Air Ambulance Charter Flight

There are a number of situations that can occur which require the assistance of an Air Ambulance Charter. These flights are often pertaining to emergency situations and they can be very stressful flights to arrange if you’re not sure where to turn. At JetLevel Aviation we are highly experienced with Air Ambulance Charters and can typically have options for you within thirty minutes to an hour of the time we receive your call. We will offer guidance on what to expect for Ambulatory Passengers versus Non Ambulatory passengers. We have the resources to assist with ground Ambulance service to and from the aircraft if needed as well. You will also find that our agents are very knowledgeable if Oxygen is required and can help you find the appropriate FAA Approved Oxygen Devices if a special device is required. Please give us a call anytime and we would be happy to help you arrange your next Air Ambulance Charter flight.


JetLevel Aviation is here to serve all your Air Ambulance Charter Flight needs.



Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance Specialties

  • Emergency Air Transfer Services of all kinds
  • Organ and Blood Shipping
  • Patients needing organ transplants
  • Special needs patients
  • Transferring patients unable to fly on a commercial or private charter aircraft due to a disability.
  • Ground Ambulance transfer to and from the aircraft.

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