Midland International Air & Space Port (KMAF)

Midland International Air and Space Port is located in the city of Midland in western part of Texas. It was first built as Sloan Field in 1927 but then became an army air field during World War II. It was at this point that the airport gained the name Midland. After the war years were over, the airport began to be used for civilian flights and then became Midland International Airport.

In 2014, the FAA licensed the airport to serve space flights, which is how it gained the designation Space Port.

Midland International Air & Space Port FBOs

A fixed base operator is a company that caters to the needs of passengers, crew, and aircraft owners in the general aviation industry. If you’re flying on a private jet charter, then you’ll likely check in at an FBO and use the lounge or conference rooms there. FBOs offer facilities and services to private jet passengers but also typically have services for crew members, too, such as pilot snooze rooms, crew lounges, crew transportation and more. Many also have aircraft feuling, deicing, and maintenance options.

Signature Flight Support

At Midland International Air & Space Port, there’s only one full-service FBO, which is Signature Flight Support. This FBO has locations in airports all across the world and in Midland is located at 9500 North Service Road, Midland, Texas 79711. At Midland International Air & Space Port, this FBO offers agricultural clearance, conference rooms, snooze rooms, vending machines, wifi, crew rooms, passenger lounges, long-term and short-term parking, and much more.

This FBO ensures that anyone involved with a private flight has access to everything they need, whether they’re flying for business or pleasure.

Luxury Transportation to KMAF

When you fly private, you’ll want to ensure that you arrive for your flight on time and in comfort. While a private jet charter leaves on your schedule rather than the airline’s, it’s still polite to arrive a half hour before your flight. Therefore, scheduling ground transportation that will convey you promptly to the airport is a must. Speed isn’t the only factor, however. There are Midland transportation companies available that can not only ensure your on-time arrival but also transport you in comfort and luxury to your destination.

Elite Limo

Elite Limo offers airport transfers to the Midland International Air & Space Port in a limousine. This black car service also includes the expertise of an experience chauffeur and a variety of vehicles from which to choose.

Private Car

Private Car offers a range of vehicles that can get you to your flight or destination on time. Their fleet includes limousines amongst their luxury offerings.

Airport Limo

Airport Limo specialises in luxury transportation between the city of Midland and Midland International Air & Space Port. A chauffeur can pick you up either in Midland or at the airport and then convey you directly to where you need to go.

Luxury Accommodations in Midland and Odessa, Texas

The Midland International Air & Space Port is located between Midland and Odessa and is therefore conveniently located for either city. If you’re staying for business or pleasure in either Midland or Odessa, then you’ll want to ensure that your accommodations are both luxurious and near the business and entertainment districts of each city.

Homewood Suites by Hilton

Hilton’s long-term stay brand Homewood Suites’ location in Midland, Texas is located just minutes away from the Midland International Air & Space Port and is conveniently located for access to the Permian Basin oil region for those traveling for business within the oil industry.

Home2 Suites by Hilton

Home2 Suites is another Hilton brand that offers pet-friendly suites that are appropriate for longer-term stays only six miles away from Midland. While it may not be central to Midland, it is right off of US-250, which places the hotel close to the corporate offices of Oxy Permian and Chevron Campus. If you are in the area for pleasure rather than business, Home2 Suites is also located near the George Bush Childhood Home Museum and the Wagner Noel Performing Art Center, both of which are just six miles away in Midland.

Weather in Midland, Texas

The temperatures in Midland, Texas range from between 34 degrees in winter and 95 degrees in summer. Summers are typically hot and long but don’t get a lot of precipitation. Winters can be cold but temperatures don’t often drop below freezing. Additionally, Midland winters are short and dry. However, they can be windy, which could impact flights.

Tornadoes in Midland

Texas is a part of the area of the United States known as Tornado Alley. This is because this area has a higher number of tornadoes than elsewhere in the country. Midland in particular has a record of at least 20 recorded tornadoes with a magnitude of 2 or greater. Tornadoes are sudden and may not last for long, but they can be destructive and could impact flights by damaging buildings and other infrastructure in the area.


Midland International Air & Space Port Runways

The Midland International Air & Space Port is located at an elevation of 2,871 feet above sea level and the property takes up 1600 acres of land. There are four asphalt runways at the Midland International Air & Space Port. These four runways range in length and width to accommodate different sizes of aircraft. The smaller runways aren’t long enough or wide enough for larger jets, but the airport has longer runways that can.

Runway 4/22

Runway 4/22 is 4,605 feet long by 75 feet wide.

Runway 10/28

Runway 10/28 is 8, 302 feet long and 150 feet wide.

Runway 16L/34R

Runway 16L/34R is 4,339 feet long and 100 feet wide.

Runway 16R/34L

Runway 16R/34L is 9,501 feet long and 150 feet wide.

Midland International Air & Space Port Aircraft

The Midland International Air & Space Port, on average, sees about 58,000 aircraft operations in a year. In 2021, there were 58,010 operations, with an average of 159 each day.. Of those, 22% were commercial airline operations, while 39% were general aviation, 29% were military flights, and 10% were air taxi.

Special Amenities at Midland International Air & Space Port

Midland International Air & Space Port is colocated with its Spaceport Business Park. This is where all of the commercial aspects of the space port take place and include satellite testing and launching facilities. There is also commercial space available to rent, much of which is currently leased by satellite companies.