How the Vision Jet is Redefining Luxury in Private Jet Charters

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated July 4, 2023

Fact Checked By Kevin Bales

At JetLevel, we are committed to delivering top-tier travel experiences. The Vision Jet, one of our premier offerings, provides a perfect blend of cutting-edge safety, premium comfort, and stellar performance. Manufactured by Williams International, the Vision Jet is the embodiment of innovation and luxury in private aviation.

A Vision of Luxury and Efficiency

The Vision Jet is classified as a Very Light Jet, but it defies all expectations of its class. The aircraft can comfortably seat 3-5 passengers, reaching maximum ranges of up to 750 nautical miles. Despite not having an enclosed lavatory, the Vision Jet’s cabin is a haven of comfort with its 4.1 ft in height, 5.1 ft in width, and a length of 10 ft. The design accommodates a maximum payload of 1,400 lb, offering a robust baggage capacity of 31 cu ft.

The Vision Jet revolutionizes private jet travel by combining luxury and efficiency, offering advanced technology and comfort, making it a leading choice for discerning travelers seeking personalized and upscale experiences.

Cost-Effective Luxury Charter

Experience world-class private jet travel without the hefty price tag. Charter flights on the Vision Jet are competitively priced between $4,200 and $6,200 per hour, coming in slightly lower than other jets in the same class. Prices are subject to the final itinerary, including destinations and flight schedules. To request a personalized quote and information about booking, contact JetLevel. Our aviation agents are available 24/7 to assist you.

Offering a unique blend of luxury and cost-effectiveness, the Vision Jet provides an accessible option for private flights, allowing more individuals to experience the convenience and comfort of personal aviation without compromising quality.

To/From Location Avg. Flight Time (hrs) Targeted Price (One-way)
Boston to Washington, D.C. 1.0 $4,200
New York to Chicago 2.0 $8,400
Los Angeles to San Francisco 1.0 $4,200
Miami to Atlanta 2.0 $8,400
Houston to Dallas 1.0 $4,200
Boston to Nantucket, MA 1.0 $4,200
Boston to Martha’s Vineyard 1.0 $4,200

Safety is our Top Priority

The Vision Jet sets a benchmark for safety in private aviation. Its innovative Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) can deploy a parachute to ensure a safe landing in the unlikely event of a technical failure. Moreover, the Vision Jet’s unique Safe Return emergency autoland system guarantees passenger safety even if the pilot becomes incapacitated. At the push of a button, the cockpit screens convert into a user-friendly interface, while the aviation system uses a global terrain database and satellite navigation to avoid obstacles and adverse weather. The system will calculate an optimal airport for landing based on the plane’s location and available fuel supply.

Cutting-Edge Design

The Vision Jet sports a unique top-mounted engine, lending it a distinct aesthetic while freeing up more cabin space. The carbon fiber fuselage and V-shaped tail add to the aircraft’s unique design, contributing to its overall spaciousness. Williams International, an American company, manufactures this high-performance jet, underlining our commitment to supporting home-grown innovation.

Distinguished by its cutting-edge design and superior functionality, the Vision Jet sets a new standard in luxury travel with its spacious cabin, advanced avionics, and eco-friendly operations, catering to both leisure and business needs.

Stay Connected at 31,000 ft

 Inside the Vision Jet, enjoy the convenience of Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi, ensuring you stay connected throughout your journey. The cabin also features USB-C ports, allowing passengers to charge their devices. The onboard entertainment system can be connected to your devices, enabling you to work or stream content during the flight. At JetLevel Aviation, we deliver unrivaled private jet charter services. Call us at 1-855-JETLEVEL to book your Vision Jet charter flight or REQUEST A QUOTE on our website.

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