5 Advantages of Chartering a Private Jet For Business Travel

By Ricky Gomulka

Updated November 7, 2022

Fact Checked By Kevin Bales

A private charter flight offers up a whole new world of travel options and convenience for a business traveler on the run. Time is money, especially in the context of strained domestic and international ties. However, a minute or an hour might be the difference between catching that “big fish” or missing them all. So, let’s look at why hiring a private jet might be beneficial to your company and what advantages it offers.   Related: The Comprehensive Guide to Chartering a Private Jet New to JetLevel Aviation? Signup for our daily newsletter.

Travel at your Convenience

Free A Man and Woman on a Private Jet Stock Photo In business, time is of the essence. A private jet charter helps you make the most of your time on the ground and in the air. Business travelers enjoy a stress-free journey that doesn’t require them to spend hours standing in security lines, waiting to board, dealing with flight delays or missed connections, or worrying about ground transit once they get to their destination. The private jet charter also gives you more flexibility in terms of where and when you fly. You may quickly stroll out of an office conference, into a car, and onto a private plane without pausing, stalling, or waiting. If your final destination is a smaller town rather than a major U.S. metropolitan area, you can land closer to your final destination by flying into a smaller airport where large commercial airliners cannot land.

Choosing a private jet over commercial airlines for business trips means enjoying personalized service, increased productivity during flights, and access to more airports, leading to closer proximity to final destinations.

Multiple stops in a Single Day

Have four meetings today in four separate cities? Not to worry! Even the greatest domestic airlines cannot compete with the convenience of traveling between places through private charter. Assume you have three stops planned for a certain day, but a customer cancels a meeting. Even if you’re already in the air and en route to your destination, you can change your destination to accommodate your new plans. Do you have time for a long lunch? Why not have some Deep Dish Pizza in Boston? Have a relative on the way that you haven’t embraced in a long time? Alternatively, perhaps your crew has a favorite sushi place. You have complete freedom to plan your next destination.

Reduced Flight Times

Free Aerial View of White Clouds during Sunset Stock Photo A private charter flight will always take you to your destination faster than a commercial airline. This is because private charter flights board the passengers from a separate FBO so you can arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to departure, and often depart on time, making the total travel time significantly faster allowing you to get to your destination sometimes hours ahead of the commercial airlines. they have higher climb rates than commercial airplanes. As a result, you always reach your destination much faster with a private jet charter.

Private jets save business travelers time by avoiding long security lines and layovers, providing direct flights to specific destinations, and allowing for last-minute schedule changes, making travel more efficient.

No Restrictions on Luggage

The only restriction with luggage on a private jet is having a clear aisle once the aircraft is fully onboarded. You may load whatever you wish as long as it fits comfortably aboard the plane and does not become a problem during takeoff or landing. Always double-check capacity with your private charter company. No more deciding which clothes, toiletries, or computers to bring on your trip. There are no limitations on liquids being brought onboard, so you may keep that coffee, mountain dew, or excellent bottle of champagne as you board!

Work While on the Go

a man Chartering a Private Jet According to the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), an interesting Report shows that executives who fly commercially are productive during around 30% of their flights. On the other hand, those who fly in a private jet are productive for more than 80% of the flight time. In other words, you may complete nearly three times as much work when traveling in a private jet charter. From a logistical aspect, it makes sense. A few inches of legroom, a shared armrest, and a small dropdown table that barely fits a laptop are all you get on a commercial airplane. You might have someone staring over your shoulder as you work (which isn’t ideal for sensitive business), a neighboring seat who wants to speak, or another distraction that leads you to lose focus. Even flying first class has some of the same issues, so you may not be any better off after spending the extra money. Alternatively, traveling on a private jet will provide you with the privacy and comfort you require to focus on time-sensitive business tasks.

Chartering a private jet for business travel offers unmatched benefits, including flexibility to schedule flights around your needs, saving valuable time otherwise spent on airport procedures, and ensuring a comfortable, private environment for work or rest.

The Best Private Jet Charters

Free Gray Airliner Stock Photo Private jet charters will benefit your next business trip for a variety of reasons. However, not all private jet charter businesses provide the same level of service. To get all of the benefits of private planes and guarantee a pleasant business trip, pick a reliable broker. JetLevel Aviation is available to assist you. We are the industry leader in the private jet charter, offering on-demand long-distance, mid-range, and short-distance flights. We have a global network of destinations and a customer support staff ready to assist you with your business trip. Are you ready to arrange a private jet charter? Please contact us for a quotation right away.   Request a quote for a private flight