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If the neon buzz of Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing or the calming aura of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay beckon you, travelling between these iconic cities has never been more comfortable. Located approximately 3,300 miles apart, Singapore and Tokyo are both vibrant hubs of business and culture. Whether it’s for business liaisons, touristic ventures, or just a personal getaway, JetLevel Aviation specialises in private jet charters on this bustling route. We offer nothing short of top-notch service, combining nearly 20 years of industry experience with unrivalled safety protocols.

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Private Jet from Singapore to Tokyo

Flying private from Singapore to Tokyo offers unmatched convenience, privacy, and luxury. Depart from Singapore Changi Airport, arriving at Tokyo Haneda or Narita. Popular jets like the Gulfstream G650 or Bombardier Global 7500 provide customizable amenities such as bespoke interiors and gourmet dining. The flight duration is approximately 7 hours. Private jet travel maximizes comfort and efficiency, ensuring a smooth, personalized journey that highlights flexibility and time-saving benefits for travelers.

Best Airports for Private Jet Charters Singapore

Singapore: Changi Airport, Seletar Airport

Best Airports for Private Jet Charters Tokyo

Tokyo: Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport

Why Choose a Private Jet?

For Business Executives and Frequent Travelers

Private jets offer the epitome of efficiency and convenience. Evade the crowds and layovers of commercial flights as you fly directly from Singapore to Tokyo, spending more time on what truly matters.

Comfort and Luxury

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a leisure traveler, our curated services are designed to cater to your every need. Think Michelin-starred in-flight cuisine, high-speed Wi-Fi, and premier entertainment systems.

Safety and Reliability

At JetLevel Aviation, we’re not just about luxury. Our BBB-accredited services source only from NBAA and IS-BAO-registered operators, ensuring the highest standards of safety.

Privacy and Customization

Your privacy is our utmost priority. From individualized meal plans to a secure, private cabin, your journey will be as exclusive as it gets.

Cost Estimates

Aircraft Type

One-Way Price Estimate

Max Passengers

Flight Time

Fuel Stops

Midsize Jet



6 hrs


Super Midsize Jet



6 hrs


Heavy Jet



6 hrs


(Note: These are rough estimates. Additional fees like landing costs and catering may apply.)

Expert Insight

"As someone deeply embedded in the private jet industry, I'd like to point out the versatility of both Singapore's Changi Airport and Tokyo's Haneda Airport. Not only do they offer top-of-the-line amenities, but their strategic locations make them ideal for business travel between Asia's top economic hubs,"

Ricky Gomulka, founder of JetLevel Aviation

Weather Insights

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JetLevel Aviation isn’t just another service; we’re your bespoke travel partner. Choose us for your private jet charters from Singapore to Tokyo and discover the epitome of luxury and safety. At the helm of our operation is Ricky Gomulka, a veteran in the private jet charter industry. With accreditations from the BBB and partnerships with NBAA and IS-BAO-registered operators, your flight will meet the most stringent safety standards.

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