Wiley Post Airport (KPWA)

Wiley Post Airport is an airport located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It’s one of two major airports in Oklahoma City, the other of which is the Will Rogers World Airport. Wiley Post was a Native American aviator who was the first pilot to have flown solo around the globe. Both Wiley Post and Will Rogers were killed in the same plane crash in 1935. Wiley Post Airport has been designated by the FAA to be the reliever airport for Will Rogers World Airport.

Wiley Post Airport FBOs

There are three fixed-based operators located at Wiley Post Airport. These three FBOs offer amenities to passengers, crew, and aircraft owners. Often, refueling, deicing, maintenance, and hangaring options are available to aircraft owners. Typically, for crew and passengers, there are lounges, snooze rooms, refreshments, and conference rooms available forthose who need to do business.

Atlantic Aviation

Atlantic Aviation is a fixed-base operator with locations across the country. Located at 5901 Philip J. Rhoads Ave., Wiley Post Airport, Hangar 14, Bethany, OK 73008, this FBO offers heated hangar space for aircraft up to the size of a Gulfstream G550 or a Global Express in one of their five hangars. They also offer deicing services for aircraft. For passengers and crew, there are lounges and crew rooms. There’s also transportation available. For safety, there’s 24/7 surveillance and even a public notary for convenience.

JetSet FBO

JetSet FBO is a recent addition to Wiley Post Airport’s FBO options. The fixed-base operator offers many services for aircraft such as refueling, deicing, hangaring, tie-down, parking, and maintenance. It’s also got a pilot’s lounge and is partnered with a flight school. Located at 7220 NW 63rd Street Bethany, OK 73008, this FBO is more pilot- and aircraft owner-focused.

Luxury Transportation to Wiley Post Airport

Luxury transportation between Wiley Post Airport and Oklahoma City is a must for any traveler, whether you’re in Oklahoma City for business or for enjoyment. If you’re based out of Oklahoma City and are traveling elsewhere, you’ll have the same needs for arriving at the airport on time for your private jet charter.

Kings Worldwide Transportation

Kings Worldwide Transportation can get you around Oklahoma City or to and from Wiley Post Airport in luxury. The company has a range of vehicles available in its fleet, including luxury cars and limousines at the high end of the spectrum.

Best Limo DB

Best Limo DB is a company with locations across the country, including Oklahoma City. As the company’s name suggests, it does have limousines available in its fleet of vehicles. However, if you prefer something that’s still luxurious but that isn’t as large, there are also luxury cars available.

Premium Car

Premium Car’s chauffeured black car services are available to passengers in Oklahoma City 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so you’ll have the option of luxurious and comfortable transportation no matter when you need to arrive at Wiley Post Airport or when your flight has landed.

Oklahoma City LX Limo

Oklahoma City LX Limo’s fleet includes a range of different sizes of vehicles, including SUVs, sedans, and limos. The company can meet your needs whether you’re traveling solo or with a group.

Luxury Accommodations in Oklahoma City

No matter the reason you’re staying in Oklahoma City, you’ll want to ensure that your accommodations are not only comfortable and luxurious but also conveniently located for your needs. Oklahoma City fortunately has a range of luxury hotel options near the business and entertainment areas of the city.

Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City, Autograph Collection

The Ambassador Hotel is located in Oklahoma City’s vibrant midtown area. The hotel’s building itself is an iconic art deco building that combines a timeless luxury with intimate local experiences. Its location is convenient for those in town for business as well as those looking for more entertaining pursuits.

Colcord Hotel

Operated by Hilton in Oklahoma City, the Colcord Hotel is a historic building. The interior, however, has been completely renovated so that its style is one of modern luxury. It’s located in downtown Oklahoma City so that it’s convenient for its guests’ needs, whether they’re business-related, shopping, or entertainment.

21C Museum Hotel

Staying at the 21C Museum Hotel in Oklahoma City is a unique experience. This is because the building isn’t just a hotel. Art aficionados will love staying here because of the contemporary art museum housed in the building. The collection rotates, which means that it’s worth a repeat visit. On top of that, the 21C Museum Hotel is host to two executive chef-run restaurants.

Weather in Oklahoma City

While technically located in the southern region of the United States, Oklahoma City is towards the northern end of that region, which means that it does experience more change of season and colder winters than other cities within the same area. Temperatures don’t often dip below freezing, however, so winters are milder than in more northern locations.

Oklahoma City Winters

Winter in Oklahoma City is relatively mild compared to other locations, but it can be a windy time of year. Strong winds could mean flight delays or cancellations.

Tornado Alley

Oklahoma City is right in the middle of the area of the United States known as Tornado Alley. This part of the country is called this because of the higher prevalence of tornadoes. Of all the cities within Tornado Alley, Oklahoma City is one of the most tornado-prone. Over the past century, the city has experienced more than 150 tornadoes, thirteen of which were considered severe.

Oklahoma City’s Tornado Season

Oklahoma City has two tornado seasons. The first is in spring and is the primary tornado season. The second is in the fall and still sees more tornadoes than in winter and fall, but fewer than in spring.


Wiley Post Airport Runways

Wiley Post Airport has three runways, all of which are paved with concrete or a combination of asphalt and concrete.

Runway 17L/35R

Runway 17L/35R is 7,199 feet long and 150 feet wide. This runway can accommodate aircraft that weigh up to 35,000 for a single-wheel aircraft, 50,000 pounds for a double-wheel aircraft, and 90,000 pounds for a double-tandem aircraft.

Runway 17R/35L

Runway 17R/35L is 5,002 feet long and 75 feet wide. Due to its smaller size, it can’t accommodate as large of aircraft as the longer runway is limited to 26,000 pounds for a single-wheel aircraft and 45,000 pounds for a double-wheel aircraft.

Runway 13/31

Runway 13/31 is the third runway at Wiley Post Airport and is 4,214 feet long and 100 feet wide. It has the same aircraft capabilities as Runway 17L/35R and can accommodate 35,000-pound single-wheel aircraft, 50,000-pound double-wheel aircraft, and 90,000-pound double-tandem aircraft.

Wiley Post Airport Aircraft

Wiley Post Airport is home to around 300 different aircraft that are based out of this location. These range in size from single-engine and double-engine aircraft to turboprop planes and even jets.

Wiley Post Airport Aircraft Operations

On average, Wiley Post Airport sees around 70,000 aircraft operations each year.

Special Amenities at Wiley Post Airport

Wiley Post Airport is home to other amenities on top of what the FBOs located there offer. These amenities include flight schools for those who are interested in learning how to fly, helicopter services, and aircraft sales.