Leonard Thompson Airport (MYAM)

The Leonard M. Thompson International Airport, which used to be known as the Marsh Harbour International Airport, is located in Marsh Harbour in the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas. It’s the second-busiest airport in the entirety of the Bahamas, after the Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau. This airport used to be named after the city in which it is located but its name changed in 2016 to honor Leonard M. Thompson, a World War II hero and former Abaco MP Captain.

Leonard M. Thompson International Airport FBOs

There’s one FBO located at Leonard M. Thompson International Airport. An FBO is a fixed-base operator, which offers services to those in private aviation, from crew and pilots to passengers. These services can be aircraft-related, such as maintenance, deicing, refueling, and hangaring. Other services are for the crew, including transportation and pilot snooze rooms. For passengers, there are often lounges, conference rooms, business centers, concierge services, and more

Cherokee Aviation

Cherokee Aviation offers FBO services at Leonard M. Thompson International Airport and has the address of Marsh Harbour International Airport PO Box AB 20485, Marsh Harbour, BF. The company is primarily a charter company but does offer a full range of FBO services as well

Luxury Transportation in Marsh Harbour

If you’re flying into Marsh Harbour, you’ll want to be picked up at the airport by only the best possible transportation. Luxury town cars, elite black cars, SUVs, or even limousines are all options

Marsh Harbour Airport Limo & Car Service

Marsh Harbour Airport Limo & Car Service specializes in transportation to and from the airport. The company has a fleet made up of Lincoln town cars and limousines that can convey passengers to and from the airport and locations in Marsh Habour in luxury.

Luxury Accommodations in Marsh Harbour

The Bahamas is a popular destination for vacation travelers for a reason. The clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and the pristine beaches are only a few of the attractions on offer. The country is a haven for those who enjoy boating, swimming, fishing, or other water-related activities. If you’re traveling for pleasure, then you’ll want to ensure that your trip is the most luxurious and comfortable possible. Staying at a luxury resort is the best way to ensure a relaxing stay.

Firefly Sunset Resort

Firefly Sunset Resort is a luxurious vacation resort in the Abacos Islands on Elbow Cay across from Marsh Harbour. There are five different vacation properties that are a part of the resort and include cottages and villas that can be used by couples or families. There’s a honeymoon suite that is right on the Sea of Abaco and overlooks a coral cliff

Weather in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are islands in the Caribbean that are right on the boundary between tropical and subtropical climate zones. As such, the weather can be hot and humid but is tempered by the Gulf Stream that flows nearby. Winters are typically warm and humid while summers are hot. The islands can be windy all year round.

Hurricanes in the Bahamas

The Bahamas sit right in the typical path of hurricanes as they form and blow north to Florida. This means that the country experiences a hurricane season every year, which is typically June to November, but hurricanes have been known to appear outside of this window. Hurricanes can be extremely destructive and cause a lot of property damage and even loss of life.

Hurricane Dorian

The most recent hurricane that caused a lot of damage in the Bahamas was Hurricane Dorian. It was a Category 5 hurricane that is considered the be the worse natural disaster that has ever occurred in the Bahamas


Runways at Leonard M. Thompson International Airport

Runway 09/27 is the only runway at Leonard M. Thompson International Airport. It’s 6,100 feet long by 100 feet wide and is paved in asphalt but does not have any surface treatment. The airport itself is located at an elevation of 6 feet above sea level

Leonard M. Thompson International Airport-Based Aircraft

There isn’t data for private aircraft based out of Leonard M. Thompson International Airport, but there are a number of airlines that operate here, including American Eagle, Bahamasair, Delta Connection, Flamingo Air, Silver Airways, and WesternAir.

Special Amenities at Leonard M. Thompson International Airport

Leonard M. Thompson International Airport has customs and immigration facilities for those arriving from outside of the country. Anyone flying in from the United States will need to go through customs before entering the Bahamas and can conveniently do that when landing here