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If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation destination, the Bahamas, seated in the Caribbean off the coast of Miami, may just be the perfect combination of sun, sand, and sea. Flying on a JetLevel Aviation private jet charter to the Bahamas is sure to give you the decadent tropical vacation experience you crave. We’ve compiled a list of the best private jet charter airports in the Bahamas so you can decide which option suits your itinerary best. A comfortable travel experience to paradise is closer than you think.   New to JetLevel Aviation? Signup for our daily newsletter.  

Getting to the Bahamas

No matter which destination you plan on flying out of, fly into the Bahamas with luxury by booking a private jet charter with JetLevel Aviation. One of the benefits of flying private to the Caribbean is that you can start your vacation before it even begins. Jetlevel offers a full-service concierge team that can arrange a chauffeur service or personalized catering.

Leonard Thompson Airport (MYAM)

One of the top airports in the Bahamas, Leonard Thompson Airport, is located in the Abaco islands. There is an exclusive terminal available for private jets that JetLevel travelers can use, giving jet flyers the privacy they need both on the plane and off. Customs are also available with prior notice at Leonard Thompson Airport.  

Top Resorts in the Bahamas

The Bahamas have a host of beautiful resorts available for luxury travelers. Some of the top resorts include the Rosewood at Baha Mar, The Coral at Atlantis, and the GoldWynn Resorts and Residences. These resorts are designed with modernized luxury, and with stunning views of the sea. Rent a cabana and sip cocktails by the pool, or try a fine-dining experience right in your backyard. Top Resorts in the Bahamas  

Best Beaches to Visit in the Bahamas

When people think of the Bahamas, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely the beach. The Bahamas has crystal clear waters and soft sand perfect for sunbathing. The best beaches in the Bahamas to visit on your vacation are Pink Sands Beach, Big Major Cay (Pig Beach), and the Tropic of Cancer Beach. Swim the warm waters of the Caribbean and forget about all of your worries on your private jet holiday.  

Best Wildlife Activities to Do in the Bahamas

If you’re seeking adventure on your travels, the Bahamas also has a host of wildlife excursions or tours to embark on. If you head to Nassau, take a snorkeling tour with the fishes or visit the famous pigs at Pearl Island. Other islands in the Bahamas also have ATV tours. No matter what your taste in an adventure is, the Bahamas can match it both on the water and off.   Cessna Caravan

Why Charter a Private Jet to the Bahamas?

Chartering a private jet has many advantages that typical commercial jets do not have. Traveling with traditional airlines can often be hectic, and when we vacation in the Bahamas relaxation should be a priority.

Save Time

Flying with JetLevel can save you time. Skip the long TSA lines and the higher risk of flight delays by flying private. Flying private is secure, efficient, and can operate on your preferred schedule so you don’t have to wait for hours in the airport.

Fly Direct

If you plan on traveling to a more remote island in the Bahamas, a private jet charter can get you closer than a commercial plane. This means fewer connections or layovers, and more time sipping drinks on the beach.

Less Stress

When we travel in airports, we’re often surrounded by stressed families, or other travelers rushing to get to their planes. When we book a vacation in the Caribbean, the last thing we want is added stress. Start your holiday off right by having less stress in a private aircraft with all the luxury amenities you need for a comfortable flight.  


The Bahamas has a great range of activities for every kind of traveler. Whether you prefer outdoor adventure or serene spa treatments, there is a destination in the Bahamas that will meet your expectations. There are many high-end resort options, great weather, and delicious local Caribbean cuisine. A benefit of flying private with JetLevel Aviation to the Bahamas is the exclusive in-air experience travelers can have before they even reach their destination. Vacation can begin in flight, instead of when you touch the ground. Pre-order catering specified to your personal taste or take a nap on the plane to recharge before your arrival. Once you decide which part of the Bahamas you plan to visit, you can book your private jet charter and the associated airport of your choice with JetLevel. See also: Best Tropical Private Jet Charter Destinations Book Your Private Jet Charter to the Bahamas