Fly Private to the Masters Championships in Georgia

Fly Private to the Masters Championships in Georgia

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated April 4, 2023

Fact Checked By Kevin Bales

The Masters Championships, one of the major golf tournaments in PGA’s tour, is coming to Augusta National, Georgia from April 3 through April 9. With a prize value estimated to reach over 15 million dollars, golf professionals and fans from across the country are lining up to see the iconic sporting event. By flying in a private jet charter with JetLevel Aviation to Augusta, you can skip the hustle and bustle of a commercial flight and get straight to the golf championship of a lifetime. JetLevel can even access the many airports around Augusta when there are no more slots available there. Get ready for a week filled with elite athletes and reverence for the professionals at Augusta National. This annual event is sure to bring the best and the brightest in the golfing world, and you could be there to enjoy it all, too. Here’s why you should fly private to the Masters Championship in 2023. New to JetLevel Aviation? Signup for our daily newsletter.

Fly Like a Champion

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer yourself, or simply a golf enthusiast, you deserve to fly in luxury like the best of the best. You’ve worked hard to achieve your goals, so why not let your week away be an opportunity to put yourself first and celebrate with the champions. Flying in a private jet charter with JetLevel Aviation means you can relax, kick back, and unwind from your busy work week before the golf club festivities ensue.

Attending the Masters Championships in style is best achieved through private jet travel. It not only epitomizes luxury but also offers a unique opportunity to be part of golf history with utmost convenience and elegance.

Be a Part of Golf History

The Masters Championship is known for hosting golf legend history. Nick Faldo and Scottie Scheffler are just some of the many golf players who have made history or worn the adorned Masters green jacket. Flying private means you can safely fly to Georgia to be a witness in sports history. JetLevel’s private jet charters allow travelers added comfort and ease not provided in a typical flight, meaning you can use that energy to fully enjoy the four-day event without missing a beat. JetLevel is here to accommodate your special requests.  

Avoid Delays and Flight Cancellations

Commercial airlines are notorious for delays or cancellations. If you miss a scheduled commercial flight, you could miss crucial points in the game series and miss out on the championship traditions and rituals that make this event so coveted. Flying private with JetLevel ensures direct communication with your pilot team so you can leave when it works best for you. JetLevel can still get you there last minute. When the local airports like Augusta Regional Airport or Columbia Metropolitan Airport fill up, JetLevel can still fly guests to any airport of your choosing while commercial airports may have limited options. JetLevel can also fly into Aiken, South Carolina, which isn’t far away from the home base of Orlando.

Flying private to sports events in Georgia, particularly to the Masters Championships, provides significant benefits such as avoiding crowds, flexible scheduling, and enhanced privacy, making your experience seamless and exclusive.

Travel Straight to the Green

Heading through traditional TSA lines or baggage checkpoints in an airport can sometimes take hours. Being such a populated event, traffic at the arrival destination in Georgia may also be a nightmare. Save time and get to the main event with a JetLevel private jet charter flight. You’ll be greeted with excellence and efficiency so you can fully enjoy the festivities ahead.

Traveling to the Masters Golf Tournament in luxury is unmatched when choosing private jet services. It offers unparalleled comfort, flexibility, and efficiency, ensuring you arrive refreshed and ready to enjoy the event.

Why Is Flying Private to Watch Golf Worth it?

Why Is Flying Private to Watch Golf Worth it There are many benefits to choosing a private jet versus flying a commercial. There are also reasons why jetting off with JetLevel to watch this golf championship will be worth the journey.  

Eat, Drink, and Enjoy

Golf is one of the few sports that allows patrons to eat and drink while playing. This means that all players and viewers can feel relaxed, and a part of the experience. You can eat and drink with the championship players of the sport.  

Traditions & Etiquette

Golf has been a community sport rooted in tradition. The rules and etiquette of golf have offered a sense of value and respect to all who partake in any golf series. With all the things in life we can’t control, flying private to watch the traditions of golf ensue can be a satisfying experience.  

Socialize With Fellow Golf Lovers

Networking is important for your career but so is networking for your hobbies. Socializing with other golf enthusiasts can be personally beneficial, and even rewarding. You could even meet someone who connects you to some other exciting golf tournaments in the future.  


The Masters Championship in Augusta National, Georgia will be a sports tournament you don’t want to miss. Flying private with Jetlevel will have you basking in the luxury like the famous golfers across the country who are headed to televised competitions. Jetlevel can even provide benefits such as door-to-door service if you would like a hands-off experience on your way to the championship. Make the most of every moment and fly directly to the event with a team of professionals who are here to serve you on your next adventure. See also: The Top Private Jet Charter Beach Getaways in 2023 Book a Private Jet Charter for the Big Event