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Private jet to Macau, CN

Flying to Macau via private jet offers the ultimate in luxury and efficiency, landing directly at Macau International Airport. This exclusive travel mode allows for a tailored journey, enabling immediate access to Macau’s renowned casinos, world-class golf courses, and gourmet dining experiences, such as at Robuchon au Dôme. Luxurious accommodations at The Venetian Macao ensure a lavish stay. Attractions like the Historic Centre of Macau are effortlessly reachable, enriching the visit. The personalized and efficient nature of private jet travel underscores the convenience and exclusivity of your Macau adventure, making every moment tailored and unforgettable, from arrival to departure.

Macau, CN Airports & Charter Routes

Welcome to Macau, the glittering jewel on China’s southern coast, known for its dazzling nightlife and world-class casinos. Whether you’re a high-roller aiming to conquer the gaming tables, a business executive closing multi-million-dollar deals, or a cultural enthusiast intrigued by the area’s unique Sino-Portuguese heritage, JetLevel Aviation has a bespoke private jet charter experience designed just for you.

JetLevel Aviation ensures your journey is replete with opulence, ease, and precision timing aboard our superior fleet of private jets. Safety and convenience remain our cornerstone philosophies.

Beyond the skies, JetLevel Aviation serves as your trusted companion, steering you through Macau’s myriad delights, be it securing a VIP table at the City of Dreams or unlocking the mysteries of the historic Ruins of St. Paul’s.

Your aerial odyssey culminates at the Macau International Airport, a hub celebrated for its efficiency, swiftly transitioning you into the pulsating rhythm of this unique, East-meets-West enclave.

While Macau commands your attention now, your future exploits are just a flight away. Consult our section on Popular Private Jet Charter Routes from Macau to explore further. Whether you’re drawn to the vibrancy of Hong Kong or the leisure of Bali, JetLevel Aviation makes your next destination reachable in unparalleled style.

For alternative airport solutions, we extend our services to several nearby facilities. Be sure to check our section on Alternative Airports in and Around Macau.

Ready to commence your Macau journey? Let JetLevel Aviation pave your route to an unforgettable experience. Contact us today for a quote or to set your next trip’s wheels in motion.

Alternative Airports in and Around Macau

  • Hong Kong International Airport (ICAO: VHHH) – Located just 40 miles from Macau and providing a multitude of services like dining and luxury shopping.
  • Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (ICAO: ZGSZ) – Situated about 63 miles north, offering services like car rentals and lounges.
  • Zhuhai Jinwan Airport (ICAO: ZGSD) – Approximately 31 miles from Macau, providing amenities such as fueling and hangar rentals.

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Popular Private Jet Charter Routes to Macau

    • Shanghai to Macau – A 761-mile voyage can be completed in about 2 hours with a midsize jet like the Citation XLS.
    • Beijing to Macau – This 1,200-mile journey can be achieved in 3 hours with a super midsize jet like the Falcon 50EX.
    • Taipei to Macau – A 508-mile trip covered in about 1.5 hours with a light jet like the Lear 45XR.
    • Hong Kong to Macau – A short 40-mile hop, finished in approximately 20 minutes using a turboprop like the Pilatus PC-12.
  • Zhuhai to Macau – An ultra-short 31-mile route, done in roughly 15 minutes using a very light jet like the Vision Jet.

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Private Jet Charter Estimates

How much does it cost to charter a flight to or from Macau?

The cost of chartering a private jet can be quite variable, contingent on a slew of factors such as flight duration and aircraft type. For instance, a private flight from Hong Kong to Macau might start at $4,900 in a turboprop.

To/From Location

Aircraft Type


Avg. Flight Time (hrs)

Targeted Price (One-way)


Midsize Jet





Super Midszie Jet





Light Jet




Hong Kong






Very Light Jet




Please be aware that the prices listed above are only approximate values; the actual cost for each trip can vary based on numerous factors and we cannot guarantee these exact amounts for every individual flight.

Private Jet Prices – Ballpark Hourly Rates

Private jet prices can vary widely based on the size of the aircraft, the distance of the flight, and other factors. Here are some ballpark hourly rates:

Aircraft Type



Ballpark Hourly Rate


Pilatus PC12



Very Light Jet

Phenom 100



Light Jet

Hawker 400XP



Midsize Jet

Lear 60



Super midsize Jet

Citation Sovereign



Heavy Jet

Gulfstream G-IV



Please be aware that the prices listed above are only approximate values; the actual cost for each trip can vary based on numerous factors, and we cannot guarantee these exact amounts for every individual flight

Aircraft Available for Macau Charter

Here are some of the aircraft available for charter flights to and from Macau, CN:

For more information on these and other charter aircraft, visit our Private Jet Charter Aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Citizens from many countries can enter Macau visa-free for a certain period; check your country’s specific requirements.

While Cantonese is the most widely spoken language, you’ll find a significant number of English and Portuguese speakers due to the area’s unique heritage.

Yes, the Macau Pataca (MOP) is the official currency, different from the Chinese Yuan (CNY).

Macau, CN Travel Guide

Weather in Macau, CN

Macau features a subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and mild winters. The average high temperature in July is around 89°F, while the average low in January hovers around 50°F.


Travel Concierge Services

At JetLevel Aviation, our concierge services are tailored to meet all your needs, from hotel bookings to organizing personalized tours.

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Must-see Attractions & Experiences in Macau

  • Ruins of St. Paul’s – A striking facade, it’s the last remaining part of the Church of Mater Dei. The site fuses Renaissance and Oriental architectural elements, symbolizing Macau’s unique cultural heritage.
  • Senado Square – A bustling public square that forms the heart of Macau. It’s paved with intricate Portuguese mosaics and flanked by pastel buildings reminiscent of European capitals.
  • A-Ma Temple – Built in 1488, this temple is dedicated to the goddess Mazu, protector of seafarers. It’s a serene space, with multiple pavilions set against a backdrop of the inner harbor.

Top Luxury Hotels in Macau

  • The Venetian Macao: A palatial resort that recreates the romance of Venice with gondola rides and world-class amenities.
  • Wynn Palace: A luxurious escape featuring a performance lake, opulent rooms, and Michelin-starred dining.
  • MGM Cotai: An innovative resort boasting state-of-the-art facilities, dazzling entertainment, and sophisticated design.

High-end Restaurants in Macau

  • Robuchon au Dôme: A Michelin 3-star venue offering the pinnacle of French gastronomy.
  • The Tasting Room: A French-inspired eatery specializing in a seasonal tasting menu.
  • Mizumi: An award-winning Japanese restaurant featuring fresh, premium seafood.

Top Business Venues in Macau

  • MICE Event Center: A versatile venue for exhibitions, conferences, and corporate events.

Arts and Culture Sights of Macau

    • Taipa Houses Museum: A collection of colonial-era homes that showcase Macanese history and culture.

Lou Kau Mansion: A 19th-century merchant’s home offering a glimpse into Macau’s past.

Golf Courses in Macau

  • Orient Golf Club: A golf retreat featuring lush landscapes and diverse terrains.

Emergency Services and Contacts in Macau, CN

In case of emergencies, here are some important contacts:

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