Midland International Air & Space Port (KMAF)

Midland International Air and Space Port is located in the city of Midland in western part of Texas. It was first built as Sloan Field in 1927 but then became an army air field during World War II. It was at this point that the airport gained the name Midland. After the war years were over, the airport began to be used for civilian flights and then became Midland International Airport.

In 2014, the FAA licensed the airport to serve space flights, which is how it gained the designation Space Port.

Luxury Transportation to KMAF

When you fly private, you’ll want to ensure that you arrive for your flight on time and in comfort. While a private jet charter leaves on your schedule rather than the airline’s, it’s still polite to arrive a half hour before your flight. Therefore, scheduling ground transportation that will convey you promptly to the airport is a must. Speed isn’t the only factor, however. There are Midland transportation companies available that can not only ensure your on-time arrival but also transport you in comfort and luxury to your destination.

Elite Limo

Elite Limo

Elite Limo offers airport transfers to the Midland International Air & Space Port in a limousine. This black car service also includes the expertise of an experience chauffeur and a variety of vehicles from which to choose.

Private Car

Private Car

Private Car offers a range of vehicles that can get you to your flight or destination on time. Their fleet includes limousines amongst their luxury offerings.

Airport Limo

Airport Limo

Airport Limo specialises in luxury transportation between the city of Midland and Midland International Air & Space Port. A chauffeur can pick you up either in Midland or at the airport and then convey you directly to where you need to go.

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