a versatile and strong jet, perfect for families or business travelers. With a smart, ergonomic design, the Honda Jet is a perfect choice for your charter flight.

Aircraft Specifications




Very Light Jet



Enclosed Lavatory

No (Belted, privacy screen)

Maximum range

1,223 nm

Max payload

1,400 lb

Take off distance

4,000 ft

Climb rate

3,990 ft/min

Cruise speed

422 ktas

Cruise altitude

43,000 ft

Cabin Height

4.79 ft

Cabin Width

4.99 ft

Cabin Length

17.82 ft

Cabin Volume

~324 cu ft

Baggage Capacity

66 cu ft (external)

Honda Jet charter flight prices

At JetLevel, charter flights on the Honda Jet cost between $4,900 and $6,900 per hour. The final price depends on the timing of your flight, duration, and your destinations. Contact JetLevel for more information about booking a charter flight.

The Honda Difference

Honda took some design liberties when designing their first jet, and they definitely make all the difference. The two GE Honda engines are mounted over the wings rather than directly to the tailcone. This choice helps maximize cabin space, improve aerodynamics, reduce cabin noise, and increase fuel efficiency.

Honda also took natural laminar flow into mind when creating the wing and fuselage to help reduce aerodynamic drag and increase cruising speed. Instead of working fully in aluminum, Honda created the fuselage out of a composite material that is lightweight yet strong, helping to extend the aircraft’s range and increase cabin space. The result is a heavy-duty aircraft that gets the job done.

A fast journey

The Honda Jet has an impressive climbing speed of 3,990 feet per minute, meaning it can reach its service ceiling of 43,000 feet in just 26 minutes. This quick ascent allows the jet to quickly rise over inclement weather systems and get you to your destination safely.

With a range of 1,224 nautical miles, you can easily take trips between cities such as New York and Miami with confidence and ease. And because the jet needs less than 3,050 feet for landings, you’ll have your fair share of airports and landing strips to choose from.

The Honda Jet cabin

Inside the Honda Jet cabin, you’ll find four executive seats, plus an optional side seat. Passengers can utilize their smartphones to control elements of the cabin such as the lights, audio, temperature, and the dimmable window shades. You’ll be sure to feel comfortable no matter how long your flight is.

Honda worked with Garmin to design its cockpit and implemented a thoughtful ergonomic design for ease of use. The all-glass touchscreen technology works well for one or two pilots, but we at JetLevel always require two pilots per trip for our customers’ safety.

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