Helpful Tips for First-Time Private Jet Flyers

Helpful Tips for First-Time Private Jet Flyers During COVID-19

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated August 11, 2020

Fact Checked By Kevin Bales

Flying via private jet charter is a great way to travel. Not only do you have the plane solely for you and your guests, but you can also avoid long waits at the airport. Plus, there are no layovers because you can travel directly to your destination. There are a lot of advantages to flying private and more people have been flying via private jet charter in 2020 than ever before.

For first-time private jet flyers during COVID-19, prioritize safety by choosing operators with rigorous cleaning protocols, considering touchless services, and understanding in-flight social distancing practices. Selecting a reputable charter with transparent health and safety measures is crucial.

How Has COVID-19 Impacted Travel?

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on many industries, but travel has been hit especially hard. International travel has decreased dramatically, even when it hasn’t been outright banned. Even domestic air travel has decreased as people are apprehensive to fly due to the virus. This has resulted in an increase in private jet travel. Some countries, such as the Bahamas, which have banned incoming commercial flights to limit the spread of the coronavirus, do allow travel from private jet charters. 

Tips for First-Time Private Jet Flyers

The spread of the coronavirus has resulted in an increase in private jet travel. This also means that the number of first-time private jet charter travelers has also increased. Many people who would normally have traveled commercially are turning to private jets for their travel needs. What are some things that first-time private jet flyers should keep in mind?

When selecting a private jet charter during the pandemic, research the operator’s COVID-19 safety protocols, including aircraft disinfection routines and crew health checks. Prioritize companies offering flexibility in booking and cancellations due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic.

1. Find a Reputable Booking Agent

There is a multitude of different aircraft available for private jet charter. There are different sizes and classes so that there’s a private jet to meet ever need. But how do you make sure that you book the right jet? Finding the right aircraft can be difficult for first-time private jet flyers. The solution is to find a reputable booking agent. Not all brokers and operators are equal, but the right booking agent will ensure that you have the aircraft that best suits your individual needs. An important attribute to look for is transparency. Brokers are required by law to disclose operator information. If a broker is hesitant to do so, that’s a major red flag.

2. Look for Pilot Experience

When it comes to aircraft safety, it’s important to pay close attention to the pilot’s overall experience.  While the total number of hours flown can be a good indicator that the pilot has been flying for a long time, it doesn’t actually confirm the pilot is qualified to fly the particular aircraft that you have scheduled for your trip.  Paying close attention to each of your crew members’ time in type is something you should always take into consideration.  At JetLevel Aviation we require that the Captain has at least 3000 hours of total flight time, 1500 hours as a Captain, and at least 500 flight hours of time in type.  In addition to this, we always require a second pilot with at least 1000 hours of total flight time, 500 hours as a Captain, and at least 250 hours of time in type.  

3. JetLevel Aviation Putting Safety First

Work with a company like JetLevel Aviation that always puts the safety of our customers first. The dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic have seen more people turn to flying private in order to avoid contact with other people. This means that we’re taking extra safety precautions in order to keep our customers safe during this time.

4. Employ Safety Measures for COVID-19

What JetLevel Aviation is doing to ensure the safety of our clients during the COVID-19 Pandemic is another topic that comes up frequently. In between every flight, we require the cabin to be treated with a disinfectant spray to eliminate any airborne germs. In addition, we encourage the crew to utilize disinfectant wipes for the touchpoints in the aircraft. At most airports, we can also arrange for a tarmac drop off and greet to reduce your exposure with other individuals at the FBO. Upon arrival, the pilots will greet you with their masks on and will maintain social distance while still helping with anything you need. Although the crew will need to remove their masks once in the cockpit, they will continue to maintain proper social distancing to ensure the safety of the passengers.  

Traveling via private jet during COVID-19 requires adherence to enhanced safety measures. Look for operators implementing strict disinfection, offering rapid pre-flight COVID-19 testing, and ensuring minimal contact during boarding and in-flight services to reduce risk.