Why You Should Fly Private to the Super Bowl in 2023

Why You Should Fly Private to the Super Bowl in 2023

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated February 8, 2023

Fact Checked By Kevin Bales

The 2023 Super Bowl is just around the corner and football fans from all across the country will soon gather in Glendale, Arizona to witness this momentous event. Come Sunday, February 12 famous musicians, athletes, and coaches will travel southwest in style by way of private business jets. To enjoy the game without the hassle of commercial airlines, here are four reasons why you should consider flying private to the Super Bowl LVII.

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Less Travel Time & More Game Time

Packed airports, long lines, flight delays, and lost baggage. With such a popular sporting event, commercial airlines will be working to keep up with passenger demands. With a private jet, departure will coincide with your schedule, not the airline’s. Instead of spending time waiting to check your bags at the airport, that time will be saved so you can arrive early to the Super Bowl. Less time to worry about commercial flight impacts means more time to enjoy the festivities with your friends and family.


Privacy First, Packed Stadiums Second

The crowds of spectators at the Super Bowl are a part of the thrill. But let’s face it, those crowds can also be overwhelming. Start your Super Bowl weekend with ease—fly private and get the alone time with loved ones you deserve. Flying private will give you breathing room and privacy before entering the stadium filled with cameras, thunderous fans, and flashing lights. Avoid jam-packed airports and embrace solitude, first.


Skip the Layovers by Flying Direct

If you’re flying all the way from the East, it’s more than likely you may have multiple stops and flight connections with a commercial airline. This can lead to long layovers and lost luggage. Private jets will allow you to fly directly to airports in Glendale, no matter where your departure is. Keep it simple—fly direct with a private jet.

For Super Bowl 2023, private flying stands out for its ability to bypass crowded airports, ensure privacy, and offer a tailored travel experience that adds to the excitement of the game.

Adjust Your Schedule & Explore Arizona

Arizona in February is a great time of year to enjoy all of the outdoor adventures the state has to offer without the sweltering summer heat. With a private jet, it’s easy to continue your travels and utilize that well-deserved time off. Fly early, stay later, it’s up to you. Take advantage of the winter sun and explore desert trails, poolside resorts, golf courses, and more.

Flying private to sports events offers unparalleled convenience and luxury, eliminating long waits, providing direct flights, and allowing for flexible scheduling to accommodate last-minute changes.

Enjoy Added Comfort and Luxury

Flying with the comfort and luxury of a private jet will allow you to rest and relax before the game hits the ground running. With added seat cushioning that you won’t be able to find on commercial flights to Glendale, you can lay back and take a breath from your busy week before joining the commotion of kickoff.

Luxury travel to Super Bowl LVII via private jet ensures a memorable experience with benefits like reduced travel times, personalized service, and the comfort of avoiding public airport hassles.


If you’re lucky enough to have tickets to the 2023 Super Bowl, keep score of your different travel options this game time. No matter the winners of the game, let yourself win by getting a taste of travel luxury on your route to Glendale by opting for a private jet.

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