10 Private Jet Charter Myths Exposed

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated October 6, 2022

Fact Checked By Kevin Bales

Private jet charters create an impression of royalty and affluence. People usually presume that the ones flying on private jet charters must be wealthy and prosperous but that’s not the fact most of the time. Private jets are not owned by most celebrities and rich people but they are hired. Most people have never been on a private jet so they assume countless myths about private jet charters. JetLevel aims at clarifying all these myths to have well-informed private jet passengers who aren’t distracted by myths and deal with facts only!  New to JetLevel Aviation? Signup for our daily newsletter.   To change your perception about private jet charters, JetLevel assists you to dig out into these myths and the facts in detail.  

Light Private Jets Can’t Operate in Harsh Weather

Civil airliner head to thunderstorm clouds People have made false assumptions based on the smaller size of private jets that these aircraft are unable to fly in bad weather. While commercial airplanes can still operate because of their enormous size. This is not more than a myth and the flying operation in bad weather is not linked to the size of the jet. Very light and light jets and other private jet charters can get a green signal even in harsh weather when a flying operation can be continued, just like commercial flights. When terrible weather hits the sky, JetLevel makes sure to keep our clients updated on the status of their booked flights. 

Private jets are highly adaptable to adverse weather conditions, often capable of flying above bad weather or rerouting to avoid it. Their advanced technology and flexibility in choosing airports can lead to fewer delays compared to commercial flights.

Private Jets Offer Limited Destination

People often presume that private jets can only fly to a limited number of destinations. But the fact is private jets can fly anywhere in the world with extreme luxury and ease. While private jets can access the far-off areas where commercial flights don’t operate. Private jet charters have value over commercial flights as they can travel to smaller airports with more ease and without landing or take-off issues. The passenger can select an airport based on their proximity. Furthermore, JetLevel provides you with a variety of amenities and itinerary possibilities for a private jet charter that commercial aircraft may not have access to.  

Private Jets are a Millionaire’s Thing

Businessman in private jet This is the most common private jet myth which comes to everyone’s mind after hearing the word private jet. But the fact is you don’t need to be a millionaire to experience the luxuries of private jet charters. If you want to treat yourself with the best you can access these jets as your travel partner.  Private jets can be cost-effective because some private jet firms like JetLevel offer luxurious travel within a reasonable range such as empty leg flights and group charter flights. So, never think that private jets are out of your range! Related: How Much Is a Private Jet Flight?

Contrary to popular belief, private jet travel is not exclusively for millionaires. It’s becoming increasingly accessible thanks to options like jet sharing, empty leg flights, and flexible charter services, making luxury travel feasible for a wider audience.

Private Jets Have Safety Issues

Another private jet myth states that private jet charter is not as safe as commercial flights. Although commercial flights carry hundreds of passengers these figures are unrelated to private jet security issues and some private jets such as Airbus ACJ350, and Boeing’s BBJ are capable of transporting 250 passengers. Other ultra-long-range private jets allow up to 30-40 passengers but this does not entertain the myth that private jets are not safe. Private planes are regulated to FAA rules and standards that require aircraft and crew to undergo regular monitoring for safety purposes. All aircraft models utilized in JetLevel have been certified and are monitored on daily basis for safety assessments.  

Buying a Private Jet is More Cost-effective than Hiring One 

Corporate business jet setting on ramp with door open and sun setting in the background.

This is one of the most common charter myths and we need to resolve this. Owning a private jet is a continuous expense burden on your pocket. A private jet owns unlimited expenses including regular maintenance, pilot and crew salary, taxation charges, airport fees, hanger fees, and many more. You only need to own a jet when you have to travel more than 200 hours per year otherwise private jet rental is the best option. If you are a businessman and you have to travel around the globe on most days of the year, this is the only possibility when buying a jet will be a great decision. In all other circumstances, a private jet rental is cost-effective yet super-comfy for peaceful air travel.  Related: Why Rent a Private Jet Instead of Buying One?

Hiring a private jet can be more cost-effective than owning one for those who fly less than 150 hours per year. Chartering eliminates the hefty expenses of maintenance, crew salaries, and hangar fees, offering a practical alternative to ownership.

Private Jets Hiring is a Difficult Task

Billionaire or rich businessman flying first class and working on the plane with laptop and glass of champagne. Private jet

Private jet rental is perceived as a laborious task for those who have never experienced hiring a private jet. But in reality, it is more straightforward and convenient compared to buying a commercial flight ticket and long airport hustle.  Every private jet charter service holds a customer care team that guides you through the whole process for private jet charter and makes this hiring process even more convenient. Apart from the aircraft itself, JetLevel Aviation’s private jet charter services ensure that you have the exact additional amenities that suit your requirements.  

Private Jets are Only for Short Distances

People have assumed that private jets are only capable of covering short distances as compared to commercial flights. This myth states that the smaller size of private jet charters does not allow them to cover long distances which makes them unsuitable for inter-continental routes. But this is nothing beyond a myth because private jet charters such as mid-size, heavy, and ultra-long range jets can travel the fastest and longest inter-continent distances. These private jet charters are best for the longest routes because of the utmost leisure and comfort offered by them. Related: The Top Five Most Chartered Private Jets With Longest Range   

Private Jets are Vulnerable to Accidents

This idea is based on the fact that private airplanes are significantly smaller than commercial flights and, as a result, more prone to crashes. Pilots are properly prepared to manage crises and to determine whether or not a smaller plane should be flown under given situations. Commercial planes have similar routes with strict rules and regulations. On the other hand, private jets travel on flexible routes more often. Occasionally pilots are forced to travel to risky stations by the passengers which leads to enhanced accident risk. If private jets fly under strict regulations the risk of accidents might be reduced to a minimum.  Regular monitoring of private jets has been carried out so that any mishap could be avoided.   

Anything Can be Carried on a Private Jet

Private jets allow you to carry anything with you if you are a pet owner. Private jets are best for you to take your pets with you while traveling. But if a state has banned certain items whether these are food items, animals, or plants, you are not allowed to carry them even on a private jet without a permit or certain specifications. As pets are not allowed to travel without their ID cards and vaccination cards. If you want to carry any restricted items, food, plants, or animals with you, you have to apply for the state’s permit first and then you will be allowed to take it with you to the state’s premises.   

Prolonged Security Process

On the day when you are traveling via a private plane, some airports allow you to drive right up to the jet. In certain airports, you must visit a tiny office for a short period. However, it is a common misperception that you must pass through security checks or do private jets go through customs. In private jet travel, you don’t have to face countless airport security checks and long queues. But you directly head up to your jet after a short meeting in the office.   

Wrapping up

The top myths about private jets are presented here along with their accurate description and facts. If you have false perceptions about private jets, this is a must-read for you!  What other myths do you know or heard of? Tell us in the comments section below. Request a Quote for a Private Flight