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Private jet to Lanai, HI

Touching down at Lanai Airport, tailored for private jet arrivals, offers an exclusive gateway to Lanai, Hawaii, merging the bespoke convenience of private air travel with the island’s secluded charm and natural splendor. This mode of transportation is unparalleled for discerning travelers seeking to bypass the limitations of commercial aviation, leading directly into Lanai’s embrace. Golfers are greeted by the breathtaking vistas and immaculate greens of the Manele Golf Course, where every swing comes with a view of the Pacific. While Lanai might be more subdued in arts and culture compared to its bustling neighbors, it offers a unique, tranquil luxury that can be felt through its landscapes and the warm hospitality of its people. For business or pleasure, the Four Seasons Resort Lanai provides a venue of unmatched beauty and sophistication, making every meeting memorable. Culinary journeys on Lanai are elevated at Nobu Lanai, where world-class sushi and Japanese cuisine meet island freshness. The Four Seasons Resort Lanai not only offers sumptuous accommodations but also acts as a sanctuary of peace, blending seamlessly with the island’s serene beauty. Must-visit attractions, such as the rugged landscapes of the Garden of the Gods and the serene Hulopoe Bay, offer guests a profound connection with nature’s untouched beauty, making Lanai an ideal retreat for those traveling by private jet in search of privacy, luxury, and a truly unique Hawaiian experience.

Lanai, HI Airports & Charter Routes

Welcome to Lanai, a tropical paradise located in the heart of Hawaii’s stunning island chain. Whether you’re seeking world-renowned golf courses, the tranquility of Hulopoe Bay, or the serenity of the Garden of the Gods, JetLevel Aviation is poised to offer a private jet charter experience tailored to your desires.

From the breathtaking coastal views to the lush inland landscapes, your flight with JetLevel Aviation promises luxury, comfort, top-of-the-line private jets and impeccable service, with safety and convenience our utmost priority.

Explore the unique charm of Lanai, from the historic Lanai City to the extraordinary landscapes. JetLevel Aviation ensures that your entire journey is memorable, from securing reservations at the island’s top restaurants to arranging exclusive tours of Lanai’s most scenic locations.

Touch down at the Lanai Airport, known for its efficiency and hospitality, and let the island’s magic captivate you instantly.

Whether Lanai is today’s destination or merely the starting point for your adventures, your next dream location is just a private jet flight away. Discover more in our section on Popular Private Jet Charter Routes from Lanai. From the beaches of Maui to the bustling streets of Honolulu, JetLevel Aviation is your gateway to luxury travel.

For travelers seeking alternative airports near Lanai, we offer services to other facilities in the region. Explore our section on Alternative Airports in and Around Lanai for more information.

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Alternative Airports in and Around Lanai

  • Kahului Airport (ICAO: OGG) – Located 30 miles from Lanai, offering services like car rental, dining, and shopping.
  • Honolulu International Airport (ICAO: HNL) – Approximately 80 miles from Lanai, with a range of amenities, including lounges and dining.
  • Molokai Airport (ICAO: MKK) – About 25 miles from Lanai, providing services like car rentals and shopping.
  • Kapalua Airport (ICAO: JHM) – Situated 27 miles from Lanai, offering services like fueling and maintenance.

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Popular Private Jet Charter Routes to Lanai

  • Los Angeles to Lanai – A 2,500-mile trip typically covered in 5 hours with a midsize jet like the Citation XLS.
  • San Francisco to Lanai – A 2,350-mile route, covered in about 4.5 hours with a very light jet like the Vision Jet.
  • Seattle to Lanai – This 2,600-mile journey can be completed in 5.5 hours with a light jet like the Learjet 45XR.
  • New York to Lanai – A 4,900-mile route, covered in about 10 hours with a heavy jet like the Challenger 605.
  • Chicago to Lanai – A 4,200-mile journey, covered in about 8.5 hours with a super midsize jet like the Falcon 50EX.

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Private Jet Charter Estimates

How much does it cost to charter a flight to or from Lanai?

The cost to charter a private jet varies based on aircraft type and distance. Here’s a sample pricing chart:

To/From Location

Aircraft Type


Avg. Flight Time (hrs)

Targeted Price (One-way)

Los Angeles

Midsize Jet




San Francisco

Very Light Jet





Light Jet




New York

Heavy Jet





Super Midsize Jet




Please be aware that the prices listed above are only approximate values; the actual cost for each trip can vary based on numerous factors and we cannot guarantee these exact amounts for every individual flight.

Private Jet Prices – Ballpark Hourly Rates

Private jet prices can vary widely based on the size of the aircraft, the distance of the flight, and other factors. Here are some ballpark hourly rates:

Aircraft Type



Ballpark Hourly Rate


Pilatus PC12



Very Light Jet

Phenom 100



Light Jet

Hawker 400XP



Midsize Jet

Lear 60



Super midsize Jet

Citation Sovereign



Heavy Jet

Gulfstream G-IV



Please be aware that the prices listed above are only approximate values; the actual cost for each trip can vary based on numerous factors, and we cannot guarantee these exact amounts for every individual flight

Aircraft Available for Lanai Charter

Here are some of the aircraft available for charter flights to and from Lanai, HI:

For more information on these and other charter aircraft, visit our Private Jet Charter Aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lanai is primarily served by Lanai Airport, with alternative options in neighboring islands.

The best aircraft depends on your needs, number of passengers, and distance. Contact us for personalized recommendations.

Lanai offers a variety of unique experiences, from snorkeling in Hulopoe Bay to hiking in the Munro Trail. Our concierge service can help you plan the perfect itinerary.

Yes, we can assist with reservations at the finest hotels and restaurants on the island. Just let us know your preferences.

Most places in Lanai have a casual and relaxed dress code, reflecting the island’s laid-back vibe. Specific venues may require formal attire, and we can provide detailed information as needed.

Lanai, HI Travel Guide

Weather in Lanai, HI

In Winters weather is Mild with temperatures ranging from 65-75°F. In Spring weather is Comfortable with temperatures ranging from 68-77°F. In Summer weather is  Warm with temperatures ranging from 73-85°F. In Fall weather is  Pleasant with temperatures ranging from 70-80°F.


Travel Concierge Services

At JetLevelwe offer personalized travel plans, including exclusive tours, dining reservations, and special requests.

Private Gulfstream G550 executive airplane with Rolls Royce Wraith Private jet from Barcelona

Must-see Attractions & Experiences in Lanai

Top Luxury Hotels in Lanai

High-end Restaurants in Lanai

Top Business Venues in Lanai

Arts and Culture Sights of Lanai

Polihua Beach Petroglyphs: Ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs offering insight into the island’s history.

Golf Courses in Lanai

Emergency Services and Contacts in Lanai, HI

In case of emergencies, here are some important contacts:

  • Call 911 for immediate assistance in any emergency situation.

Enjoy your visit to Lanai, Hawaii!

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