Will Rogers World Airport (KOKC)

Will Rogers World Airport is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The airport’s name comes from Will Rogers, a cowboy and comedian who was originally from Oklahoma. Will Rogers was killed in a plane crash in 1935 near Utqiagvik, Alaska along with Wiley Post, after whom Oklahoma City’s other major airport is named. The Will Rogers World Airport is the only airport to have “world” in its name.

Will Rogers World Airport FBOs

While Will Rogers World Airport does operate commercial flights regularly, there are also private jet charters that fly in and out of the airport. The airport boasts two FBOs to cater to the needs of general aviation and private jet passengers, crew, and pilots.

Atlantic Aviation FBO

Atlantic Aviation has fixed base operator locations across the United States as well as at Will Rogers World Airport. This FBO offers services catering to both passengers and those who own and operate aircraft. These services include a pilot lounge, tie-down services, deicing, crew cars, rental cars, conference rooms with TVs, air stairs, cargo handling, wi-fi, and more. The company also offers heated hangar space for aircraft up to the size of a Global 6000. Atlantic Aviation also caters to business travelers.

AAR Services

The other FBO at Will Rogers World Airport is operated by AAR Services. This fixed-base operator offers services such as concierge services, crew cars, catering, car rentals, shuttles, snooze rooms, conference rooms, lounges, and more.

Luxury Transportation to Will Rogers World Airport

The fixed base operators at Will Rogers World Airport do offer transportation to and from the airport in the form of shuttles and rental cars, there are companies based in Oklahoma City that offer luxury ground transportation options that will get you to your destination in both style and comfort.

Kings Worldwide Transportation

Kings Worldwide Transportation is a luxury private chauffeur company that offers its clients a selection of luxury vehicles. These vehicles range from luxury cars, shuttles, and SUVs, as well as stretch limousines.

Best Limo DB

Best Limo DB offers its services in a number of different locations, including Oklahoma City. The company has a variety of different vehicles at its disposal, including, as its name suggests, limousines. However, the company’s fleet also includes luxury cars.

Premium Car

Premium Car offers 24/7 premium chauffeured black car services to clients in need of transportation in Oklahoma City. Whether you’re traveling to Will Rogers World Airport or a location within Oklahoma City, Premium Car can convey you to your desired destination.

Oklahoma City LX Limo

Oklahoma City LX Limo offers a variety of vehicle sizes to meet the needs of its clients, including sedans, SUVs, and limousines designed to convey different group sizes to and from Will Rogers World Airport and destinations within Oklahoma City.

Luxury Accommodations in Oklahoma City

If you’re arriving in Oklahoma City, whether it’s for business or pleasure, it’s important that your accommodations be both convenient to your destination and luxurious for optimal comfort.

Colcord Hotel

The Colcord Hotel is a modern luxury hotel owned and operated by Hilton in Oklahoma City. The building is historic but has been completely remodeled in an iconic, modern style. Its location is in downtown Oklahoma City, making it convenient for both business needs and for shopping, entertainment, and more.

Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City, Autograph Collection

The Ambassador Hotel in Oklahoma City is an iconic art deco building located in the city’s vibrant midtown district. This places it conveniently for the needs of both pleasure seekers and business travelers. The hotel combines luxury with local experiences as well as a timeless style.

21C Museum Hotel

The 21C Museum Hotel in Oklahoma City is not just a hotel. It is, as its name implies, also a contemporary art museum. Located in downtown Oklahoma City, the hotel’s collection rotates so that every time you stay, the art offers a new and unique experience. The hotel also prides itself on its culinary offerings, including two restaurants run by executive chefs.

Weather in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is located at the northern end of the southern United States. Summers are therefore hot and somewhat muggy due to higher humidity than further north. Winters tend to be colder, including snow and wind.

Winter in Oklahoma City

Winter in Oklahoma City is often windy, which could affect the timeliness of flights. There’s also some snow. However, the temperatures rarely drop below 16 degrees, so winters aren’t frigid like they can be further north. While it can snow in Oklahoma City, the temperatures even in winter rarely drop below freezing.


While Oklahoma City does have milder winters, it’s plagued by tornadoes. The city is in the middle of the area of the United States known as Tornado Alley due to the frequent tornadoes. Oklahoma City is among the most tornado-prone locations in the world and over the past 130 years, Oklahoma City has experienced thirteen severe tornadoes, eleven of which were classified as F4 and two of which were F5, which is the strongest tornado classification. In that same time frame, 150 tornadoes of any strength have touched down in the Oklahoma City area.

Peak Tornado Season

Although tornadoes can occur at any time of the year, there are peak tornado seasons. The first is is the primary tornado season and it occurs between March and June, with most tornadoes forming in April and May. A second tornado season comes in autumn, most often in October.


Will Rogers World Airport Runways

There are four runways located at Will Rogers World Airport. Two of the runways are grooved concrete, one is asphalt, and one is both grooved concrete and asphalt.

Runway 17L/35R

Runway 17L/35R is 9803 feet long and 150 feet wide. This runway has a concrete/grooved surface.

Runway 17R/35L

Runway 17R/35L is 9801 feet long and 150 feet wide. It also has a concrete/grooved surface.

Runway 13/31

Runway 13/31 is 7800 feet long and 150 feet wide. This runway has an asphalt/concrete/grooved surface.

Runway 18/36

Runway 18/36 is 3078 feet long and 150 feet wide and has an asphalt surface.

Will Rogers World Airport Aircraft Operations

42% of all air traffic at Will Rogers World Airport is commercial and 34% is military. The airport is available for general aviation as well, which comprises 15% of the total aircraft operations. Most of that general aviation traffic is transient, as less than 1% of the total flights at the airport are local general aviation. The remaining 9% of the airport’s aircraft operations belong to air taxis.

Will Rogers World Airport Aircraft

There are 77 aircraft that are based at Will Rogers World Airport. Of these, 28 are jets, 21 are multi-engine aircraft, and 6 are single-engine airplanes. On top of that, there are 9 helicopters and 13 military aircraft.

Private Jets That Can Land at Will Rogers World Airport

Because the airport is primarily a commercial airport, large aircraft can use the two larger runways. There are two smaller aircraft that can use the smaller runways that aren’t large enough to accommodate the larger sizes of jets.

Special Amenities at Will Rogers World Airport

Will Rogers World Airport has a welcome center for traveling members of the military. In addition, the airport has a wide range of shopping opportunities available. You can purchase anything from coffee to satiate a caffeine need to the latest in technology for your in-flight entertainment. There’s also a plethora of restaurants and even sometimes musical entertainment.