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Private jet to Edinburgh, UK

Traveling to Edinburgh by private jet offers an unmatched level of convenience and luxury, providing direct access to Edinburgh Airport. This mode of travel perfectly complements the exploration of Scotland’s historic capital, from the majestic Edinburgh Castle to the picturesque Royal Mile. High-end dining experiences at The Witchery by the Castle, luxurious accommodations at The Balmoral, and must-visit attractions like the Scottish National Gallery and Arthur’s Seat enrich the visit. Private jet travel to Edinburgh ensures a personalized, seamless journey, immersing you in the city’s rich tapestry of history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes with unparalleled comfort and style.

Edinburgh, UK Airports & Charter Routes

Nestled amidst the Scottish lowlands, Edinburgh is a mosaic of history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you’re keen to tread the cobbled streets of the Old Town, be part of the world-renowned Edinburgh Festival, or indulge in some Scotch whiskey tasting, JetLevel Aviation offers a bespoke private jet charter experience for your Scottish sojourn.

From the vantage of the skies, witness the grandeur of the Edinburgh Castle, the sprawling greens of the Holyrood Park, and the contemporary dynamism of the New Town. Every journey with JetLevel Aviation signifies uncompromised luxury, meticulous safety, and unparalleled comfort.

With JetLevel Aviation, every trip is more than just reaching your destination. It’s about curating memories, experiences, and adventures. Let us guide you through the heart of Scotland, making your trip truly unforgettable.

Edinburgh Airport, renowned for its efficiency, welcomes you to this historic city. Yet, the adventure doesn’t end here. With JetLevel Aviation, every horizon is within reach. Dive deeper into our section on Popular Private Jet Charter Routes from Edinburgh.

For alternative aviation gateways, explore our insights on Alternative Airports in and Around Edinburgh.

Eager to traverse the Scottish highlands? Embark on a premium journey with JetLevel Aviation. Contact us today for your quintessential Scottish escapade.

Alternative Airports in and Around Edinburgh

  • Glasgow Airport (ICAO: EGPF) – Just 55 miles from Edinburgh, it offers services like lounges, shopping, and more.
  • Dundee Airport (ICAO: EGPN) – Roughly 60 miles from Edinburgh, it provides a quieter alternative with necessary amenities.
  • Newcastle Airport (ICAO: EGNT) – Located around 115 miles from Edinburgh, it’s a comprehensive airport with dining, shopping, and lounges.

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Popular Private Jet Charter Routes to Edinburgh

    • London to Edinburgh – Typically a 1.5-hour journey with a Light Jet like the Cessna Lear 45XR.
    • Paris to Edinburgh – A 2-hour flight on a Midsize Jet such as the Citation XLS.
    • Dublin to Edinburgh – A quick 1-hour hop with a Turboprop like the Pilatus PC-12.
    • Amsterdam to Edinburgh – Approximately 1.5 hours aboard a Very Light Jet like the Vision Jet.
  • Oslo to Edinburgh – A 2.5-hour journey using a Super Midsize Jet like the Challenger 605.

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Private Jet Charter Estimates

How much does it cost to charter a flight to or from Edinburgh?

While airfare to Scotland varies based on several factors, JetLevel Aviation strives to offer the most competitive rates. For instance, a private jet rental from London to Edinburgh in a Turboprop might be around $7,350.

To/From Location

Aircraft Type


Avg. Flight Time (hrs)

Targeted Price (One-way)







Midsize Jet





Very Light Jet





Light Jet





Super Midszie Jet




Please be aware that the prices listed above are only approximate values; the actual cost for each trip can vary based on numerous factors and we cannot guarantee these exact amounts for every individual flight.

Private Jet Prices – Ballpark Hourly Rates

Private jet prices can vary widely based on the size of the aircraft, the distance of the flight, and other factors. Here are some ballpark hourly rates:

Aircraft Type



Ballpark Hourly Rate


Pilatus PC12



Very Light Jet

Phenom 100



Light Jet

Hawker 400XP



Midsize Jet

Lear 60



Super midsize Jet

Citation Sovereign



Heavy Jet

Gulfstream G-IV



Please be aware that the prices listed above are only approximate values; the actual cost for each trip can vary based on numerous factors, and we cannot guarantee these exact amounts for every individual flight

Aircraft Available for Edinburgh Charter

Here are some of the aircraft available for charter flights to and from Edinburgh, UK:

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Frequently Asked Questions

While private jet travel is often more expensive than commercial flights, the benefits of privacy, flexibility, efficiency, and luxury often outweigh the cost for many travelers.

Edinburgh Airport is equipped to handle international private jet arrivals, and JetLevel Aviation ensures a seamless process. Always have your passport and any necessary visas ready.

With private jet charters, the check-in process is quick. Generally, arriving 15-30 minutes before departure is sufficient.

Edinburgh, UK Travel Guide

Weather in Edinburgh, UK

Edinburgh experiences a maritime temperate climate. Summers are typically cool, while winters are mild and damp. July sees average high temperatures of about 19°C, while January averages hover around 2°C.


Travel Concierge Services

At JetLevel Aviation, our dedication to premium service transcends the flight. From hotel bookings, fine dining reservations, to curated tours, let us enhance your Edinburgh experience.

Private Gulfstream G550 executive airplane with Rolls Royce Wraith Private jet from Barcelona

Must-see Attractions & Experiences in Edinburgh

  • Edinburgh Castle – Dominating the city’s skyline, this historic fortress offers panoramic views and a deep dive into Scotland’s history.
  • Royal Mile – A succession of streets forming the main thoroughfare of Edinburgh’s Old Town.
  • Holyrood Palace – The official residence of the British monarch in Scotland, Queen Elizabeth II.

Top Luxury Hotels in Edinburgh

  • The Balmoral Hotel – An iconic hotel known for its luxury accommodations and world-class dining.

High-end Restaurants in Edinburgh

  • The Kitchin – Led by Chef Tom Kitchin, this Michelin-starred restaurant showcases modern British cuisine.

Top Business Venues in Edinburgh

  • The Hub – An iconic and versatile venue, perfect for events and meetings.

Arts and Culture Sights of Edinburgh

Golf Courses in Edinburgh

    • Muirfield – One of the golf courses in the Open Championship rotation.

Emergency Services and Contacts in Edinburgh, UK

In case of emergencies, here are some important contacts:

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