The Best Private Jet Charter Holiday Destinations in 2022

The Best Private Jet Charter Holiday Destinations in 2022

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated December 8, 2022

Fact Checked By Kevin Bales

Flying on a private jet charter is the best way to travel for the holidays. The luxury and comfort of flying private starts your holiday the moment you set foot on the plane. Another advantage of a private jet for the holidays is that you have greater flexibility in your destination choices. You can fly directly to wherever you want to go instead of wasting your precious vacation time waiting at an airport because of a layover. You’ll have the entire world at your fingertips, so where should you go?

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Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo and Christmas don’t necessarily seem like they should go together. However, the city becomes a veritable winter wonderland decked out in gorgeous Christmas lights. The lights are spread out throughout multiple districts in central and downtown Tokyo, so you’ll have your pick of destinations. In addition to decking itself out in magical splendor, Tokyo is also well known for its world-class shopping and restaurants. Tokyo is home to the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world.

If you’re based on the East Coast, a Bombardier Global 6500 can get you to Tokyo in comfort and style.

For those seeking luxury and exclusive holiday experiences in 2022, private jets offer unparalleled access to destinations like Tokyo, London, and Saint Lucia, blending festive celebrations with high-end travel comfort.

London, England

London is enchanting during the holiday season. Not only are there Christmas lights strung above many of the major thoroughfares within the city, but London also plays host to numerous Christmas markets that are set up along the River Thames. On top of that, there’s the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It’s easier to ask what this spectacle doesn’t have than to ask what it does. There’s ice skating, carnival games, shopping, ice sculptures, Christmas markets, and more. Plus, London is home to elegant shops and luxurious hotels to enhance your stay.

Travel to London in luxury with the Challenger 605.


Saint Lucia

If you’d rather head somewhere warm for the holidays than to a colder location like New York City, Saint Lucia in the Caribbean is an excellent option. In December, Saint Lucia’s weather is gorgeous and its beautiful beaches are waiting for you to lounge upon them. You don’t have to get away from everything Christmassy even if you want the nicer weather, however. Saint Lucia still celebrates Christmas and resorts on the island offer a variety of holiday activities, including visits from Santa for the children and New Year’s parties.

Charter a Citation X to start your holiday in Saint Lucia the right way.


Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi is known as the hometown of Santa Claus, even if it’s not exactly at the North Pole. This magical destination is perfect for families with children who want to immerse themselves in the holiday spirit. It’s the ultimate Christmas destination for kids, with opportunities to meet Santa, see reindeer, and participate in a number of holiday activities. For adults, there are unique opportunities to stay in ice hotels and to see the northern lights.

Make your holiday magical with a Falcon 900.

Families looking for memorable holiday trips in 2022 can consider private jet travel to places like Rovaniemi, where meeting Santa Claus is a highlight, offering a unique blend of adventure and luxury.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

For the more active, Christmas spent amongst the Alps can be the perfect opportunity to blend skiing and holiday celebrations. From a luxurious skiing resort in Switzerland, you’ll have easy access to the best slopes the country has to offer. On top of that, you’ll stay in a magical Christmas wonderland complete with decorations, Christmas trees, and proximity to charming Christmas markets.

To make the most of your skiing holiday, book a Falcon 2000.

Private jet travelers in 2022 have the exclusive opportunity to explore top winter destinations like St. Moritz, offering a mix of skiing and luxury in the serene backdrop of the Alps.


No matter where you’re traveling for the holidays, chartering a private jet is the epitome of luxury and class. Plus, you can customize your flight with the catering and entertainment that best suit your desires. If you have holiday requests, go ahead and make them when you charter your flight. Our concierge services will do their best to make your holiday travel the magical experience it ought to be.

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