Gulfstream GV

The Gulfstream GV is a long-range charter jet that goes further than any other jet in its class. No matter where you need to go, the GV can get you there comfortably.

Aircraft Specifications







Enclosed Lavatory


Maximum range

6,750 nm

Max payload

6,100 lb

Take off distance

5,910 ft

Climb rate

3,610 fpm

Cruise speed

500 mph

Cruise altitude

42,400 ft

Cabin Height

6.2 ft

Cabin Width

7.3 ft

Cabin Length

50.1 ft

Cabin Volume

1,812 cu ft

Baggage Capacity

226 cu ft

Gulfstream GV charter flight prices

Prices for a charter jet on the Gulfstream GV range between $12,000 and $16,000 per hour. Final costs depend on the customer’s departure city, destination, and flight schedule. Contact JetLevel for more information on booking a charter flight.

The longest range of any heavy jet

The Gulfstream GV is an improvement on the Gulfstream’s older GIV and GIVSP models with the additions of new avionics, a longer wing, stretched fuselage and a much longer range. With a maximum range of 6,750 nautical miles, the GV offers 1,700 more nautical miles than the GIVSP. The GV can easily get passengers from Anchorage to Los Angeles, or even across the Atlantic Ocean.

Best described as a versatile workhorse, the GV provides immense power while still able to take off runways less than 6,000 feet long. And because the GV only needs 2,800 feet to land, it can fly in and out of a wide range of airports. Despite its size, it still beats weight restrictions at most smaller airports, widening your travel options.

Powerful engines and aerodynamic technologies

The GV is powered by two BMW/Rolls-Royce BR710 engines, which are fuel-efficient and high-thrust. They also power much larger airliners such as the Boeing 717, speaking to the GV’s strength and high performance. Additionally, the BR710 is one of the first corporate jet engines with a full authority digital engine control (FAEDC). This computer system regulates the jet’s power usage and fuel consumption to improve efficiency.

The spacious GV cabin

Inside, the GV boasts a huge cabin of over 1,800 cubic feet. Three cabin zones provide flexibility in terms of layout and passenger capacity, which generally ranges between 12 and 16. Fourteen signature Gulfstream oval windows let in plenty of light throughout the flight, while also keeping the cabin very quiet. Passengers and crew also benefit from separate lavatories at the front and back of the aircraft.

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