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Why Rent a Private Jet Instead of Buying One?

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated August 5, 2022

Fact Checked By Kevin Bales

A private jet has now become the other name of leisure and comfort. The clientele who charter private jets is more often likely to purchase them shortly after flying for the first time. But many individuals overlook the fact that buying a private jet brings tons of responsibilities with it. It feels great to own a jet and travel wherever you want but there are hundreds of tasks that need to be done before taking a flight including on-flight management, cross-border permits, maintenance, and much more. You must be wondering if it’s a wise decision, but actually, it’s not. Let’s dig into the details of why you should prefer private jet rental over buying. New to JetLevel Aviation? Sign-up for our daily newsletter.

Renting a private jet offers flexibility, cost savings, and no long-term financial commitments, making it ideal for those who value convenience and efficient travel without the overheads of ownership.

Perks of Hiring a Private Jet

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Free of Maintenance Worries

Private jet maintenance is a complex process that demands your continuous attention. It is not just time-consuming but also requires tons of money for private jet maintenance. But this is not your headache if you charter a private jet, you just experience the extremes of leisure while traveling thus saving your time and money.

Budget-Friendly Private Jets

A personal jet costs you from $3 million to $90 million. The personal jet’s cost isn’t restricted to its actual price but it extends beyond limits over time as a maintenance cost, taxation, airport fee, and much more.  While a private jet will cost you about $2000 to $12000 per hour. This price will meet 3 million after hundreds of flights. This creates a huge difference in why you should prioritize a private jet over the personal one.

Variety of Private Jets Awaits You

Air travel is meant to be rejoiced rather than stressing about different issues. The most exciting part of air travel is experiencing a different type of jet every time you are traveling by air. Your every air travel differs from the previous one and needs different aircraft. Having a variety of jets on your list allows you to choose the best aircraft which offers perfect accommodation as per your travel.  Furthermore, you can hire a jet that perfectly aligns with your travel demands including the distance and budget. Hiring a private jet brings sky-high excitement to your trip and makes it budget-friendly as well. 

Matchless Comfort

Interior of a private jet Personal jet owners are exposed to several issues on daily basis such as:
  • On Board Crew Management
  • Recurring Maintenance
  •  Regular Inspections
All these tasks demand continuous solutions and need to be solved in a short time. These services determine the quality of travel. If you want to keep your travel VIP without any fuss from management, you need to hire a private jet. 

For frequent travelers, private jet charters provide tailored travel experiences with the benefits of choosing specific aircraft for different needs, accessing remote locations, and enjoying personalized service without the commitment of ownership.

Travel 250 Hours in a Private Jet

If you want to buy a private jet because you have to travel a lot for business or any other purpose. A wise decision is not to buy a private aircraft. Because the cost of traveling on a private jet for up to 250 hours is still less than the total cost of a private jet excluding one-year maintenance and taxation cost.  The maintenance and taxation expenses aren’t within the range of every other person, that’s why buying an aircraft is not a great idea for investment or personal use.

Take Advantage of Empty Leg Flights

Empty leg flights become available when an airplane needs to reposition from one airport location to another without passengers onboard typically to pick up passengers for its next flight. Costs for these repositioning legs are usually already covered in the expense of the previously booked flight and can be sold at a reduced cost to clients with the flexibility to depart when it fits with the aircraft’s schedule. If you are seeking the leisure of a private jet at budget-friendly charges, always take advantage of the empty leg flights. Empty leg flights are perfect for passengers with the same destination. These can be up to 75% cheaper than regular private jets and are top-notch traveling options for short-notice leisure travel. Read more about Empty leg flights at Thepointsguy.

Reasons to consider Private Jet Charter over a Private Jet Purchase

Group of businesspeople walking to corporate jet Buying a private jet brings about more worries than the actual convenience. There are piles of expenses that you may want to consider before buying an aircraft.

Airport Expenses

Here comes a list of fees that you need to pay if you own a private jet, the list includes Hangar Space Expense Hanger space is required for a private jet. Hangar space rent is the lifetime expense you need to pay until you own a personal aircraft.  Aviation Insurance for Private Jet Insurance of the jet is mandatory but you have to pay a specified amount of money to the insurance company. 

Regular Aircraft Inspections

Regular inspections of the aircraft are valuable but they add to the total expense of the private jet. And it is also not a one-time expense but inspections are done from time to time whenever required. Thus, in the long run, it will ultimately affect your budget, and increase your overall expenses of owning a private jet.  

Aircraft Crew Expenses

flight attendant The bigger the aircraft the more crew is required which directly elevates the cost of a private jet. The aircraft crew’s salaries, bonuses, and everything else enhance the total annual cost of personal aircraft which is another reason to consider a private jet charter over a private jet purchase.

On-Board Meals Adding to the Expense

If you own an aircraft, you are the bearer of all the little expenses as well. You have to purchase the meals, and all other accessories required during air travel. If it’s a long-distance flight the meal expense is even higher. Further, it raises the stress level in the owner so as not to miss anything during traveling.  When you are traveling through the privately hired jet, all these issues are accurately managed by the company and you are devoid of any stress.  Thus, it suggests that owning a private jet will do nothing but enhance the maintenance responsibilities which ultimately gives rise to the stress level. 

Chartering a private jet is more economical than owning due to the absence of maintenance fees, depreciation, and storage costs, allowing travelers to pay per trip without worrying about the aircraft’s upkeep.

Bottom Line

This blog presents a comparative analysis of owning a private jet versus privately chartered jets. Renting a private jet comes up with extremes of benefits along with comfort.  Buying a private jet can be stressful in terms of responsibilities and unlimited expenses of the jet. If you want to have all the luxuries of flying private without any worldly stress, renting a private jet would be the unrivaled choice. Request a Quote for a Private Flight