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Private jet to Casablanca

Traveling to Casablanca by private jet offers a pinnacle of luxury, privacy, and efficiency, ideal for those seeking an exclusive and personalized journey. Private flights provide flexible scheduling, access to private terminals, and a seamless travel experience, bypassing the hassles of commercial airports. Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city, is a fascinating blend of modernity and tradition, known for its historic architecture, vibrant markets, and beautiful coastline. Flying privately enhances the journey to this dynamic city, allowing travelers to arrive refreshed and ready to immerse themselves in its unique culture and explore its iconic sites, including the Hassan II Mosque and the picturesque Old Medina.

Casablanca, MA Airports & Charter Routes

Welcome to Casablanca, the cosmopolitan heartbeat of Morocco. Whether you’re a film buff reminiscing Casablanca’s cinematic legacy, a businessman tapping into Morocco’s economic hub, or a traveler enchanted by its historic medinas and modern architecture, JetLevel Aviation ensures a private jet charter experience crafted just for you.

Soar over the North African coastline, catching breathtaking views of both the Atlantic expanse and the majestic cityscape – a panorama only our valued clients can relish. With JetLevel Aviation, each flight embodies luxury, precision, and tranquility, prioritizing your safety and ease.

Beyond the flight, we want your time in Casablanca to be unforgettable. Benefit from our curated tips, from the art deco buildings lining the streets to the sounds of the bustling Central Market or a serene visit to the Hassan II Mosque.

Your journey concludes with a smooth landing at Mohammed V International Airport, the largest in Morocco, swiftly immersing you into the vibrant rhythms of Casablanca.

Although Casablanca might be your current endpoint, remember, the world is at your fingertips. Explore further with our segment on Popular Private Jet Charter Routes from Casablanca. From the electric energy of NYC to the laid-back vibe of LAX or any global destination, JetLevel Aviation ensures you arrive in opulence.

For jet setters considering alternate airports near Casablanca, we extend our exclusive services to several nearby options. Delve into our segment on Alternative Airports in and Around Casablanca to learn more.

Eager to start your Moroccan escapade? Partner with JetLevel Aviation for experiences that linger. Reach out to us today for a quotation or to finalize your next journey.

Alternative Airports in and Around Casablanca

  • Rabat-Salé Airport (ICAO: GMME) – Situated just 86 miles from Casablanca, this airport offers amenities like car rentals and dining.
  • Marrakesh Menara Airport (ICAO: GMMX) – Located about 145 miles south of Casablanca, it boasts facilities like lounges, shopping, and more.
  • Fes-Saïss Airport (ICAO: GMFF) – Roughly 182 miles east of Casablanca, equipped with services like dining and car rentals.
  • Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport (ICAO: GMTT) – About 218 miles north of Casablanca, offering provisions like maintenance, fueling, and dining.

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Popular Private Jet Charter Routes to Casablanca

  • NYC to Casablanca – Spanning 3,600 miles, covered in approximately 7 hours with a heavy jet like the Challenger 605.
  • Paris to Casablanca – This 1,421-mile trip completed in around 3 hours with a midsize jet like the Citation XLS.
  • Dubai to Casablanca – Covering 5,070 miles in nearly 10 hours using a super midsize jet like the Falcon 50EX.
  • Madrid to Casablanca – A quick 839-mile journey taking about 2 hours with a light jet like the Lear 45XR.

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Private Jet Charter Estimates

How much does it cost to charter a flight to or from Casablanca?

Chartering a private jet to Casablanca can vary widely based on flight duration and aircraft choice. A jet charter from NYC to Casablanca might cost $33,000 or more in a heavy jet. Below are some ballpark prices for private jet flights to/from Casablanca:

To/From Location

Aircraft Type


Avg. Flight Time (hrs)

Targeted Price (One-way)


Heavy Jet





Midsize Jet





Super Midsize Jet





Light Jet




Please be aware that the prices listed above are only approximate values; the actual cost for each trip can vary based on numerous factors and we cannot guarantee these exact amounts for every individual flight.

Private Jet Prices – Ballpark Hourly Rates

Private jet prices can vary widely based on the size of the aircraft, the distance of the flight, and other factors. Here are some ballpark hourly rates:

Aircraft Type



Ballpark Hourly Rate


Pilatus PC12



Very Light Jet

Phenom 100



Light Jet

Hawker 400XP



Midsize Jet

Lear 60



Super midsize Jet

Citation Sovereign



Heavy Jet

Gulfstream G-IV



Please be aware that the prices listed above are only approximate values; the actual cost for each trip can vary based on numerous factors, and we cannot guarantee these exact amounts for every individual flight

Aircraft Available for Casablanca Charter

Here are some of the aircraft available for charter flights to and from Casablanca, MA:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Casablanca has its customs regulations. However, with JetLevel Aviation, our team assists in making this process smooth by anticipating and addressing requirements ahead of time.

While we accommodate last-minute bookings, we recommend scheduling your flight at least a few days in advance, ensuring availability and specific aircraft preferences.

Absolutely! Casablanca is a major economic hub and offers a mix of modernity and tradition, making it a popular destination for both business and leisure travelers.

Casablanca, MA Travel Guide

Weather in Casablanca, MA

Casablanca enjoys a Mediterranean climate. Summers are warm, whereas winters are mild and wet. The average high temperature in July is around 79°F, and the average low in January is around 48°F.


Travel Concierge Services

At JetLevel Aviation, we curate concierge services to enhance your stay in Casablanca. From luxurious hotel reservations, fine dining bookings, to arranging cultural tours, we’ve got you covered.

Private Gulfstream G550 executive airplane with Rolls Royce Wraith Private jet from Barcelona

Must-see Attractions & Experiences in Casablanca

  • Hassan II Mosque – One of the largest mosques worldwide, featuring intricate designs and a towering minaret.
  • Old Medina – A blend of the ancient and modern, with bustling markets, traditional shops, and historic architecture.

Top Luxury Hotels in Casablanca

High-end Restaurants in Casablanca

  • La Sqala – A charming restaurant set in an 18th-century fortress, offering traditional Moroccan cuisine.

Top Business Venues in Casablanca

  • Technopark – A center fostering startups, tech companies, and innovation.

Arts and Culture Sights of Casablanca

    • Villa des Arts – An art deco building hosting modern and contemporary Moroccan art exhibitions.
    • Rialto Cinema – A historic cinema, showcasing a mix of blockbuster and indie films.

Golf Courses in Casablanca

Emergency Services and Contacts in Casablanca, MA

In case of emergencies, here are some important contacts:

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