Midland International Air & Space Port (KMAF)

Midland International Air and Space Port is located in the city of Midland in western part of Texas. It was first built as Sloan Field in 1927 but then became an army air field during World War II. It was at this point that the airport gained the name Midland. After the war years were over, the airport began to be used for civilian flights and then became Midland International Airport.

In 2014, the FAA licensed the airport to serve space flights, which is how it gained the designation Space Port.

Weather in Midland, Texas

The temperatures in Midland, Texas range from between 34 degrees in winter and 95 degrees in summer. Summers are typically hot and long but don’t get a lot of precipitation. Winters can be cold but temperatures don’t often drop below freezing. Additionally, Midland winters are short and dry. However, they can be windy, which could impact flights.

Tornadoes in Midland

Tornadoes in Midland

Texas is a part of the area of the United States known as Tornado Alley. This is because this area has a higher number of tornadoes than elsewhere in the country. Midland in particular has a record of at least 20 recorded tornadoes with a magnitude of 2 or greater. Tornadoes are sudden and may not last for long, but they can be destructive and could impact flights by damaging buildings and other infrastructure in the area.


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