Falcon 900

The Falcon 900 is a versatile long-range heavy jet that delivers the high performance and pleasing aesthetics that Dessault is known for, making it a great choice for charter flights.

Aircraft Specifications







Enclosed Lavatory


Maximum range

3,970 nm

Max payload

3,537 lb

Take off distance

5,300 ft

Climb rate

4,000 fpm

Cruise speed

512 mph

Cruise altitude

51,000 ft

Cabin Height

6.2 ft

Cabin Width

7.7 ft

Cabin Length

39 ft

Cabin Volume

1,218 cu ft

Baggage Capacity

155 cu ft (internal), 25 cu f (external)

Falcon 900 charter flight prices

Prices for a charter jet on the Falcon 900 range between $11,000 and $14,000 per hour. Final costs depend on the customer’s departure city, destination, and flight schedule. Contact JetLevel for more information on booking a charter flight.

Charter flights on the Falcon 900

The Falcon 900 is French company Dessault’s improvement on its previous Falcon 50, designed to be bigger and faster with a longer range. It’s 5.5 feet longer than its predecessor, with a taller tail and a longer wing. It can also travel 700 nautical miles further than the Falcon 50, allowing you to reach even further destinations.

The Falcon 900 was one of the first aircrafts designed using computer-assisted technology. As a result, the aircraft has been fine-tuned to be as aerodynamic and lightweight as possible without sacrificing aesthetics or comfort.

The power of a tri-engine system

Powered by three Honeywell TFE731-5AR engines with 4,500 pounds of thrust each, you’ll be secure even if one were to fail. Generally, tri-engine planes offer better one-engine-out ranges than those of twin-engine aircrafts, so you can have extra peace of mind when flying on a Falcon 900. Utilizing three engines also helps aircraft to land at a slower speed for a more comfortable landing experience, and to take off on shorter runways.

Falcon 900 cabin features

The Falcon 900’s long range of over 3,000 nautical miles allows passengers to fly from Chicago to London without stopping for fuel. During that long flight, passengers can relax in style in the luxurious cabin. Most passengers can stand fully upright in the 6.2-foot-tall cabin, making it easy to walk around.

The Falcon 900 can be your office in the sky thanks to its Wi-Fi, satellite phone, and spacious work areas. Entertainment systems are also available for those who would rather relax during their smooth and stable flight. A fully enclosed lavatory and full-service galley are also available.

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