Citation M2 Charter Services

The Citation M2 is a dual-engine very light jet perfect for your air chartering needs. With a high cruise speed and climb rate, the Citation M2 Charter ensures you’ll get to your destination on time, be it for work or pleasure.

Aircraft Specifications


Textron Aviation


Very Light Jet



Enclosed Lavatory


Maximum range

1,550 nm

Max payload

1,510 lb

Take off distance

3,210 ft

Climb rate

3,698 fpm

Cruise speed

404 ktas

Cruise altitude

41,000 ft

Cabin Height

4.75 ft

Cabin Width

4.82 ft

Cabin Length

11 ft

Cabin Volume

198 cu ft

Baggage Capacity

45.6 cu ft

Discover the Global Reach of the Citation M2 Charter

Range Map

Price for Citation M2 Charter Flights

JetLevel charges between $4,900-$6,900 per hour for a Citation M2 charter flight. Prices vary depending on the time of year, fuel costs, and your destinations. Contact JetLevel to get more information on booking a Citation M2 Charter flight.

An Efficient and Comfortable Charter Flight

The Citation M2 Charter offers small groups great comfort and range when flying. With a maximum range of 1,550 nautical miles, you can easily fly from Chicago to New York or Seattle to Los Angeles. The Citation’s fast climb rate also quickly gets you to a high altitude where you can cruise efficiently, saving on fuel costs.

Clean air during your flight

Thanks to the Citation M2 Charter’s Fresh Air System, the cabin stays clean and free of germs. The system brings fresh air from the outside through the engines, which compresses and heats the air. This process kills pathogens and germs before cooling the air again. The air then returns to the cabin as either hot or cold air, depending on your temperature preferences.

Citation M2 Cabin Features

Inside the Citation M2 Charter, you’ll find a very stylish cabin with eight large windows and four club-facing seats. An additional side seat is also available. The cabin also features a refreshment center, high-speed internet and phone service, and front and rear baggage. You can also use the foldaway executive tables to work while in transit.
Many of the cabin’s features, such as temperature and lighting, are also controllable through your own personal mobile device. And no need to worry about your phone losing charge during the flight; the plane offers wireless charging docks and power outlets.

Citation M2 Design

The Citation M2 Charter employs two Williams FJ44 engines, which each produce 1,965 pounds of thrust. These powerful engines are what make this aircraft so fast and efficient for all kinds of travelers. Plus, the aircraft has been made in America since it first launched in 2011.
The pilots will utilize the Citation M2 Charter’s Garmin 3000 avionics, which come complete with an autopilot system. While the plane can be operated by a single pilot, JetLevel always requires two pilots per trip for your safety.

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I got together with some of my college friends for a bachelorette party in Hawaii. We decided to go with JetLevel and WOW - what a great experience!! It made such an impact on the whole trip; Hawaii is beautiful but that flight and jet lag can be brutal. Even though it was our first time booking a charter flight, working with Ricky's team was a smooth process from start to finish. We can't recommend them highly enough!

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When chartering, I always consider speed and comfort. We chartered a Bombardier Global 6000 for a corporate flight from New York to Paris and it was perfect - that ultimate private jet experience you look for and rely on. Unmatched reliability and personalized service from Ricky and Brendan; met all of our expectations and then some! We'll be back guys!

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I highly recommend JetLevel. Everyone is professional and highly responsive. I got the best quote going to New York for a quick business trip. We had a smooth transaction because the staff are knowledgeable and accurate. I was flying less than an hour after my call. What an awesome crew!

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