Federal and International Regulations Affecting Private Jet Charters

By Jetson

Updated October 11, 2023

Reviewed by Fahd Khan

Fact Checked By Ricky Gomulka

When it comes to the luxury and convenience of private jet charters, there’s more to consider than just the price and amenities. One essential but often overlooked aspect is the regulatory landscape. Understanding these rules not only keeps you compliant but also helps you better estimate the true cost of your private jet experience.

Federal Excise Taxes

What Are They?

Federal excise taxes are levies imposed on certain services, including air travel. They’re designed to cover the cost of air traffic control and other FAA services.

Impact on Costs

These taxes can constitute a significant portion of your charter bill. Generally, a 7.5% tax applies to domestic travel, affecting the overall cost.

Case Study

Consider Jane, who chartered a flight with JetLevel Aviation. The base cost was $10,000, but with federal excise taxes, it came to $10,750.

International Fees

Different Types

When flying internationally, additional charges can include landing fees, navigation fees, and even customs fees.

Region-Specific Charges

For example, landing in a bustling international chartered city like London will attract higher fees compared to smaller airports.

Case Study

John paid an extra $2,000 in international fees for his trip to Europe, raising the overall cost by nearly 20%.

Compliance and Legal Considerations

Permits and Approvals

Before chartering a flight internationally, necessary permits and approvals must be in place. This might include overflight permits and landing permissions.

Safety Standards

Always ensure your operator adheres to the highest safety standards. JetLevel, for instance, sources only NBAA and IS-BAO-registered operators.


Grasping the federal and international regulations affecting private jet charters is crucial for a fully informed decision-making process. Additional costs can accrue from these, but awareness will eliminate any surprise fees. Don’t let ignorance of regulations disrupt your jet charter experience. For a transparent and comprehensive breakdown of all potential fees, contact us today or request a quote.