Top 7 Hidden Gems Private Jets You Must Know

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated August 25, 2022

Fact Checked By Kevin Bales

JetLevel presents an array of private jets which are unrivaled in terms of luxury and comfort. There is no end to the choices put forward by the JetLevel Private Jets. Whether you want to travel with family or a business group, here you have the privilege to choose the jet of your choice. You always have the freedom to choose the private jet aligned with your travel demands. We are presenting some exceptional jets which can be your priority for your next air travel.   New to JetLevel Aviation? Signup for our daily newsletter Let’s have a look at these hidden gems which you might have missed in the past. There is a high chance you would like to charter these private jets for your next trip because of their endless amenities.

Very Light Private Jets

Cessna Citation Mustang

Cessna Citation Mustang is a Very Light jet with a large luggage capacity. It is a 4-seater jet perfect for small families and exclusive business tours. The VLJ, despite its small size, owns the fast cruising speed among the jets of the same class which is 340 knots (630 km/h).    You cannot deny traveling on a Cessna Citation Mustang when your travel destination is a cooler area with frequent snowfall. This is because this private jet holds the certification to travel in icing conditions from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Thus, it is the preferred private aircraft for skiing vacations in snowy areas. It also becomes the perfect jet for emergency medical conditions. Why you should travel in Cessna Citation Mustang, here are a few reasons: It is cost-effective yet the comfiest private jet. It is easy to take off and land even at short runways due to its smaller size. Comfortable ambiance with completely reclinable seats, movable work tables, and storage consoles.  This is the perfect jet to be chartered for business tours with a top-notch inner environment. Where you can carry out your office work without being interrupted by the traveling fuss that you may have to face on commercial flights. 

Skiers heading to snowy destinations might prefer the Bombardier Challenger 350, certified for performance in icy conditions, ensuring a smooth journey to your winter sports vacation.

Light Private Jets

Cessna Citation Bravo 

Cessna Citation Bravo comes with seven to eight passengers capacity but with an enhanced luggage volume of about 73 cubic feet. Commercial flights are not preferred because of their luggage limitations. This makes the Cessna Citation Bravo superior to them. Under-seats drawer and a storage compartment by the lavatory offer a spacious area for the luggage.   This private jet has a speed of 345 knots (639 km/h) with an exceptional range of 1700 miles. Thus, being a swift aircraft with an impressive range this is the perfect choice for a family trip or a business tour.

Midsize Private Jets

Citation Excel 

Citation Excel is a versatile Midsize jet allowing 8 passengers but sometimes nine can be accommodated on a belted lavatory seat. Thus, it is a spacious aircraft with a variety of amenities that compels you to choose this bird for your next air travel.  This private jet can land on shorter runways just like the light jets but own the features of midsize jets such as: Spacious luggage capacity of 80 cubic feet.  Aircraft speed is 433 knots (802 km/h) Larger cabinet size with retractable tables which offer complete leisure during travel. Advanced communication through a video monitor system.  Thus, this jet is perfect for considerably longer air travel with versatile amenities leaving no reason for you to deny its worth.

Learjet 60 XR 

Learjet 60 XR is a stylish yet speedy jet with faster climbing speed than other jets of the same class. This jet owns classy cabinets, an advanced lavatory, and premium foldable seats. This bird is preferable when it comes to intercontinental travel because of its comparatively higher range of 2250 nautical miles.  Here are a few plus points why you should not reject Learjet 60 XR as your next private jet: Cruise speed of 453 knots (863 km/h); Owns flight ceiling of 51,000 feet certification, allowing avoidance of most air traffic and weather conditions; Full-sized spacious lavatory.

Super Midsize Private Jets

Citation Sovereign

Citation Sovereign is the perfect jet for speedy yet luxurious transcontinental air travel allowing eight to nine passengers. This private jet offers a highly spacious luggage capacity along with large-volumed cabinets of about 135 cubic feet. This aircraft brings about the extremes of comfort as it owns a washroom and galley. There are multiple reasons to choose Citation Sovereign as your private jet such as Range of 3000 nautical miles with a cruise speed of 446 knots.  180° swivel premium leather seats. Plenty of light with a highly serene ambiance ensuring quality air travel.

The Cessna Citation XLS+ stands out for its impressive luggage capacity, making it an ideal choice for travelers carrying more baggage.

Falcon 2000 

The Falcon 2000 is equipped with spacious cabins. There is plenty of stretch area and seats for up to ten people, with the option of sitting three abreast. It is usually divided into two lounge spaces, each having seats for eight to 10 people. Here are the few undeniable reasons to charter the Falcon 2000 for longer yet speedy air travel. Galley with full service; The traveling range of 3450 nautical miles, makes it an excellent choice for transcontinental journeys. Cruise speed: 487 Knots (902 km/h)  In-flight luggage capacity of 134 cubic feet. Hence, the Falcon is the best private midsize jet when it comes to speed with a higher travel range. This must be on your hit list for the next air travel.

Gulfstream GV (Extra Long Range Heavy Private Jet)

Gulfstream GV with an impressive range of 6250 nautical miles and offers a luggage capacity of 226 cubic feet allows the longest air travel with sky-high leisure. Another unique trait of this jet is its heightened cabins with a length of 50 ft, allowing heightened individuals to stand freely inside the jet.  This jet is more generous when it comes to passenger capacity as it allows 15-16 passengers for long-range air travel. Other amenities of Gulfstream GV include: 508 Knots aircraft speed A private cabinet as a stateroom Modern multimedia system for better communication and entertainment.  Gulfstream GV is a private jet that is second to none when the luxury and speed of long-range air travel are concerned. These heavy jets are equipped with multiple power outlets and modifiable work tables and thus are perfect for a business or vacation trip. 

For luxury air travel, consider jets like the Embraer Phenom 300E, known for its speed, range, and cabin comfort, or the Bombardier Global 7500, which offers unparalleled luxury and space.

Bottom Line

Private jets are the best when it comes to travel but only if you choose the right bird. The size, speed, and amenities of your private jet will help you travel stress-free and make your journey memorable. Each aircraft type has a specific purpose and it is important to choose the right one for your private jet travel. We hope you now can make an informed decision on which type of private jet is right for you. Request a Quote for a Private Flight