What Do You Need to Bring for an International Private Jet Charter

What Do You Need to Bring for an International Private Jet Charter?

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated February 15, 2023

Fact Checked By Kevin Bales

As more people are opting to travel again after a few years of travel restrictions, here is our guide where we help you prepare what you will need for an international private jet charter adventure.

Private jets can be a great way to travel whether it’s just a short domestic flight or a long-haul international flight. If you have some destinations on your bucket list overseas, you may be wondering what you will need before embarking on a journey to a new country.

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What To Bring On Your Next International Private Jet Charter


Passport & Visa


While flying internationally on a private jet provides more comfort than a standard airline, it’s important that you still have your certified documents of identification. No matter which country you fly to, having your valid passport on hand will be a necessity. Your passport’s expiration will also need to extend for at least six months after your planned arrival. For visas, depending on which country you plan to fly to, the requirements may differ. It’s always recommended to research the local government’s travel visa requirements before scheduling your flight. An e-visa or tourist visa may be required.

When flying internationally on a private jet, essential documents include a current passport, visas for your destination, and any other required entry permits. Ensure these are valid and meet the destination’s requirements.

Customs Declaration Form

Arriving through customs is still a requirement for private passengers. To prepare in advance for your flight it’s crucial to take note of any items you plan to pack with you overseas. Are you bringing any gifts, such as a bottle of wine? Are you a consumer of tobacco and plan on packing those items with you? If you are traveling internationally with any restricted products to your country of entry, you will need to fill out a customs declaration form for approval.


Travel Adapters

When you arrive at your destination and hop off of the charter jet, you will want to make sure you stay connected. Travel adapters will make sure you can keep your battery full on all of your devices, no matter what kind of charger you have. You have the option to buy a local adapter once you arrive, or pre-order an international adapter that will work in multiple countries.


SIM Cards

SIM cards will ensure you have enough data in your device if you need to use the internet or navigation tools on the go. For SIM cards, you have the option to pre-order an eSIM or buy a SIM card once you arrive. Whether you plan on working virtually while you are away, or simply want to post some of your best travel photos on social media, a travel adapter and SIM card will be a necessity.

For an international flight on a private jet, pack essentials like personal identification, travel and health insurance documents, necessary medications, and items for comfort and entertainment. Consider the specific needs of your destination, such as travel adapters and local currency.

Documentation for Your Furry Friends


Some people prefer to leave their pet companions at home when jet hopping. Some also like to enjoy the company of their pets in new places, to make new memories. If you plan on bringing your extended furry family abroad with you on your next vacation or business trip, documentation for the charter jet service will be required. Once you have the documents ready, you’ll get to enjoy the company of your pet during the duration of your flight in no time.

Traveling with pets on a private jet internationally requires preparation. Gather all necessary health documents, vaccination records, and entry permits required by the destination country to ensure a smooth journey for your pet.


Flying internationally can be exciting, but it also can require more preparation. Your next private international flight is just one skip, hop and jump away. With a passport in hand, soon you’ll embark on your next passage above the clouds.

Whether you’re new to flying private or a frequent flyer, we are happy to assist and can always offer a number of solutions on various sizes of aircraft for your itinerary. Our vast network of aircraft that expands Globally allows us to assist with On Demand Private Jet Charter flights, Private Group Charters, Air Ambulance, and Helicopter Charters. When flying private you can access airports that others simply cannot. At JetLevel Aviation we have the resources to get you to and from almost any location. Call us today and let one of our highly experienced agents help plan your next international private jet charter.

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