Can You Charter a Private Jet To Europe?

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated October 25, 2022

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Private jet to Europe is the ultimate luxury for business travelers who need to get somewhere quickly, or for those who want to add a little pampering to their trip. There are many different types of private jets available, but the most common type is the Long Range Heavy Jet. Private jets can be chartered for special occasions, such as business meetings or family vacations. Or they can be used on a regular basis to commute to and from work. The cost of hiring a private jet is extravagant but there are ways to keep costs down when traveling by private jet. If you’re planning on chartering a private jet to Europe from the USA or vice versa, here’s what you should know… New to JetLevel Aviation? Signup for our daily newsletter.  

Can a Private Jet Fly To Europe

Private jet flies past sun - in blue sky above the clouds Absolutely! Renting a private international flight provides passengers with more privacy, comfort, and flexibility than booking a ticket on a commercial flight Consider this you arrive minutes before your flight, check-in at a nearby airport’s FBO, and proceed to your waiting aircraft. Onboard, you’ll discover everything you asked for and so much more. There is enough space for dining, working, and sleeping. You will be able to move around the cabin as you like while in flight. You may even be able to take a shower before arriving at your destination, allowing you to arrive comfortable and rejuvenated. It certainly is a one-of-a-kind traveling experience. Related: Top 10 European Fall Destinations for Private Jet Travelers
Luxury private jet options for Europe trips from the US include the Gulfstream G650ER and Bombardier Global 6000, known for their long range, speed, and luxurious interiors. These jets offer a blend of performance and comfort, ideal for travelers seeking a premium experience on their transatlantic journey.


Private Jet to Europe from the USA

Beautiful shape of a private jet Travel across the Atlantic Ocean from the east coast of the United States is surprisingly quick. A trip from New York to London, for example, takes less than 7 hours. Here are some other routes and their estimated travel times:
Origin Destination Flight Time OW
Los Angeles Geneva 13:00 hrs
Toronto Nice 10:00 hrs
Miami London 9:30 hrs
New York Paris 7:25 hrs

Best Private jets to Europe


Bombardier Global Express

Renting a Global Express for a private charter flight across the world is one of the most luxurious and comfortable ways to travel. The Bombardier Global Express is the original pioneer of ultra-long-range private aircraft, giving near-limitless flying possibilities to business and luxury customers. It can fly between any two sites in the world with just one stop.

Aircraft Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Bombardier
  • Class: Ultra-long-range jet
  • Seating: 8-16
  • Maximum range: 6,226 nm
  • Cruise speed: 490 knots (564 mph)

Gulfstream GIV

The Gulfstream GIV is a perfect jet for transcontinental flights experienced in luxurious comfort. With two lavatories and three distinct cabin sections, your trip will be a breeze on the GIV.

Aircraft Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Gulfstream
  • Class: Heavy
  • Seating: 13-16
  • Maximum range: 4,166 nm
  • Cruise speed: 500 mph

Gulfstream GV

The Gulfstream GV is a long-distance charter plane that outperforms all others in its class. Regardless of where you need to travel, the GV can bring you there in luxury.

Aircraft Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Gulfstream
  • Class: Heavy Jets
  • Seating: 12-16
  • Maximum range: 6,750 nm
  • Cruise speed: 500 mph
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BEST PRIVATE JETS FOR TRANSATLANTIC FLIGHTS TO EUROPE For transatlantic flights to Europe, long-range jets or heavy jets are preferred. These aircraft offer the necessary range, comfort, and amenities for crossing the Atlantic, ensuring a smooth and luxurious journey.

How Much Private Jet to Europe Cost

Head on photo of a private jet waiting on runway to be boarded with snowy mountains in the background The cost of chartering a private jet to Europe from the United States is determined by a number of variables. To begin, the cost will be heavily influenced by where you travel from and where you intend to land. Because the travel is fairly long, you’ll need a heavy jet. These jets usually cost between $10,000 and $16,000 per hour. The most important element to consider is the availability of the selected private jet. To save money on repositioning, it’s always advisable to look for planes near your starting point. If the aircraft must travel a great distance to the departing site, this will have a substantial influence on the cost. Before renting a jet, it is critical to do an in-depth analysis of these factors, since fuel cost is a significant price factor of air travel. Related: Private Jets Cost-Estimator
COST OF CHARTERING A PRIVATE JET TO EUROPE Chartering a private jet to Europe can vary in cost depending on the aircraft type, route, and time of booking. It’s a luxurious, time-saving option for transatlantic travel, offering privacy and flexibility.

Are you Ready to Charter a Private jet to Europe?

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