8 Special Occasions That Make Flying Private Worth Considering

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated October 16, 2022

Fact Checked By Kevin Bales

These seven unique moments are made even more special with a private jet charter. Have you spent months planning everything down to a tee for an upcoming event, or a special milestone moment in your life, and wondered how to make it perfect? There is something missing No matter how you slice it, chartering a private jet is the only way to roll out the red carpet and pamper yourself or someone you love. The moment you step on board, the celebration will begin. You will be spoiled with luxury and elegance, and you can customize your journey to match the occasion. Birthday cake? No problem. Roses, covering the cabin? No problem. New to JetLevel Aviation? Signup for our daily newsletter.   Take a look at these seven extraordinary events accomplished with a private jet charter.

Private jets are perfect for celebrating unique occasions, offering an exclusive travel experience for weddings, bachelor(ette) parties, proposals, and significant birthdays. It allows for personalized, intimate celebrations that are tailored to your preferences.

Sporting Events

Night aerial view on the illuminated Weserstadion in Bremen Sports Teams that travel together will find a private jet charter to be a great way to travel. When you have multiple people flying together, it’s important for the entire group to feel comfortable and relaxed. By flying in a private jet, you can ensure that everyone is comfortable without having to worry about being cramped or uncomfortable. Additionally, private jets are designed for comfort and convenience, which means that there will be plenty of room for all of your equipment and gear. If you have to carry anything with you on your journey, it will be easier to do with a private jet charter.  


Is finding the perfect anniversary present that expresses your affection for your partner proving to be a challenge? Or maybe you and your spouse are brainstorming ideas for a romantic anniversary celebration. When you get on board a private jet, you can immediately travel to the destination of your dreams and enjoy the luxurious amenities. Ask for romantic touches like flowers and chocolate, as well as a ‘cheers’ to your life together with a glass of wine. The uniqueness and privacy of private charters are great for honoring the love of two individuals.  

Family Events

Happy family flying private It’s another opportunity to gather the whole family in your preferred destination (or a new one) to enjoy quality time together. Whether you’ve been gathering your family annually or you’re preparing your first one, why not rent a private jet to do something a little different? Having a family dinner and playing games onboard become part of the event when people have a flight. The whole family will cherish the experience. Related: Top 7 Hidden Gems Private Jets You Must Know  


Wedding dinner by the sea. Wedding banquet at the sea. Donja Las It’s a significant moment in your life, and you’ve been dreaming about it since you were a child. Today is your special day, and you should go all out. Having a fairy-tale wedding is possible when you book private jets. You can feel like royalty on your way to saying ‘I do.’ Selecting to travel with your bride and groom party or your family to get you in the spirit of the upcoming celebration is a possibility. Or perhaps you and your soon-to-be spouse would prefer to spend a few quiet minutes together—a chartered flight gives you just that.  

Bachelor and bachelorette parties

Three people proposing toast Is Las Vegas the destination for your final hurrah with your closest pals before settling down into married life? Or would you prefer to spend a crazy weekend by the sea or sip wine with the girls? Even if you decide to rent a private jet, partying begins immediately. You don’t have to worry about bothering other passengers, you can just blast loud music and have an amazing time. You can also just relax and enjoy good food and wine, getting adequate sleep before the marathon weekend begins. Related: 7 Private Jets Amenities Every Traveler Will Appreciate  


A handsome man is giving a present to his wife while taking a flight. A woman is holding a bouquet of roses and smiling with her eyes closed. You’ll never forget the moment you kneel down and look into the eyes of the person you love to ask for their hand in marriage. Especially if you do it right. Having a private jet charter is an extraordinary way to have a unique and romantic experience, and it’s likely to get you that ‘yes’ you’ve been longing for. You can customize your experience by arranging for roses to be scattered around the aircraft, your loved one’s favorite meal to be served, and only the finest champagne to be served. Having a photographer on board to capture those special moments is a wonderful idea for a private charter proposal. Related: Choose the Right Private Jet luxury Company   

Birthday milestonesHappy birthday to you concept

Is someone you care about to celebrate a major birthday? Is it your turn to blow out the candles? If so, why not go all out and book a private jet? Imagine a group of cherished people blowing out birthday candles high in the sky. Or, envision a once-in-a-lifetime trip, with bubbles and presents along the way, being given to a loved one.

Milestone celebrations like honeymoons, significant anniversaries, and landmark birthdays deserve the unmatched luxury of private jet travel. It elevates the experience, ensuring privacy, comfort, and a personalized journey, making your special moment unforgettable.


Pair wedding rings in sand on tropical beach You and your new life partner should be able to relax in opulence, celebrating your new life together from the moment you begin your journey, on your honeymoon. What better way to get there than by renting a private jet? Your dream honeymoon destination awaits, and you won’t want the experience to be marred by lengthy airport procedures, delayed flights, and being grouped with hundreds of other travelers. There is no better time to get the red carpet rolled out than for your honeymoon. Having a private charter will make the most memorable holiday of your life even more wonderful. Related: Flights to Hawaii: Tips on Flying Private to Hawaii  

Ready To Book Your Private Jet?

Is chartering a private jet for your special occasion on your agenda? I completely comprehend why. You will create an event like no other, one that will be memorable, luxurious, and customized for your special occasion. This is the perfect option if you want to pamper yourself or surprise a loved one. JetLevel Aviation strives to make your journey an unforgettable one. We provide a range of aircraft charter services to suit every occasion and celebration. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. See also: Reasons to Choose Private Jet Over Commercial  

Frequently Asked Questions:


What are the benefits of flying private?

Safety: Flying private offers the safest and most secure travel in the current era. Time: With their fastest speeds and schedule as demanded, private jets offer the most speedy travel. Privacy: When top-notch privacy is required private jets are prioritized because commercial flights can never match the level of privacy offered by private jets. Convenience: Private jets offer unlimited amenities and sky-high convenience for passengers. The ease of travel with private jets such as no security checks, no long queues, no stress for luggage, etc. makes it a perfect traveling option devoid of airport hustle. 

Flying private for special occasions adds a touch of luxury and convenience, making events like sporting events, anniversaries, and family gatherings even more memorable. It provides comfort, privacy, and flexibility, enhancing the overall experience.

What type of people flies private?

Private jets are used by individuals and corporations for a variety of purposes, including business travel, medical emergencies, and family gatherings. If you fly private, you can board the plane immediately after checking in at the airport. You also have the opportunity to travel without having to wait in long security lines. When you fly private, you are free from the noise and stress of commercial airlines. You can take advantage of the peace and quiet in the jet cabins to conduct important phone calls or catch up on work. Onboard amenities include WiFi, amenity kits, and cushioned seats with individual screens. Additionally, it is more efficient to travel in an airplane designed for fewer passengers.  

What is considered the best private jet?

There is no simple answer to this question. There are a number of factors that can affect the best private jet for you, including your budget, the size of your group, and your travel needs. However, there are some brands that are commonly considered some of the best private jets available. These include brands like Cessna, Embraer, and Gulfstream.  

What is considered a private flight?

A private flight means that you can book a flight without other passengers. A private jet will be just for you and your companions. Private flights are more expensive than regular flights, but they are worth it if you have to travel often. If you are interested in booking a private flight call us at 1-800-JETLEVEL   Request a Quote for a Private Flight