7 Private Jet Types: Which is Best for You?

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated August 1, 2022

Fact Checked By Kevin Bales

Confused about which private jet is right for you? You’re not alone! With options ranging from Turboprops and Very Light Jets to Mid-size Jets, Super Mid-size Jets, Large Jets, Ultra Long-Range Jets, Business Airliners, and even Commercial Airliners converted for private use—knowing what’s what can feel like navigating a labyrinth in the sky. But don’t worry; we’re here to guide you through the cloud of choices. In this blog, we’re diving deep into these 7 private jet types: Turboprops, Very Light Jets, Light Jets, Mid-size Jets, Super Mid-size Jets, Large Jets, Ultra Long-Range Jets, and Business Airliners. So sit tight and let’s jet set to find the perfect match for your travel needs! Related: The Comprehensive Guide to Chartering a Private Jet

1.   Very Light Jets

a popular Very Light private jet type Very light jets (VLJ) are unparalleled jets when the distance is shorter than 3 hours. Small and lightweight are the leading jets for four to seven passengers. These are the prime choice when the destination isn’t accessible by commercial flights in far-off areas, shorter runways, and shorter flight distances.
Aircraft Type Range (nautical miles) Luggage Capacity Passenger Capacity Cruising Speed Key Facilities Hourly Rate
Embraer Phenom 100 1,211 nautical miles 70 ft³ 4-5 450 mph Enclosed Rear Lavatory, Small galley, Large windows $4950-$5950
HondaJet HA-420 1,223 nautical miles 66 ft³ 5-6 485 mph Single seat divan, Flexible leather executive seats, Optional cabinet system $4950-$5950
Citation M2 1,550 nautical miles 46 ft³ 5-6 465 mph Compact Lavatory, Small galley, Standard club seating $4950-$5950
Eclipse 550 1,125 nautical miles 16 ft³ 3-4 425 mph Rear lavatory, Executive leather seats, Four window design $4950-$5950

2.   Light Jets

a popular Light private jet type Because of its unquestionable main advantages, small light aircraft is a highly popular private jets. These small planes have a larger passenger capacity of up to eight people. These little light aircraft are unrivaled for three-hour intercontinental flights or nautical distances of 800 km – 1,200 km miles. These small light jets are highly valued among business crews because they have the access to smaller airports in remote areas. Hence, they save you from the fuss of extremely crowded commercial airports. You must consider Hawker 400 XP and Cessna Citation CJ2 for your private air travel.
Aircraft Type Range (nautical miles) Luggage Capacity Passenger Capacity Cruising Speed Key Facilities Hourly Rate
Citation Encore+ 1,800 nautical miles 100 ft³ 7-9 495 mph Spacious cabin, Private lavatory, Full refreshment center $6250-$7450
Citation CJ3 2,040 nautical miles 90 ft³ 6-7 480 mph Standard club seating, Enclosed lavatory, Full galley $6250-$7450
Phenom 300 1,971 nautical miles 84 ft³ 6-8 520 mph Panoramic windows, Fully enclosed lavatory, VIP seating $6250-$7450
Nextant 400XTi 2,003 nautical miles 55 ft³ 6-7 460 mph High-fidelity audio, Standard club seating, Refreshment center $6250-$7450


3.   Midsize Business Jets

a popular Mid size private jet type Mid cabin jets are designed with the traveler’s comfort, with a high level of performance and an aesthetic appearance. The cabin height of a midsize jet is approximately 5’8’’, which gives most passengers enough room to stand up. These private jets are the ultimate choice for a flight of 3-5 hours. If you are planning an air trip through a chartered private midsize jet, then you must rent private jets such as Gulfstream G150 and Learjet 60.  
Aircraft Type Range (nautical miles) Luggage Capacity Passenger Capacity Cruising Speed Key Facilities Hourly Rate
Hawker 800XP 2,540 nautical miles 125 ft³ 8-9 514 mph Spacious cabin, Enclosed lavatory, Gourmet galley $7950-$8950
Hawker 900XP 2,930 nautical miles 127 ft³ 8-9 513 mph In-cabin entertainment, Touchscreen controls, Large windows $7950-$8950
Citation XLS 2,100 nautical miles 90 ft³ 7-8 507 mph Enclosed lavatory, Large baggage compartment, Ample legroom $7950-$8950
Lear 60 2,495 nautical miles 55 ft³ 6-7 522 mph Leather seats, Individual climate controls, Full galley $7950-$8950

4. Super Midsize Cabin Jets

a popular super mid size private jet type Super Mid business jets also known as super-midsize cabin jets are the perfect private aircraft for business trips across borders. These aircraft can seat up to nine passengers and are good for longer distances. These super midsize cabinet jets can travel across continents for a distance of 3,500 nautical miles and nonstop travel for up to 7 hours. Why you should prefer the private cabin jets, listed below you can see the side-by-side comparison of Gulfstream G200 and Cessna Clinton Sovereign.  These super-midsize business jets are equipped with extraordinary facilities such as a lavatory, a private galley, and a divan.
Aircraft Type Range (nautical miles) Luggage Capacity Passenger Capacity Cruising Speed Key Facilities Price Range
Citation X 3,460 nautical miles 105 ft³ 8-9 604 mph Enclosed lavatory, Flat-bed seats, Premium in-flight entertainment $9450-$10,950
Citation Sovereign 3,200 nautical miles 135 ft³ 8-10 558 mph Stand-up cabin, Wet galley, Touchscreen controls $9450-$10,950
Falcon 50EX 3,350 nautical miles 115 ft³ 8-9 569 mph Spacious cabin, Fully equipped galley, Entertainment system $9450-$10,950
Challenger 300 3,100 nautical miles 106 ft³ 8-10 574 mph Wide-body cabin, Quiet engine technology, On-board office capabilities $9450-$10,950
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5.   Ultra Long-Range Heavy Jet

Dassault Falcon 7X - Extra Long-Range Heavy Jet If you are in search of extra-luxurious air travel, then your search ends here because long-range heavy aircraft is the jet of choice for your long-distance air travel such as from the United States to Europe. These heavy aircraft come with separate cabins for sleep thus ensuring high privacy. This ultra-long-range jet offers high room for luggage, enclosed washrooms, comfy beds, and an advanced service galley. These heavy long-range jets can carry 16-17 passengers for a larger distance of 6k – 6.5k nautical miles. If you are looking for a long-range heavy private aircraft, then you must rent private jets such as Dassault Falcon 7X and Gulfstream V.  
Aircraft Type Range (nautical miles) Luggage Capacity Passenger Capacity Cruising Speed Key Facilities Price Range
Gulfstream GIVSP 4,220 nautical miles 169 ft³ 12-14 580 mph Full-sized galley, Two lavatories, Entertainment system $13,450-$14,950
Gulfstream GV 6,250 nautical miles 226 ft³ 14-16 585 mph VIP seating, Conference facilities, Multiple lavatories $13,450-$14,950
Falcon 2000 3,450 nautical miles 134 ft³ 8-10 555 mph Spacious cabin, In-flight entertainment, Full galley $13,450-$14,950
Falcon 900 4,750 nautical miles 127 ft³ 12-14 565 mph Three-engine design, Full galley, VIP seating $13,450-$14,950

Choosing a private jet for international travel is best served by heavy jets or ultra-long-range jets, which provide ample space, luxury amenities, and the capability to fly non-stop over 6,000 miles, ensuring a comfortable journey across continents.

6. Group Charter Private Airliner:

Group Charter Private Airliner Sometimes commercial aircraft are redesigned into large business jets. For long travel across the globe, businessmen consider their vehicles to be comfortable, lavish, and grand while preserving their privacy. These jets have a capacity of 200 people on board. These mighty private aircraft can operate in most weather conditions by being able to cruise at higher altitudes. Cruising speed typically is 480-560 miles per hour. Both Airbus and Boeing offer wide-body and narrow-body biz liners, such as Airbus ACJ380, Airbus ACJ319, Boeing B747-8, and Boeing BBJ. These jets have versatile uses as they can be chartered for VIP group transfers, private wedding events, sports teams’ transfers, musical groups for concerts, and for business conferences worldwide. The private airliner is highly valued for its massive passenger and traveling capacity.

Private airliners are suited for group charters, offering the highest level of comfort and space for larger groups, with configurations that can accommodate anywhere from 18 to 48 passengers, making them perfect for corporate outings or extended family travel.

Aircraft Type Range (nautical miles) Luggage Capacity Passenger Capacity Cruising Speed Key Facilities Hourly Rate
Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 6,141 nautical miles 640 ft³ 18-48 541 mph Private suites, Conference room, Full-sized galley $24,000
Airbus ACJ320 6,000 nautical miles 700 ft³ 18-50 540 mph Modular zones, VIP lounge, Multiple lavatories $24,000
Embraer Lineage 1000E 4,600 nautical miles 323 ft³ 13-19 543 mph Master bedroom, Walk-in shower, Spacious lounge $24,000
Bombardier CRJ-200 1,700 nautical miles 200 ft³ 18-50 540 mph Reconfigurable seating, Workstations, Catering $24,000

For short trips, light jets are ideal due to their efficiency and ability to operate from smaller airports, offering a blend of convenience and speed for distances up to 1,500 miles.

7. Private cargo jets:

50 passenger private jet If you are shipping from one place to another for goods, luggage, or machinery you need the kind of space where all the items can be stored. These planes have large storage spaces called CARGO HOLD to store the items.  These private cargo jets are owned by larger operations that are experts in transporting large amounts of cargo and goods. These cargo jets provide an alternative to the traditional means of transportation. This shipping method is secure and reliable, that’s why it is highly trusted by transportation firms.
Aircraft Type Boeing 737-700C Boeing 777F
Range (nautical miles) 5330 9070
Payload 18,200kg 104,000
Volume 107.6 m3 653 m3
  This blog comes up with a brief description of 7 private jet types for cost-effective and uninterrupted air travel. We help you charter the perfect private jet for your short or long-distance travel.   Request a Quote for a Private Flight