King Air 250

The Beechcraft King Air 250 is the most popular business turboprop on the planet, delivering high quality at a low cost. This 8-seater private jet can handle various conditions while keeping you comfortable.

Aircraft Specifications


Textron Aviation





Enclosed Lavatory


Maximum range

1,720 nm

Max payload

2,170 lb

Take off distance

2,111 ft

Climb rate


Cruise speed

310 ktas (574 km/hr)

Cruise altitude

35,000 ft

Cabin Height

4 ft 10 in

Cabin Width

4 ft 6 in

Cabin Length

16 ft 8 in

Cabin Volume

303 cu ft

Baggage Capacity

55.3 cu ft (internal)

King Air 250 charter flight prices

At JetLevel, prices for a charter flight on the King Air 250 range between $2,300 and $4,300 per hour. Final costs depend on the customer’s departure city, destination, and flight schedule. Contact JetLevel for more information on booking a charter flight.

Comfort at a Low Cost

With a seating capability of 8, the square-oval interior of the King Air 250 provides ample head and shoulder room for all passengers. The luxurious seats can move laterally, swivel, and recline to your liking. Plus, fold-out tables allow you to relax or work during your flight.

Power outlets and wireless connectivity are also available. Electronic dimmable windows let you block out the light on sunny days, and a built-in refreshment center makes providing for guests easy. The spacious, 55-cubic-feet baggage area is also easily accessible while in-flight.

A Quiet Flight

The cabin’s noise-canceling technology allows you to have conversations with fellow passengers while in flight. Additionally, the aircraft’s two lightweight composite propellers are very quiet, generating less noise overall.

The Newest Addition to King Air 200

The King Air 200 series is known for its reliability and versatility, and the King Air 250 is no different. In addition to being popular with the business class, the plane is also commonly used to bring cargo to airports that other aircraft cannot reach.

More Destinations

Because the King Air 200 boasts landing gear that works on short and even unpaved runways, you can choose from a wider variety of airports for departure and arrival. With a take off distance of 2,111 feet, you’ll have a wide variety of airports to choose from. The composite propellers also offer great runway performance.

Safety is Paramount

The King Air 250 has a cruising altitude about 10,000 feet higher than many other turboprop aircrafts. Not only does this make your flight easier and smoother, but also safer. Additionally, the weather radar can detect upcoming turbulence. The aircraft easily de-ices, and rapid windscreen wipers make it possible to fly in many conditions.

And although the King Air 250 can be flown by only one pilot, JetLevel always requires two pilots for all trips.

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