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Private jet to Mazatlán, SIN

Flying to Mazatlán, Mexico, via private jet offers unparalleled convenience and luxury, ensuring a memorable start and finish to your coastal adventure. General Rafael Buelna International Airport is the gateway, providing easy access to this vibrant city. Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the Estrella del Mar Golf & Beach Resort, boasting pristine courses. Mazatlán’s rich arts and culture are showcased at the Angela Peralta Theater. Dining at Casa 46 offers an exceptional culinary experience, while luxury accommodation is epitomized by Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort & Spa. Must-see attractions include the historic Mazatlán Lighthouse and the picturesque Malecón. A private jet to Mazatlán enhances your travel, combining exclusivity with the charm of Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Mazatlán, SIN Airports & Charter Routes

Welcome to the sizzling oasis of Mazatlán, often referred to as the “Pearl of the Pacific.” Whether you are a sport-fishing aficionado, a beach connoisseur, or simply yearning for a Mexican escapade, JetLevel Aviation presents you with a tailored private jet experience. Ah, yes—the keyword “lax to Mazatlán” comes to mind, as our route from Los Angeles is one of our most popular.

At JetLevel Aviation, we blend a cocktail of elegance, safety, and timeliness. Why settle for the ordinary when you can touch the extraordinary?

What’s more, we keep you plugged in on how to make the most of your trip to Mazatlán. From experiencing the Historic District to exploring the vibrant Golden Zone—Mazatlán is more than just a destination; it’s an adventure waiting to unfold.

And guess what? You’ll be landing at the General Rafael Buelna International Airport, renowned for its seamless and courteous services. This facilitates your plunge into the Mexican Pacific almost instantly.

You’re prepared to start your journey now. As your partner in making priceless experiences, let JetLevel Aviation assist you. To arrange your next private jet charter or to receive an estimate, get in touch with us right away.

Alternative Airports in and Around Mazatlán

Durango International Airport (ICAO: MMDO) About 132 miles inland, offering car rentals and lounges.

Culiacán International Airport (ICAO: MMCL) Located 133 miles north, providing services like dining and shopping.

Tepic International Airport (ICAO: MMAN) Around 172 miles southeast, with amenities such as car rentals and shopping.

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Popular Private Jet Charter Routes to Mazatlán

LAX to Mazatlán An 812-mile journey, generally covered in about 2.5 hours in a Super Midsize Jet like the Falcon 50EX, cruising at a speed of about 530 mph.

San Diego to Mazatlán This 749-mile trip takes approximately 2.3 hours in a Midsize Jet like the Citation XLS.

Phoenix to Mazatlán Covering 706 miles in about 2.1 hours with a Light Jet like the Lear 45XR.

San Francisco to Mazatlán A 1,048-mile route, covered in about 3 hours in a Heavy Jet like the Challenger 605.

Las Vegas to Mazatlán A shorter 823-mile route can be done in around 2.5 hours in a Very Light Jet like the Vision Jet.

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Private Jet Charter Estimates

How much does it cost to charter a flight to or from Mazatlán?

Ah, the golden question. The cost to charter a private jet can vary. Here’s a quick glance:

To/From Location

Aircraft Type


Avg. Flight Time (hrs)

Targeted Price (One-way)


Super Midsize Jet




San Diego

Midsize Jet





Light Jet




San Francisco

Heavy Jet




Las Vegas

Very Light Jet




Please be aware that the prices listed above are only approximate values; the actual cost for each trip can vary based on numerous factors and we cannot guarantee these exact amounts for every individual flight.

Private Jet Prices – Ballpark Hourly Rates

Private jet prices can vary widely based on the size of the aircraft, the distance of the flight, and other factors. Here are some ballpark hourly rates:

Aircraft Type



Ballpark Hourly Rate


Pilatus PC12



Very Light Jet

Phenom 100



Light Jet

Hawker 400XP



Midsize Jet

Lear 60



Super midsize Jet

Citation Sovereign



Heavy Jet

Gulfstream G-IV



Please be aware that the prices listed above are only approximate values; the actual cost for each trip can vary based on numerous factors, and we cannot guarantee these exact amounts for every individual flight

Aircraft Available for Mazatlán Charter

Here are some of the aircraft available for charter flights to and from Mazatlán, SIN:

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Frequently Asked Questions

The optimal time to visit Mazatlán is between November and May, when the weather is dry, warm, and perfect for exploring the beaches and outdoor activities.

While Mazatlán is generally safe for tourists, we always recommend taking standard travel precautions. It’s advisable to stay in well-traveled areas, especially at night.

We accept various forms of payment including all major credit cards, wire transfers, and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Mazatlán, SIN Travel Guide

Weather in Mazatlán, SIN

Expect a tropical climate with sunny, dry weather from November to May and a more humid experience from June to October.


Travel Concierge Services

From booking hotels to scheduling fishing trips, concierge service of JetLevel Aviation ensures your Mazatlán trip is nothing less than perfect.

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Must-see Attractions & Experiences in Mazatlán

Golden Zone Shop, dine, and soak in the vibrant nightlife.

El Faro Lighthouse – Hike up to one of the highest lighthouses in the world for breathtaking views.

Top Luxury Hotels in Mazatlán

Pueblo Bonito Where elegance meets oceanfront views.

Riu Emerald Bay An all-inclusive paradise for the whole family.

High-end Restaurants in Mazatlán

Pancho’s A gourmet journey through Mexican and international cuisines.

La Concha Seafood and fine dining with a stunning ocean backdrop.

Top Business Venues in Mazatlán

Mazatlán International Center A modern facility for international conferences.

El Cid Marina Beach Hotel Business and leisure in one perfect location.

Arts and Culture Sights of Mazatlán

Angela Peralta Theater An architectural gem that offers a range of cultural performances.

Mazatlán Archaeological Museum A dive into the rich history and culture of the region.

Golf Courses in Mazatlán

Estrella del Mar A Robert Trent Jones Jr. designed course nestled in tropical scenery.

El Cid Golf & Country Club Golfing with a luxurious spin, including a 27-hole course.

Emergency Services and Contacts in Mazatlán, SIN

In case of emergencies, here are some important contacts:

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