Wiley Post Airport (KPWA)

Wiley Post Airport is an airport located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It’s one of two major airports in Oklahoma City, the other of which is the Will Rogers World Airport. Wiley Post was a Native American aviator who was the first pilot to have flown solo around the globe. Both Wiley Post and Will Rogers were killed in the same plane crash in 1935. Wiley Post Airport has been designated by the FAA to be the reliever airport for Will Rogers World Airport.

Wiley Post Airport Runways

Wiley Post Airport has three runways, all of which are paved with concrete or a combination of asphalt and concrete.

Orlando International Airport Runways

Runway 17L/35R

Runway 17L/35R is 7,199 feet long and 150 feet wide. This runway can accommodate aircraft that weigh up to 35,000 for a single-wheel aircraft, 50,000 pounds for a double-wheel aircraft, and 90,000 pounds for a double-tandem aircraft.

Runway 17R/35L

Runway 17R/35L is 5,002 feet long and 75 feet wide. Due to its smaller size, it can’t accommodate as large of aircraft as the longer runway is limited to 26,000 pounds for a single-wheel aircraft and 45,000 pounds for a double-wheel aircraft.

Runway 13/31

Runway 13/31 is the third runway at Wiley Post Airport and is 4,214 feet long and 100 feet wide. It has the same aircraft capabilities as Runway 17L/35R and can accommodate 35,000-pound single-wheel aircraft, 50,000-pound double-wheel aircraft, and 90,000-pound double-tandem aircraft.

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