Exclusive Destinations Only Reachable via Private Jet

Exclusive Destinations Only Reachable via Private Jet

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated February 22, 2023

Fact Checked By Kevin Bales

Flying private is a luxury, no matter which destination you travel to. One of the many perks that makes flying with a private jet charter more exclusive are the beautiful destinations that cannot be reached through a typical airline. If privacy and exclusivity sound good to you, keep reading. We’ve created a list of some of the best private jet destinations to help give you a remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. New to JetLevel Aviation? Signup for our daily newsletter.  

Exclusive Private Jet Destinations


Cayo Espanto, Belize

Belize If you’re looking for a beach resort experience like no other, Cayo Espanto in Belize will do the trick. With tropical weather and a secluded beach, it’s no wonder the Mayan people inhabited the island for centuries. The airport closest to this luxury destination is about 40 miles away, so you can fly privately as close to the resort as possible.  

Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe receives many visitors from all across the globe annually to ski, hike, or lounge by the beach. However, the two commercial airports in Sacramento and Reno are far from the heart of the mountain beauty. By flying private, you have access to the small Lake Tahoe Airport that will bring you closer to your cabin or mountain view hotel.

Explore remote luxury resorts that offer the ultimate in privacy and exclusivity, accessible only by private jet. These destinations provide serene environments, world-class amenities, and bespoke experiences tailored to the discerning traveler seeking an escape from the ordinary.

Amangiri Resort, Utah

grand canyon Without a charter jet, the closest anyone can get to the calming Amangiri desert resort in Utah is a days’ worth of driving from the Las Vegas airport. Fly direct and relax amidst the Earth tones and textures or take a dip in the pool at sunset. Whatever strikes your fancy, the Amangiri luxury accommodation brings a whole new level of tranquility for the elite traveler.  

Spectacle Island, Maine

Maine Did someone say private island? Just around the corner from Frenchman’s Bay is the seclusion you’ve been looking for off the Atlantic. Spectacle Island is a true treasure of Maine. This exclusive island lets travelers bask in the ocean beauty, eat high-end seafood cuisine, or take a peek at Acadia National Park. Once you’re flown directly into the airport at Bar Harbor, it’s only a short drive to your remote island experience.

Venture to hidden islands around the globe, accessible exclusively by private jet, offering a sanctuary of luxury and seclusion. These untouched paradises provide an intimate connection with nature, featuring pristine beaches, exclusive accommodations, and personalized services for an unforgettable getaway.

Phulay Bay, Thailand

woman swimming Near the Andaman Sea, Thailand is home to one of the top Ritz Carlton Resorts for those looking for a taste of the lavish lifestyle overseas in Asia. Phulay Bay is truly only for luxe travelers, as only a few select charter jets fly into this exclusive location in the span of a week. If you’re ready to try local cuisine, experience a Thai massage, or swim in the tropical waters of the Andaman Sea then it may be time to start gathering your passport.

Discover unparalleled luxury and seclusion at destinations only accessible by private jet in 2024. From hidden island retreats to exclusive resorts, these locations offer unique experiences away from the crowds, promising privacy, luxury, and unmatched natural beauty.


Flying with a private charter jet can give you that unique holiday you’ve been dreaming of. Spectacular mountain views, serene crystal blue waters, and a peaceful desert paradise are all accessible with a private jet. Exclusive destinations are meant for you. JetLevel Aviation strives to make your journey an unforgettable one. We provide a range of aircraft charter services to suit every occasion and celebration. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our private jet charter experts are standing by 24/7 and can have you airborne in as little as 3-6 hours from the time you give us a call. Call us now to book! 1-855-JETLEVEL See also: The Best Private Jet Charter Skiing Destinations in 2023 Book Your Exclusive Private Jet Charter