Midland International Air & Space Port (KMAF)

Midland International Air and Space Port is located in the city of Midland in western part of Texas. It was first built as Sloan Field in 1927 but then became an army air field during World War II. It was at this point that the airport gained the name Midland. After the war years were over, the airport began to be used for civilian flights and then became Midland International Airport.

In 2014, the FAA licensed the airport to serve space flights, which is how it gained the designation Space Port.

Midland International Air & Space Port FBOs

A fixed base operator is a company that caters to the needs of passengers, crew, and aircraft owners in the general aviation industry. If you’re flying on a private jet charter, then you’ll likely check in at an FBO and use the lounge or conference rooms there. FBOs offer facilities and services to private jet passengers but also typically have services for crew members, too, such as pilot snooze rooms, crew lounges, crew transportation and more. Many also have aircraft feuling, deicing, and maintenance options.

Signature Flight Support

Signature Flight Support

At Midland International Air & Space Port, there’s only one full-service FBO, which is Signature Flight Support. This FBO has locations in airports all across the world and in Midland is located at 9500 North Service Road, Midland, Texas 79711. At Midland International Air & Space Port, this FBO offers agricultural clearance, conference rooms, snooze rooms, vending machines, wifi, crew rooms, passenger lounges, long-term and short-term parking, and much more.

This FBO ensures that anyone involved with a private flight has access to everything they need, whether they’re flying for business or pleasure.

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