Lear 60: Discover the Performance and Cost of a Learjet

Learjet 60 is a great choice for transcontinental or domestic air travel due to its fast climb rate and cruise speed, and its overall performance and reliability.

Aircraft Specifications







Enclosed Lavatory


Maximum range

2,405 nm

Max payload

2,098 lb

Take off distance

5,450 ft

Climb rate

4,500 fpm

Cruise speed

489 mph

Cruise altitude

51,000 ft

Cabin Height

5.7 ft

Cabin Width

5.9 ft

Cabin Length

17.7 ft

Cabin Volume

453 cu ft

Baggage Capacity

24 cu ft (internal), 24 cu ft (external)

Lear 60 Charter Flight Prices: Understanding the Cost of a Learjet

he price for chartering a Lear 60 ranges between $6,400 and $8,400 per hour, giving you a glimpse into how much does a Learjet cost. Final costs depend on the customer’s departure city, destination, and flight schedule. Contact JetLevel’s professional agents for more information on booking a charter flight.

Reliable charter flights on the Lear 60

Designed as an improvement to the previous Lear 55, the Lear 60 is one of the most popular midsize jets in the world, with 314 produced between 1990 and 2007. Powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada 305A engines with 4,600 pounds of thrust each, the Lear 60 has one of the highest thrust-to-weight ratios in the midsize jet class. The result is an impressive climb rate and cruise speed for efficient travel. In fact, the jet can ascend 43,000 feet in 18.5 minutes at maximum weight. This makes the Lear 60 a cost-effective choice when considering the cost of a Learjet for your travel needs.

Safe and smooth flights

The aircraft also handles well under high altitudes and high temperatures, meaning it could fly out of a mountainous region during the summer without any problems. An improved aerodynamic design, including new winglet trailing edges, lowers the jet’s drag and improves handling at low speeds. The Lear 60 is also great at handling turbulent conditions.

Lear 60’s coast-to-coast ranges

The Lear 60 has a fairly long range for a midsize jet, clocking in at a maximum 2,405 nautical miles. The plane could easily travel from coast to coast or take you from the southern United States to the Caribbean islands. It also has a fast cruise speed of 466 miles per hour. The efficient range and speed contribute to the overall cost of Learjet operations, making it a viable option for various travel requirements.

Learjet 60 cabin features

In addition to great performance, the Lear 60 offers impressive comfort and style. The long and tall cabin—one of the largest Lear has produced—provides ample room to stand or walk, with plenty of leg and headroom when seated.

Lear designed the 60 to be an office in the sky, and has outfitted it accordingly. Foldout work tables, radio phones, and Wi-Fi are all available to passengers when they fly with the Lear 60. A mini galley also features a microwave and spot for refreshments. You’ll also find an enclosed lavatory in the back of the plane, and a closet in the front. The luxurious and functional cabin features add value to the cost of a Learjet, ensuring a comfortable and productive journey.

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