King Air 350

Part of the longest-running civilian turbo prop family, the King Air 350 provides a safe and comfortable flight at a relatively low cost. You also won’t sacrifice time, with a speed faster than most competitors.

Aircraft Specifications


Textron Aviation


Turbo Prop



Enclosed Lavatory


Maximum range

1550 nm

Max payload

2500 Lb

Take off distance

3300 ft

Climb rate

2700 fpm

Cruise speed

310 kts

Cruise altitude

35,000 ft

Cabin Height

4 ft 10 in

Cabin Width

4 ft 6 in

Cabin Length

19 ft 2 in

Cabin Volume

355 cu ft

Baggage Capacity

56 cu ft (internal), 16 cu ft (external)

King Air 350 charter flight prices

At JetLevel, prices for a charter flight on the King Air 350 range between $4,300 and $6,600 per hour. Final costs depend on the customer’s departure city, destination, and flight schedule. Contact JetLevel for more information on booking a charter flight.

A name you can trust

Beechcraft’s Super King Air family has been in production since 1974, making it the longest-running production of any civilian turbo prop plane. And with over 7,000 King Airs in the civil registry, it’s not a surprise that customers of all types enjoy this simple but powerful plane. Additionally, the King Air 350 hasn’t been in a reported accident in the United States since it entered service.

Robust Specs

Powered by two Pratt & Whitney PTA6A-60A engines, the King Air 350 can take off in various conditions, even with full passenger and fuel loads and temperatures up to 126°F. It also doesn’t need much room for take-off, with a minimum runway length of 3,300 feet.

If one of the engines fails, the King Air 350 can adjust on the fly. The engine’s propeller automatically feathers in order to cut down on drag. Meanwhile, the rudder boosts to compensate for the asymmetric thrust. The wing is also certified for infinite life and at 58 feet long, can handle turbulence and ice very well.

High-tech Features

The cockpit of the King Air 350 is equipped with Collins Pro Line 21 avionics, an intuitive system that allows pilots to quickly understand the data they’re presented. It also includes dua-screen primary flight displays, central multifunctional displays, and a single flight management system.

Comfort and convenience

The King Air 350’s cabin is fairly large, clocking in at 355 cubic feet. Like many of the other King Air models, the cabin implements a squared oval design to provide your passengers with ample shoulder room. Fourteen cabin windows keep the plane bright, but you can electronically dim them if you wish.

The cabin also comes equipped with hot and cold beverage units, and a tuning fork anti-noise system that keeps the cabin fairly quiet. The seats can swivel and slide into the formation you desire, and work tables fold to the side when not in use. In addition to the netted baggage area, lockers behind the engine provide additional storage space.

Get to your destination fast

The King Air 350 boasts a cruising speed of 310 ktas, much faster than other turbo props on the market. This speed guarantees that you’ll get to your destination fairly quickly without having to invest in a more expensive model such as a jet.

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