Lear 45XR

With one of the longest cabins in its class, the Lear 45XR provides comfort to its passengers while also delivering extraordinary performance and a long range.

Aircraft Specifications







Enclosed Lavatory


Maximum range

2,301 nm

Max payload

1,900 lb

Take off distance

4,550 ft

Climb rate

2,630 fpm

Cruise speed

460 mph

Cruise altitude

51,000 ft

Cabin Height

4.92 ft

Cabin Width

5.1 ft

Cabin Length

19.7 ft

Cabin Volume

412 cu ft

Baggage Capacity

65 cu ft

Lear 45XR charter flight prices

Rates for a charter flight on the Lear 45XR range between $6,400 and $8,400 per hour. Final costs depend on the customer’s departure city, destination, and flight schedule. Contact JetLevel’s professional agents for more information on booking a charter flight.

Outstanding performance for your charter flight

The Lear 45XR is an improvement from the previous Lear45, providing better cruise speed and a longer range. Additionally, the jet delivers great hot and high performance to expand the destinations it can travel. Higher payloads add flexibility and simpler flight planning. The aircraft is also very fuel efficient, helping cut down costs.

Dual engines provide safety and fuel efficiency

Powered by two Honeywell TFE731-20BR engines that each provide 3,500 pounds of thrust, the Lear 45XR has a much faster climb rate than the original 45, clocking in at 2,630 per minute. Getting to your desired altitude quickly means avoiding inclement weather and turbulence, in addition to reaching cruising speeds faster. The engines also have great ice removal, allowing customers to fly in all weather conditions.

Luxurious comfort for your business or vacation flight

Inside the cabin, passengers will find beautiful polished wood accents, ample cupholders, and large work tables that fold down from the wall. You can easily hold a meeting or just catch up with colleagues in the club-seating arrangement—especially thanks to the cabin’s low noise volume. The leather chairs can also swivel and track for additional mobility. Plus, the very long length of the cabin provides ample legroom for passengers.

Two temperature zones ensure that the cabin and cockpit are always maintained at the perfect temperature. Exterior and interior baggage are both available so you can access your luggage while in-flight.

Safety standards of the Lear 45XR

The Lear 45XR is also exceptionally safe, with an extra relief port on the cabin door. The aircraft is certified to FAR Part 25 Amendment 75 safety standards, which is almost identical to the safety standards required of Boeing 777s.

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