Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK)

Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK) is a public airport that is located in Wheeling, a Cook County village 18 miles to the northwest of Chicago. Its airport code is PWK because the airport’s name used to be Palwaukee Municipal Airport. It’s the fourth-busiest airport in the entire state of Illinois, logging more than 77,000 takeoffs and landings annually.

Chicago Executive Airport FBOs

FBOs, or fixed-based operators, are an essential component of private jet charter travel. Not only do they provide essential services for the aircraft, such as hangaring, fueling, tie-down, parking, maintenance, and even flight instruction, but they also offer amenities for passengers before and after they board their private flights.

There are three FBOs located at Chicago Executive Airport, which is primarily a private jet airport for general aviation and business travel:

Signature Flight Support FBO

Signature Flight Support is a company that has FBOs located across the world, including at Chicago Executive Airport. Its address is 1100 South Milwaukee Avenue, Wheeling, Illinois 60090 and the FBO is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Signature Flight Support’s services include business centers, a passenger lounge, conference rooms, pet-friendly policies, teleconferencing, valet services, gym passes, a kitchen, and more.

Atlantic Aviation FBO

Atlantic Aviation’s Chicago Executive FBO is located at 1011 S. Wolf Road, Wheeling, IL 60090, and is open 24 hours a day from Monday through Sunday. Atlantic Aviation operates FBOs all across the United States. The PWK location offers rental car services, crew cars, surveillance and security services, lounges, heated hangar space, and more.

Hawthorne Global Aviation FBO

The third of Chicago Executive Airport’s FBOs is operated by Hawthorne Global Aviation and its address is 1120 S. Milwaukee Avenue, Wheeling, IL 60090. Services on offer include shuttles, conference rooms, Internet, car rentals, customs, concierge services, and more. The Hawthorne FBO is located at the southeastern end of the PWK airport, which also gives it easy access to the freeway.

Luxury Transportation to PWK

The private flight isn’t the only transportation you’ll need, whether you’re flying into or out of Chicago Executive Airport. The ideal ground transportation is both luxurious and efficient so that you can get to your flight on time and in maximum comfort. Chicago has plenty of options for you, whether you’d rather hire a chauffeured limousine service or drive yourself in an exotic car.

Legendary Private Car

Legendary Private Car is a transportation company that specializes in chauffeured luxury black cars between Chicago and its airports, including private jet airports like Chicago Executive Airport. The company prides itself on professional service and a smooth, luxurious ride for passengers.

Pontarelli Chicago

Pontarelli is a luxury limousine service company that can get you to and from Chicago Executive Airport smoothly and in luxury. Their chauffeurs know the quickest and safest routes that will get their passengers to their private flights with plenty of time to spare

Black Car Everywhere

Black Car Everywhere offers luxury limousine services to and from the Chicago Executive Airport. Chauffeur services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that passengers can arrive for their private jet charter no matter when it takes off or lands.

Chief Chicago Limo

Chief Chicago Limo executive car services are tailored to meet the specific needs of business travelers, in particular those at the C-suite level. The company’s fleet of cars is diverse in order to meet the unique needs of each passenger.

Drip Drop Exotics

If you’d rather drive yourself, Drip Drop Exotics has a wide range of exotic and luxury cars to choose from. Alternatively, the company does also offer chauffeur services so that private jet passengers can be driven to the airport in style.

Luxury Accommodations in Chicago

If you’re staying in Chicago, whether it’s for pleasure or business, it’s important to have the right place to stay. For some, luxury might be the most important factor while for business travelers, efficiency and proximity to the airport or Chicago’s business district downtown.

Four Seasons Hotel Chicago

The Four Seasons is a 5-star hotel located on Chicago’s Gold Coast. This is an optimal location because not only do you have your choice between skyline and lake views, but the hotel is also in the heart of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and is surrounded by the best food and shopping that Chicago has to offer. On top of that, the hotel is also conveniently located near the business district.

The Langham Chicago

The Langham Chicago is a luxurious five-star hotel conveniently located to the best of what Chicago has to offer. It’s close to the Magnificent Mile and all of the shopping and dining opportunities that the district offers as well as the hotel’s own world-class cuisine.

Ritz-Carlton Chicago

The Ritz-Carlton has a location in Chicago that’s also located along Chicago’s Gold Coast. Here excellent views and luxurious accommodations merge with a prime location near shopping, excursions, and fine dining. If you’re traveling for business, its downtown location may also be convenient for your work.

Waldorf Astoria Chicago

The Waldorf Astoria in Chicago is an excellent option for those seeking luxury as well as convenience. Business travelers have access to the amenities they need to hold meetings and conferences while those traveling for pleasure can enjoy the fine dining and the hotel’s luxury spa

Weather in Chicago

Winters tend to be cold, summers hot, and numerous shorter fluctuations in everything from temperature to humidity to wind speed. Lake Michigan, however, plays a major role in the climate of the area, cooling the city in the summer and warming it in the winter so its seasons are less extreme.

The Windy City

Chicago isn’t actually the windiest city in the United States, which is Boston. Wind speeds in Chicago typically average around 10 miles per hour, which could impact flights, depending on whether that wind is a tailwind. Flights might not take off if a crosswind is faster than 40 mph or the tailwind is 10 mph.

Rain and Snow in Chicago

Chicago typically gets some kind of precipitation, whether rain or snow, at least 125 days each year. This does mean plenty of clear days that can make for excellent flying conditions. However, due to the lake nearby, some precipitation may be more intense.


Chicago Private Jet Airport Runways

Chicago Executive Airport covers a total of 411 acres and has three runways, all made of asphalt. These runways are all different sizes so that they can accommodate different-sized private jets.

Runway 6/24

Runway 6/24 is 3,677 feet long and 50 feet wide.

Runway 12/30

Runway 12/30 is 4,415 feet long and 75 feet wide.

Runway 16/34

Runway 16/34 is 5,001 feet long and 150 feet wide.

Chicago Executive Airport Aircraft

Chicago Executive Airport typically handles 296 aircraft takeoffs and landings every day, which totals around 108,040 annually. 80% of those aircraft movements were general aviation, which generally means private jets and private jet charters. 20% were air taxis, with less than 1% of all flights in or out of the airport classified as either commercial or military.

Private Aircraft Based at Chicago Executive Airport

As of 2022, 296 aircraft were based at Chicago Executive Airport. 126 of those are single-engine aircraft, 20 are multi-engine aircraft, 68 are jets, and 2 are helicopters.

Private Jets That Can Land at Chicago Executive Airport

Thanks to the different sizes of runways at Chicago Executive Airport, the private jet airport can accommodate a wide range of private jets. This includes executive jets that can seat up to 20 people.

Executive Jets

20-seater jets like the Bombardier Challenger or the Grumman Gulfstream are easily accommodated by the runway lengths available at Chicago Executive Airport. Additionally, larger aircraft can land and take off there, but they’re not as common

Military Aircraft

Because Chicago Executive Airport is near the Great Lakes Naval Training Center and the North Chicago V.A. Hospital, occasionally, military flights will bring in service members needing to go to either of these facilities. Usually, the aircraft used by the military here is the Lockheed C-130.

Special Amenities at Chicago Executive Airport

Because Chicago Executive Airport is primarily used as a private jet airport with only a few, if any, commercial or military flights coming through the airport, there are special amenities that aren’t typically found in more commercial airports

Public Viewing Area

The airport’s management created a private viewing area in 2007 that is open 24/7 for enthusiasts to view different private jets take off and land. The area offers bleachers for seating, picnic tables, and a lit parking lot.

Airport Tours

Although they’ve been suspended until 2023 due to COVID-19, the airport runs regular tours of its facilities. The tour includes a briefing in the Airport Administration Office Board Room, a bus tour of the airport’s airfield, a tour of at least one of the FBOs, and even the opportunity to go on an aircraft, if one is available.