There is no doubt about the luxury and convenience provided by private jets. Leisure can be enhanced by pre-determined costs to avoid the last-moment hustle. Hence, the pre-determined price is always a better idea to adopt for ideal trip management. The cost of private jet charter is not a simple task as it influences multiple factors. But JetLevel makes it super-easy for you, and you can get it done within seconds. 

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Why Do You Need a Private Jet Cost-Estimator?

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The cost of private jet charter is higher than commercial flights. You need to know the price before you are on board. The private jet charter process requires you to consider various factors before making a final decision. So, always request a quote in advance rather than blindly carrying out the charter process.

Use an online private charter cost estimator to receive figures from several locations’ operators. Provide a few facts about your trip, and you’ll receive fast pricing quotations from various suppliers. This saves you time and allows you to compare prices and get the best bargain rapidly.

So, whether you choose the lowest or most convenient alternative, an online cost calculator can help you locate the best private charter for your needs.

How Does The Cost of Private Jet Charter Work?

The majority of automatic pricing jet cost estimators obtain the data from a national database where operators have uploaded them with a set hourly minimum cost. They merely retrieve that data depending on your search requirements, while the app raises the price by 15-30% over what we regularly see. This is not a restricted cost but a mere estimate. The original cost can vary from the estimated one depending on the fuel cost at that time and other variables. While obtaining pricing right away is convenient, you’ll end up paying more.

What is Needed to Acquire an Accurate Estimate

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A private jet cost-estimator is super-convenient to use and gives you the cost estimate within seconds. There are a variety of estimators available, but the basic requirements are always similar. An estimator requires a few steps of information to bring an accurate estimate. These four steps include

  1. Enter your departing airport/city information
  2. Enter your travel destination 
  3. Your email/contact information for discounted rates
  4. Complete estimation

Estimator brings about the jet cost perfectly aligned with your demands. It also comes up with more than one jet option and cost estimation. You can choose from various jets such as very light jets, small jets, midsize jets, or large jets per your feasibility and budget. 

Factors Determining The Cost of Private Jet Charter

There is not one factor that can estimate the private jet cost. There are dozens of Further, charges greatly vary depending on various factors such as

  • Aircraft Size
  • Maintenance cost
  • Insurance fee
  • Airport landing fee
  • Federal Excise Tax (FET) applies to private jets in the USA.
  • Passenger segment fees
  • Fuel Surcharges
  • Fixed-Based Operator Facility Fee
  • Number of passengers
  • Flight crew
  • Additional facilities such as mess, restrooms, etc.

External Factors Influencing Private Air Travel Cost

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Apart from these, a few other factors greatly influence the cost of private jet travel; these include

  • Availability of the required aircraft 

The availability of the preferred private jet is the most significant factor to consider. That’s why it’s always better to search for aircraft closest to your starting location to reduce repositioning expenses.  

This will significantly impact the cost if the aircraft has to cover a long distance to the departure location. It is essential to do an in-depth analysis of these factors before hiring a jet, as fuel cost is the significant price determinant of air travel.

  • Duration of private jet stay at the airport before return

Another essential factor that you may overlook is the post-flight stay of aircraft at the airport. The airport fee will be lower if you are on a one-day trip. But for more than one day trip, the cost of empty leg flights or private jet stay at the airport will be higher. In both cases, you have to bear higher expenses. 

To know the total cost of a private jet, you need to consider all these factors. You have the privilege to add or exclude additional facilities and adjust the price accordingly. 

Average Cost of Private Jet Charter

Private jet charter rates vary based on various criteria, but the primary factor influencing the price is the size of a private jet. Hence, smaller jets are more affordable with a 4-8 passenger capacity. A turboprop charter costs roughly $1700-4300 per hour, but a large jet charter costs over $ 12000-16000 per hour. 

Jet Type Passenger’s Capacity Range (nautical miles) Hourly Average Cost
Turboprop  4-9 seats Up to 900 $1400 – $4300
Very Light Jets 4 seats Up to 1350 $4000
Light Jets 6-8 seats Up to 1200 $6000
Super Light Jets 6-8 seats Up to 1530 $7500
Midsize Private Jets 6-8 seats Up to 2760 $8500
Super Midsize Business Jet 8-9 seats Up to 3500 $8500-10000
Heavy Private Jets 10-16 Up to 7500 $10,000-$12000
Ultra Long-Range Private Jets 12-19 Up to 6250 $12000 – $16000

Detailed Market Analysis for Clients

We provide clients with a selection of aircraft and several pricing options within their affordable range. We aim to provide clients with information about each airline’s operational history and aircraft capabilities to make informed purchase selections.

To provide customers with the most accurate private jet charter trip cost estimate, our flight experts evaluate all cost-influencing factors, such as

Normal accessibility,

Seasonal costs such as deicing

Fees for airports and landings.

You can avail of expert services for estimation who will carry out the analysis, keeping in mind all the significant factors.

Bottom Line

This blog brings out a detailed review of the private jet cost estimator. All the factors influencing the cost of private air travel are presented here. While every bit of detail required for estimation is mentioned in the blog. Hence, you can find everything about air travel estimation in one place and don’t need to roam from one website to another.

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