London to Palma de Mallorca

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From the historical grandeur of London to the sun-kissed shores of Palma de Mallorca, this route is a journey from the heart of tradition to the soul of the Mediterranean. Spanning approximately 830 miles, the London to Mallorca route is a favorite among luxury vacationers and business travelers seeking a serene escape or fruitful business in the Balearic Islands.

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Private Jet from London to Palma de Mallorca

Traveling from London to Palma de Mallorca via private jet offers a swift and luxurious journey, typically lasting about 2.5 hours. Flights often depart from smaller, private-friendly airports around London such as Luton or Farnborough, landing at Palma de Mallorca Airport, which is well-equipped for private charters. Popular aircraft for this route include the Bombardier Challenger 350 and Embraer Legacy 600, offering customization options like tailored catering and enhanced privacy settings. This service ensures a quick, comfortable, and private travel experience, utilizing exclusive terminals for efficiency and ease.

Best Airports for Private Jet Charters London

London: London City Airport (EGLC), Luton Airport (EGGW), Heathrow Airport (EGLL)

Best Airports for Private Jet Charters Palma de Mallorca

 Palma de Mallorca: Palma de Mallorca Airport (LEPA)

Why Choose a Private Jet?

Efficiency and Exclusivity

For those who value time and exclusivity, a private jet from London to Mallorca offers a swift escape from the bustling city to the tranquility of the Mediterranean without the constraints of commercial flight schedules.

Unmatched Comfort

Experience the epitome of luxury with our private jets, where your comfort and preferences are our top priorities. Enjoy the journey with bespoke interiors and personalized services.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Safety is never compromised. JetLevel Aviation is synonymous with trust, ensuring that every partner and operator meets rigorous safety standards for your peace of mind.

Personalization and Privacy

Your journey should be as unique as your destination. Our tailored services cater to your every need, ensuring privacy and a bespoke travel experience.

Cost Estimates

Aircraft Type

One-Way Price Estimate

Max Passengers

Flight Time

Fuel Stops

Midsize Jet



2.3 hrs


Super Midsize Jet



2.3 hrs


Heavy Jet



2.3 hrs


(Note: These are rough estimates. Additional fees like landing costs and catering may apply.)

Expert Insight

"Connecting two of Europe's gems, London and Mallorca, is more than just travel; it's an experience of contrasting cultures and lifestyles. Our clients cherish the blend of London's dynamic pulse and Mallorca's laid-back Mediterranean charm''

Ricky Gomulka, founder of JetLevel Aviation

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For Business and Personal Private Jet Travel – Call JetLevel Aviation JetLevel Aviation is dedicated to providing an unparalleled level of service for your private jet travel from London to Mallorca. With nearly two decades of experience, Ricky Gomulka’s commitment to excellence ensures a journey that’s as memorable as the destination itself. Contact us today to arrange your travel plans.

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