King County International Airport (KBFI)

King County International Airport is a publicly owned airport that is located in King County. The airport is five miles to the south of the downtown area of Seattle, Washington in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The airport is also sometimes known as Boeing Field after William E. Boeing, who founded Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer. Boeing was born in Detroit but moved out to Washington to get involved in the lumber industry before eventually founding his airplane manufacturing company.

King County International Airport FBOs

There are three FBOs located at King County International Airport. These three operators service the needs of aircraft, crew, and private jet passengers. The services a fixed-based operator provides can include passenger lounges, concierge services, business centers, conference rooms, and more. For the crew, there are often crew cars and lounges, pilot snooze rooms, and more. For aircraft, many FBOs offer refueling, deicing, heated hangars, and even some maintenance services.

Leading Edge Jet Center

Leading Edge Jet Center currently offers hangar space and fuel, but will soon offer more FBO services. It is located at Boeing Field/King County Intl Airport 8555 Perimeter Road, South Seattle, WA 98108

Modern Aviation

Modern Aviation is an FBO with locations across the United States and Puerto Rico. Its Seattle location is at the address Boeing Field 8285 Perimeter Road S, Seattle, WA 98108. This FBO does offer hangaring and other aircraft services. For passengers, there are conference rooms, office spaces, passenger and member lounges, entertainment centers, and more

Signature Flight Support

Signature Flight Support at King County International Airport is located at Boeing Field / King County Int’l Airport, 7149 Perimeter Road, Seattle, WA 98108. This FBO company has locations all over the world, including in Asia, Europa, South America, and more. Services include conference rooms and business centers, passenger lounges, crew transportation, rental cars, and much more

Luxury Transportation to King County International Airport

How you travel to and from the airport is just as important as how you fly. Luxury transportation can ensure that you arrive in time for your flight in both comfort and style. The following luxury transportation companies in Seattle can convey passengers to and from the airport and other destinations within Seattle

5 Star Transportation Services

5 Star Transportation Services serves Seattle with its black car and SUV transportation services. The company’s fleet includes executive black cars, luxury cars, town cars, and SUVs. The area the company serves includes the King County International Airport as well as the rest of the Seattle area

Dav El Boston Coach

Dav El Boston Coach offers professional black car services to and from Boeing Field, also known as King County International Airport. The company prides itself on professional service and finding the most efficient path to each passenger’s destination for the quickest possible trip

Premium Town Car Transportation Company

Premium Town Car offers pickups 24 hours a day. No matter when your flight arrives, a limo can pick you up and take you to your Seattle destination. The company can even help you book a hotel room if you don’t have one already prior to your arrival.

Airport Limo

Airport Limo offers its services in a number of locations, including in Seattle. The company is committed to providing passengers with a professional, stress-free service that delivers them on time to their destination.

Luxury Accommodations in Seattle, Washington

If you’re staying in Seattle rather than departing the city, you’ll also want the best possible accommodations. This Pacific Northwest city has plenty of luxury hotel options available that are located conveniently for both business and leisure travelers. Many are also located near Seattle’s famous waterfront for views of the Pacific Ocean.


Four Seasons Seattle

Four Seasons has luxury five-star locations across the world, including Seattle. The Four Seasons has a standard of luxury that every one of their hotels meets and Seattle’s hotel is no exception. This location has a modern type of urban elegance that helps to create an oasis of luxury in the middle of the city. It’s located in the heart of Seattle’s downtown near the art museum and with excellent views of Elliott Bay

Lotte Hotel Seattle

Lotte Hotel brings sophisticated South Korean hospitality to the United States in this luxurious hotel in the heart of Seattle’s downtown. The first Lotte Hotel was opened in Seoul in 1979 and the company has expanded across the world. The Seattle location is only its third in the United States and it just opened in 2022. Not only is the hotel conveniently located in downtown Seattle but it also offers world-class culinary experiences.

Fairmont Olympic Hotel Seattle

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle is a historic building located conveniently in the heart of downtown. The hotel has a range of rooms and suites available to meet the needs of any type of traveler that are appointed in a luxurious style. The hotel also has a bar and a restaurant called The George that offers a brasserie-style dining experience.

The Edgewater

The Edgewater hotel in Seattle is located right on the waterfront and is the only hotel in the city that is actually located over the water. The Edgewater is full of rock and roll history. Music fans will stay in the same place as the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, the Beatles, and more once stayed. On top of that, the hotel is surrounded by views of Elliott Bay, the city of Seattle, and the Olympic Mountains

Weather in Seattle

The Pacific Northwest is known for its rain. Seattle regularly gets rain, especially between October and May. The city has more rainy days than almost any other city in the United States. The only exception is during an El Niño phenomenon, when the rain tends to go further south toward California, temporarily drying up the Seattle area

Wind Convergence in Seattle

Seattle gets a lot of wind that comes into the city from the Pacific Ocean. There’s an area called the Puget Sound Convergence Zone where northerly winds meet southerly winds to move inland. The two wind streams are separated by the Olympic Mountains but then converge once more on the other side and rise to create frequent thunderstorms

Winter in Seattle

Seattle’s weather typically isn’t extreme. Even though it does receive a lot of precipitation, it’s typically not heavy rain and the city doesn’t see much in the way of thunderstorms. Winters are often mild and while it can snow, there usually isn’t too much of it.


King County International Airport Runways

There are two runways at King County International Airport, both of which are paved with grooved asphalt

Runway 14R/32L

Runway 14R/32L is 10,007 feet long and 200 feet wide. Due to its length, it can accommodate larger aircraft, up to 100,000 lbs for single-wheel aircraft, 200,000 for double-wheel, 500,000 for double-tandem, and 800,000 pounds for dual double-tandem aircraft.

Runway 14L/32R

Runway 14L/32R is 3,709 feet long and 100 feet wide. It can accommodate heavier weights than the longer runway. The runway cannot be used by aircraft that weigh more than 12,500 pounds.

King County International Airport Aircraft Operations

Most of King County International Airport’s aircraft operations are general aviation, which includes private jets and private jet charters. 94,500 of those general aviation operations in 2019 were itinerant, while 49,537 were local. In addition, there were 10,142 commercial flights, 27,913 air taxi flights, and 1,176 military flights at the airport in that same year.

King County International Airport-Based Aircraft

King County International Airport is home to 384 aircraft that are based there. 229 of those are single-engine aircraft. There are 40 multi-engine aircraft, 88 jets, 26 helicopters, and 1 glider.

King County International Airport Special Amenities

King County International Airport is home to a number of flight schools to train new pilots and to help existing pilots to retain their skills and renew their licenses. There are also several cafes located in the airport.