Gulfstream G200

The Gulfstream G200 is a great choice for traveling both long and short distances if you want to enjoy a larger cabin and baggage capacity.

Aircraft Specifications


Gulfstream Aerospace


Super Mid



Enclosed Lavatory


Maximum range

3,400 nm

Max payload

4,050 lb

Take off distance

6,080 ft

Climb rate

1,947 fpm

Cruise speed

568 mph

Cruise altitude

45,000 ft

Cabin Height

6.3 ft

Cabin Width

7.2 ft

Cabin Length

24.4 ft

Cabin Volume

869 cu ft

Baggage Capacity

125 cu ft

Gulfstream G200 charter flight prices

The price of a charter flight on the Gulfstream G200 ranges from $10,500 to $12,500 per hour. Final costs depend on the customer’s departure city, destination, and flight schedule. Contact JetLevel for more information on booking a charter flight.

Spacious charter flights on the Gulfstream G200

The Gulfstream G200 boasts one of the largest cabins of any mid-size jet, clocking in at 869 cubic feet. Most passengers can stand fully in the cabin thanks to its 6.3-foot height. And the cabin isn’t the only part of the jet that’s larger than others in its class; the baggage compartment is also very large at 125 cubic feet. You can rest easy on your flight knowing that everything you need is on board.

Gulfstream G200 engines

Powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada 306 turbofans with 6,040 pounds of thrust each, the Gulfstream G200 benefits from a good fuel economy, especially given the jet’s size. The jet can climb up to 45,000 feet in just 20 minutes, meaning you’ll be cruising at maximum speed in no time. The aircraft can also easily maneuver around inclement weather or turbulence for a smooth and stable ride.

Transcontinental ranges on the G200

With a maximum range of 3,400 nautical miles, the Gulfstream G200 can get you across the Atlantic Ocean easily. Whether you travel to Europe or the Caribbean islands is up to you!

G200 cabin features

No matter your destination, you’ll get there in style and comfort in the Gulfstream G200’s cabin. Wide and tall, you’ll have plenty of legroom when seated. The interior of the jet is divided into two separately controlled temperature zones to ensure both pilots and passengers are comfortable. Additionally, the aircraft uses a continuous supply of fresh air rather than recirculating old air around the cabin.

With 250 aircraft produced between 1999 and 2011, the Gulfstream G200 has proven to be a high-quality choice for private charter flights and aircraft enthusiasts alike. Its enduring luxury and performance make a great impression on customers.

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